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Legit, Science-Based Supplements That Work

Legit, Science-Based Supplements That Work

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj here. It’s been a few weeks since I last uploaded
a video. The reason being that I’ve been really hard
at work here. It’s kind of behind the scenes, not just
for the past few weeks but actually for the past year and a half on a new project that
I’d just completed that I wanted to quickly talk about here before I go back to putting
out my regular informative videos. Now, anyone who follows my contents, whether
it’s here on YouTube or over on my blog or on Instagram and facebook, you guys know
that I’ve been very outspoken when it comes to the supplement industry. I genuinely believe that probably ninety to
ninety-five percent of body building and fitness supplements are basically a complete BS, and
if they’re not a complete BS even then they’re still not useful enough to be worth your money. And there are a lot of different reasons for
that which I’ve talked about many times in my past videos; ineffective ingredients that
aren’t backed by legit research. Keep in mind that only a very small percentage
of muscle building and fat burning compounds are actually supported by real scientific
studies, and most of them, no matter how convincing the advertisements might seem, most of them
will actually do very little to absolutely nothing for you. Even when researched, that compounds are used,
they’re usually under dose so you don’t end up getting a useful amount of each one
anyway. Most supplements are promoted with excessive
marketing hype that way over exaggerates their benefits. They’re usually overpriced for what they are. And then on top of all those things you’ve
also got other obstacles to deal with like proprietary blends, there’s blatant label
fraud, low quality manufacturing, it’s really just a mess out there in the industry, for
a lack of a better word. And as a result to that, a lot of people,
especially beginners but even more experienced lifters too, they end up being misled, they
end up wasting their time and money along the way, and they lose focus on the essentials
of what it takes to build a great physique, which is, of course, proper training and nutrition. Now, with that being said, if you do follow
my content regularly then you also know that even though most of what’s out there, supplement-wise,
is best avoided there are still a select few supplements that I’ve consistently recommended
over the years that are backed by good support of research and that can be used as an optional
add-on to maximize you results if, and only if, you use them in conjunction with a solid
training and nutrition plan. Now, they are by no means going to boost your
gains into the stratosphere, they’re not gonna take the place of hard work in the gym by
any means, but they can help to improve the overall convenience of your program and just
give you a small extra boost in terms of training performance and overall long term results
in general. High quality protein powder, creatine monohydrate,
fish oil, multivitamin and certain pre-workout compounds, those are, sort of, the basics
that I’d personally used and that I’ve been recommending in my previous videos and my
articles. Now, one question or one request that I was
regularly getting from my readers and my viewers in YouTube was whether or not I would consider
putting out my own brand of those few products that I do genuinely believe in. And this was something that I went back and
forth quite a bit. I did put out a few supplements, quite a few
years back, but ultimately discontinued them mainly for financial reasons because I just
wasn’t really prepared at that time for everything that was involved with running
a supplement line. But, yeah, I just wasn’t sure if it was
something I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure even if they will be much
of a market for it because when you promote supplements using a really straight up, honest
approach, it’s not gonna be anywhere near as exciting or a flashy as the usual hyped
up approach that pretty much all the big companies used. But ultimately, back, probably around early
2017, I decided that even if this did only appeal to a much smaller crowd; people who
aren’t looking for a quick fix, people who have a solid training plan in place and who
understand the role that supplements play in the overall scheme, and if it provide some
good values to my viewers, and if it did have a positive impact on the industry in general
jut by helping to move people away from the typical junky products that they were regularly
buying, then in the end I figured that it was worthwhile. So, with that said, I want to let you guys
know that after a year and a half of very hard work on this, a ton of long hours of
research, testing and tweaking, that Real Science Athletics has launched today. The website is live over at The link is down in the description box and
you can also click up here as well. We’ve got three clean, simple, research
backed, properly dosed products available; a pre-workout, a multivitamin and a fish oil. So, three supplements that I used and have
been recommending for a long time, and I really honestly believe that these are the optimal
choices in the specific product categories right now in terms of striking the right balance
between effectiveness but also simplicity in price. There’s a lot of companies out there who market
themselves as being honest and science based and for the people, but when it really comes
down to it they’re still putting unnecessary ingredients in their formulas, they’re still
overpriced, they’re still using shady marketing tactics. So, my goal here is to really do this the
right way and live up to the name of the brand, which is Real Science. No BS, no gimmicks. The margins on these products are a lot lower
than most other supplements. I didn’t cut any corners here with productions
so the costs on our end are a lot higher. I’m, by no means, gonna be making huge profit
on each sale, but the goal here is to play the bigger picture game and think longer term
with this. Now, I know there are gonna be some immediate
reactions down in the comment section; Oh, my God, you’re selling supplements. How could you? Guys, keep in mind that this is all fully
in line and fully consistent with my previous recommendations and with my ethics. These are the same supplements I’ve been
personally using in my own program and that I’ve been recommending to you guys for years,
