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LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store review 🎣 21310

LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store review 🎣 21310

hello everyone this is the Lego ideas
old fishing store and like all Lego ideas themed sets this started out as a
fan designed model that got a lot of popular votes and was eventually chosen
to be turned into a produced set the process of bringing it into production
involved redesigning quite a lot of it changing according to the lego designer
involved with the project almost everything however if you go back
and look at the fan designers original photos or actually renderings of his
design everything looks very very very similar you have to look very carefully
to notice the differences so the lego designer did a really great job to
capture the essence of what the van designer did in the first place which
was great and it’s just wonderful to get another minifig scaled structure build
from Lego in any kind of form and to get it from a fan design from an original
MOC design is even better still now this whole build is just chock full of great
details including a lot of very useful pieces and are great to get like a
couple more of those lobster pieces from the Lego Batman movie lots and lots and
lots of printed tile pieces with woodgrain texture on them we get those
in the medium nougat as well as the dark tan color lots of sand green obviously
you get lots of olive as well including olive colored masonry bricks different
versions of the life preserver piece some prints so the sign for the shop in
addition to all of those planks those are those are all printed pieces but
there are also some stickers so you see a sticker piece over here on the tile
modified tile piece with the clips on the side sticker for the 2 by 2 tile up
there this set has three the seagull pieces we’ll take a look at the
minifigures up close a little bit later on as well
those are pretty good most of the space back here is actually not used to the
under under peer area of this so it’s fairly hollow inside but the detailing
on the outside is really good and you really wouldn’t be able to tell that
there isn’t anything inside of there from how much just love was put into
kind of building up this deck you know it’s just kind of observation space it
doesn’t have a specific necessary purpose from a traditional Lego design
kind of perspective but the mock builder you know wanted this here for the sake
of just the inspiration that that he had taken and to have more places for
minifigs to go you’ve got some newspapers up on the window there and
that’s actually a sticker recently just take off that print suit so you can see
a little bit better how that’s done up that’s pretty nice and that’s definitely
a realistic thing that you would see new you know old newspapers being used to
block out a window that’s letting too much light and heat in the roof looks
like a mess as it’s supposed to it’s supposed to be worn down run down but it
was actually pretty quick and easy to build the instructions for this whole
set are very easy to follow I found which is itself you know quite an
accomplishment and is one of the really great things that the LEGO Group does
and making sure that all the sets that they produce can be easily reproduced by
fans of many different ages this wasn’t really that advanced of a build in terms
of its assembly the process of assembling and of course designing it
was very difficult and took a long time the fan designers said it took a couple
of months actually to design this one building but for us regular people it is
really easy just to put together now there are two entrances for minifigs to
get into the place so there’s a door over here that just had a open sticker
on the front of it and then the other door is over here on this side and it
also has a sticker on it and it’s just a standard door as well
and it’s just an access to the lower floor of the place but for us huge
figures us humans to get in you would expect that the roof would be able to
come off and indeed it does it also maintains its shape so it has enough
friction with all of the hinge pieces used there to just keep it exactly how
it ought to be but this really isn’t enough access to get all the way into
this two-story structure so all of this side here can be hinged out to give you
more access in two sections kind of an upper section and a lower here again is
a tremendous display of detail and if anything it may actually look a bit
crowded in there by design though this is a place that you would expect to have
been owned by a single family for multiple generations and tends to happen
is that you know stuff just collects and collects and collects and some things
don’t sell very frequently they started to get dusty you’ve got a whole storage
area down here that has a whole bunch of extra stuff and I’ll actually take those
crates out to make some space there’s also chests up above there’s an extra
print to look at there but well let you see some stuff a little bit more easily
so over here is our rack with a fishing pole pike and a couple of spear guns
they’re also a couple of fours on the wall the checkout counter has a couple
of printed posted notes around the place there’s a nice small build for a lamp on
the side and the counter itself is built on top of a bunch of crates just to give
it a little extra detail those are those 2 by 2 by 2 ones the wall nearest the
main entrance has a map sextant some more life preservers and old fender and
also some dive fins up on the wall this side wall over here has less on it but
it is more difficult to see it’s nice to get that recolor of the animal control
officer or collectible minifigs net you’re done in medium nougat and you get
a couple of those there’s hopefully a little bit better
view of that one sticker on the wall even beneath the floor of the upper
section of this a little bit more detail with a spider
on a web here are some of those bigger containers that were in the shop and the
TNT crates doesn’t have anything inside of it there’s plenty of stuff in the
others though to more than make up for it here’s also a better look at the
second new print included in this set now from the shop there’s a very narrow
gap to give minifigs access supposedly to the next section back there but it’s
really not a wide enough area to put any minifigures in to make them look like
they’re walking through while the main building has its removable roof and
hinging sides but does not have any liftable segments to give you even
better access all of this here is designed to come up all together and
that’s the room with the newspapers covering up the window on one side it’s
just kind of a small office space I guess for the owner of the place you
know a place to rest has a 1 by 1 tile of the floor with the rest of the
structure added back you can then remove just the topmost portion of the roof and
that actually does not have any detail inside of the structure just a little
bit of flooring there it’s intended to represent access to the balcony here the
little ridge where you can come out and use this telescope strangely though many
things are not given any sort of door to get out to that balcony so you just need
to climb through the window out of the four many things included the child
figure over on the far right is the least interesting doesn’t have anything
new or special but the other three I think are great 10 they include some
dual molded parts which is a real treat and I especially like the sweater print
for the guy on the far left that wool design I mean it only has one color that
it’s actually printed on to it so it’s a little bit subtle but it just looks
really nice and it’s a sufficiently generic thing that can be used on many
different figures and again it’s a real treat to get the dual molded legs and
arms in you know a non-licensed said i guess it’s a licensed set it in a way
but you know they’re just always great pieces to be able to get and all of
these prints look good from the back as well I think lastly here are most of the
animals included in this set not including all the generic silverfish aha
that’s how you’re supposed to use the telescope well this is a beautiful set
and I’m really glad it was produced I’m especially glad that Lego was able to
put so much effort and also investment into this set to make it so easy to
build and to also have so many printed and special pieces I really hope this
sells really well to help pave the way for hopefully more unlicensed minifigs
scaled buildings to be produced I feel like they are always sorely needed
that’s it for my look at the old fishing store hope that you’ve enjoyed this and
I hope to have a chance to talk to you again very soon in the next video bye
for now

