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LEFKADA Fishing 2 – Where is a DENTEX family?

LEFKADA Fishing 2 – Where is a DENTEX family?

Today, unlike yesterday, is still morning And the second day of fishing has started Our mission today is to discover new territory slightly lower towards the islands and hopefully find the more precious types of fish like Dentex, Grouper, etc. Not that we’ll be evading our main target- the Amberjack but some diversity is welcome This is why the goal for today is to eventually find Dentex fish or Pargos Wish us luck. We’re fishing for Amberjcks on this spot And like you said The rod perfers Amberjacks There’s a lot to reel in in seems It’s probably small It’s not Amberjack Then? Dentex Really?! Pull it in. Wait, wait, wait! Come over! Show the viewers! Not so close! Lft it up infront of the camera Great! Like we said- pink catches fish You saw what happened. Ivo tripped when throwing the tackle, but managed to reel in a Dentex which I take as a good omen for the day. This is why we’re following the plan and I hope everything goes well and have a successful day like yesterday with two, three, four fishes! And so on Ten catches! If not more and if possible. And the comrade with the teeth Shkarov said he’ll make her a citizen of Gabrovo. and now he’s making a ruckus, not letting me record clear sound Dear viewers, Gabrovo right now is a pretty cold place. And he put her in the ice to get used to it! Bad person! It looks like the comrade Ivanova is about to show herself! Number 2! This is how I like it Bravo I told you that this jig is 2 in 1 We’re trying out a new colour. This is what we’re on about. Bravo I’m very satisfied It hit oce! I hooked it but the fish got away and while I was swearing, not sorry, she bit a second time! I’m guessing it’s a Dentex. A good one too We’ll see Ah, Mamushka! Come! Come! Amberjack! But it’s a good one Eh, good, bad Here! This it’s what we’re on about! New color with a new fish! I was guessing a Dentex, by the pulling This is it! I don’t know. By tradition, we let these ones go. I personally am very happy with the outcome because I successfully tested a new jig first drop second falling I pulled it up once and on the second time it bit But it went loose once Doesn’t really matter Look at the hooks Take the camera and film them We’re going foreword. This was no.2. Going for no.3 A few words on the jigs Today we’re on the same types of tackle. Even the same models, but with a different color scheme. I’m with this one mirror with a golden red with phosphor on one side And Ivo Martenitsa Pink hologram with Glowing white and pink on the other side The models and the weights are the same from yesterday’s but like we said, the target is different and respectively the places What’s different is Here I need to note something about jigs It’s very important to find a tackle for this kind of fishing that doesn’t have large resistance, while being easy to lead and has a good game So that you can have good execution and be able to change the pase It’s not necessary to always switch between tackles pick 2, 3, 4, maximum of 5 models of weights and colors that you like and trust and use those That should be enough for a successful fishing day at least in my own opinion Personally use tackles between 120g and 160g Most often. Ive also had catches on 200-250g as well as actually, I’ve never used something below 120g, but 200g is rare because it gets exhausting and you’re not as agile It’s only worthy if you’re chasing after specific size of fish specific depth or there’s a strong drifage But in most cases I use something like this one – 130g For me it’s the perfect. 130-150g I lead it very lightly, I can do it all day the jig has a very good play I’m well acquainted with it and I can use it for numerous fish slow, fast, with pause, falling etc. If you can take it as advice then do so Yes With this position of the wind, it’s always there Right now I’ve thrown the tackle in shallow waters and I’m waiting for the bait to fall over the edge after a couple leads Fish most often bite on the edge or below it, on the base of the drop Im still in the shallow And right about now I should be going over the ledge, down to the deep It’s a good day in February It’s 2nd February, right? Yes It’s good for 2nd February. Short sleeves… As you can see I switch between fast-pased periods with moments when larger pulls which allows the jig to fall It turned out to be very effective the past couple days Most of the fish we caught were on these technique After the strong start fishing kind of died out which led us to change the spot Right now I’m trying to cover a wider area We’re going to places where I’ve been before. We are also using navigation charts to get a better idea of the submarine topography, underwater islands where we can also look for fish After 1h – 1.5h of looking around On the edge of one of the submerged islands you can see what we caught on the fishfinder What you’re looking at is Shkarov’s jig followed by a large quantity of fish and I’m throwing my tackle after his. There is absolutely no way we’re not catching something You can see the action we’re in! Friends there’s fish! After the curve, I’m using a Tai rubber Shkarov’s on speed jig he pulled out a Dentex, about 4 kg and I have no idea how large mine is I’m doing my best, but with this tackle, I can’t This is bad! Fish bit mid flight! The tackle didn’t even get to the deep It pulls and pulls! How much more of the line does it need?! Can you get the net for me? You saw with your own eyes two fish at the same time At first I thought they were Pargos and what can I say. I threw with a tai rubber And we got a Dentex the kind you can eat On a tai rubber And our boy here, threw a speed jig and reeled in a grade 5! what can I say We’ll try for more It just so happened that 3. and 4. came at the same time Now we got to see if we’ll manage 5. and 6. Hear that? It nibbed 3 times and bit on the 4th. And here I am, playing with some tassels What you can see here inside One of the hooks is so deep that I can’t deal with this right now I’ll leave it there to rest I told him that a grandma will take him Yes, it was very clear I’ll try to show you Here is what it’s about Here Shkarov’s jig My Pizhu is not visible at all Now I’ll show you the resut Shkarov, stand up get up What are you showing? Lift it properly! Here This is on the Marenitsa [Tai rubber] And on my Fishporta is a smaller one Do you know what we wish for? I wish to have just one or two more catches Nothing more! We got two amazing catches but unfortunately the weather doesn’t let us stay here any longer. The shoal came and went I couldn’t find it a second time and steadily we’re making our way to calmer waters because Unfortunately I’m having a slight problem with the sonar The transducer loses contact with heavier rocking and vibrations and right now I practically don’t have a sonar and without a sonar, I won’t be able to do much so we’re looking for calmer waters Despite all of our efforts to find again that shoal of hungry Dentex, it was to no avail and with the absence of a sonar We will have to wait for calmer weather Hopefully, those fish will be here afterwards Today passed in a flash and we’re forced to call it a day We hid from the wind, it even calmed down but unfortunately we came out of the feeding window so the unfulfilled promises will be left for tomorrow and the next time we fish I dont know if it’s going to be tomorrow, but mark my words The promise I made will be kept Sometime, someday though I hope it will be tomorrow Today was a wonderful day again, we caught four fish this time our target were Dentex and it is safe to say that we achieved that We found Dentex and we caught that mainly so make sure to watch us next time Good luck

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