even when they were different brands that I wasn’t making anything from. And these are very high quality and affordable
versions of those supplements that I really think improve on most, if not all, the current
ones that you’ll find out there. Now, you can find all of the exact details
behind each product on the website. I don’t want this video to go on for too
long. I don’t wanna turn this into some sort of
bug infomercial here, but I’ll just give you a quick rundown of each one here before
I close the video out. So, the first one is PureForm. This is our pre-workout. This is a very simple, straightforward formula
that give you four solid ingredients backed by research in their proper dosage. So you’re getting 6 grams of L-Citruline Malate,
3 grams of L-Tyrosine, 200 milligrams of Caffeine and 200 milligrams of L-Theanine pre scoop. So this is just a good, well-rounded combination
to optimize your workout quality in terms of strength, energy and focus without going
unnecessarily overboard. You don’t need 8 to 10 or 12 different ingredients
in a pre-workout, that’s just total overkill. And it’s even potentially unsafe if you’re
doing it over the long term and using it often. And you also don’t need to spend forty to
fifty bucks a month on your pre-workout either. So PureForm is much more affordable. It’s designed to just give you the key ingredients
that worked with no proprietary blends, no fillers, no heavy stimulants. And as an added bonus it’s also a hundred
percent naturally sweetened and naturally flavored as well. Not that a moderate amounts artificial sweeteners
are necessarily harmful, but more and more people are wanting those natural alternatives
nowadays and I had pulled my audience on facebook and Instagram previously, and the majority
voted for the natural version. And so that’s just the route that we’ve
decided to go with this. Second one here is MicroCore. This is our multivitamin. And the reason it has this name is because
the goal here is to just give you the core micronutrients that you actually need. The ones that a high percentage of people,
especially people who are training hard in the gym tend to be a bit lower on or those
micronutrients that have certain benefits when you take them in a slightly higher amounts. After doing a lot more research on this over
the years I’ve come to the conclusion that traditional full spectrum multivitamins are
not gonna be the ideal choice in most cases for the simple reason that you just don’t
need to be supplementing with every single vitamin and mineral out there. Especially if you already following a decent
diet. It’s not only gonna be unnecessary but some
micronutrients might even be harmful if you’re taking too much of them over the long term. And then on top of that most full spectrum
multies out there also tend to be using the lower quality, less absorbable forms of a
lot of the different ingredients, and they underdose them as well to save on cost. So with MicroCore we’re just focusing on
the highest quality forms and the proper studied dosage of the few select vitamins and minerals
that are likely gonna benefit you. And these are the same ones that I’ve talked
about in a lot of my older videos; vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K, and there’s
also a basic B complex in there as well. A lot of potential benefits associated with
those in terms of just better overall performance, better recovery, energy, mental functioning,
sleep, testosterone levels. It just keeps the whole engine running more
smoothly and it’s gonna make sure that all of your micronutrient needs are being fully
met. And then lastly is 03 Prime, which is our
fish oil product. And this one here is in the re-esterified
triglyceride form, which is gonna be better absorbed and the regular ethel ester or natural
triglyceride forms that most people used. This product has a very high concentration
of EPA and DHA per gram, which are the specific fatty acids in fish oil that provide the benefits. Benefits like improving cardiovascular health,
reducing inflammation, improving cognitive function, and it can even have some modest
direct effects in terms of optimizing muscle growth and fatloss over the long term. So unless you’re eating fatty fish regularly
throughout the week beneficial oil supplement will make sure that your EPA and your DHA
levels are falling into the ideal daily range. Most people levels don’t fall into the ideal
range and the average person in the West only gets about ten to twenty percent of the recommended
amount per day. So those are the three products. They’re all produced in a CGMP certified facility,
it’s a bit more expensive to go that route but it basically guarantees that you’re getting
the purest raw ingredients and the highest quality processing available, which is obviously
really important and it’s not something that I would wanna compromise on just for
the sake of higher margins. So I leave it there, guys. Thanks for watching. If you do wanna give any of these a try, support
Real Science Athletics, that’s great. If not that’s totally cool, too. The message here is gonna be the same no matter
what moving forward, nothing on the channel is gonna change in terms of content. Supplements are not must in order to get great
results, they’re just optional add-on that you can use if you do have the extra money
and if you wanna get that little extra edge both in and out of the gym. But if you do, this is something that I’ve
worked extremely hard on over the past year and a half. I’m very proud of the end result and I can
honestly say that I would recommend these products even if they weren’t my own. So if you do
wanna check it out and I will talk you guys again soon with more regular informative content. Thanks for watching.

100 comments on “Legit, Science-Based Supplements That Work

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    I do not use branded supplement blends, and have chosen instead to take specific ingredients: 8g of Citrulline Malate pre-workout, and a pure whey protein post-workout. Also, 5g of Creatine Monohydrate and 6g of fish oil each day.

    In your previous videos, you've mentioned the value of Creatine Monohydrate and whey protein. Are you planning to add either or both of these to your RealScience line in the future?

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    good stuff sean!

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    Just wanted to say Congrats on the new venture!
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