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  1. Added to my city, this will not be.
    Hmm-ha hmm hmm hmm-ha
    hmm-hmm-ha, hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-ha
    hmm-ha hmm hmm hm-hm hm-hm-Ha!
    Stop it now 🙂

  2. I had i choice to get the simpsons house or this set…my parents on the phone negotiated me into the simpsons because of their childhood.

    I should’ve gotten this..

  3. Oh my god. I fell in love with this set and I must get it 😂. It is scaled perfectly and is something I can put on a shelf and admire for a very long time. I don’t like play sets very much, so this set is perfect for me. I like technic, creator, and large building like the temple of arijitzu, temple of the ultimate ultimate weapon, and the green grocer

  4. After seeing this review, I just knew I had to get it. I am now currently taking a break from putting it together so I can go to work.

  5. this qeustion is to anyone who will answer it and i want your personal opinion me buying it is hinging on this:

    do you think i could mod this (i would take out seagulls crabs etc.)and add a few gas pumps and candy and soda machines and of course i have plenti minifig scale pickups to park in front

    All of this would be to turn this into a country store thanks!

  6. Who else saw the "Child figure" frown when he said that he was the least interesting, because he wasn't special! 😋

  7. Anton was a former chip and dale . And One thing about the sets The Lego designers act like they invented the set . Like the ship in a bottle

  8. Great review!

    I really love the run-down, creepy look of this building, with all the loose and wonky bits – reminds me of the Lego Haunted House in that respect. I would imagine this set to be an old 'abandoned' fishing store, haunted by its inhabitants who mysteriously disappeared. Add a couple of ghosts, maybe swap some of the minifigure's heads for zombie heads, plus all those sharp hooks dangling – sounds pretty sinister, eh?

    I have a little Jack Torrance moc minifigure, and he needs a new quiet place to do his 'writing' – just whatever you do, don't interrupt him or offer him a sandwich!

  9. I saw this in the Lego store today and was ecstatic, I don't purchase Lego like i used to however when i saw this i almost bought it on the spot. such a fantastic build with the amount of detail and it just looks fantastic.

  10. I came specifically during my own build to ask Jang about his opinion on a print.. my interpretation is as as follows:
    Ian 🙂

    I'm a big Marvel fan, Egg from March as a prediction?

  11. This set is beautiful — I want one! I love the fisherman's sweater. The roof looks a little more than just run-down — it looks like maybe a small hurricane went by. 😃

  12. This is an amazing set in my opinion, thanks for letting me know about this. I'm only 10 though and this is a lot a lot of money. I have enough money to buy this but my parents want me to rather buy a modular instead because they think modular sets are better looking, but I tell them that I like this set because the set looks really good.😀👉🐟

  13. The building is tall for minifigures. I think it should have 2 levels, maybe a place for the owners to live in.
    Anyway, this set is a 9.5/10

  14. Would this deter younger builders from building this because of the the amount of pieces that it has? It has over 2000 pieces and it shouldn't be in opinion for someone at this age, but more for 14 years and up.

  15. Kinda surprised they let that two-stud-wide walkway into the smaller side office building fly. That doesn't seem like something the LEGO design team would include.

  16. I really like this one! It reminds me of the old pirates stuff they used to make. I wish they'd make more pirates stuff in this style

  17. Hi, Jang! What's up? I know that there is a kind of set of lights for this amazing lego set and some other sets as well. Did you make a review with those lights cause it looks really awesome? I would love to see your review where you apply the lights for this set. I saw them sold on Aliexpress.

  18. I got this set for Christmas 2018, I am 11 and I think the instructions are very easy, but my Mom and Dad are helping me.

  19. I've been trying to get my hands on this set but it's become impossible, especially now that it's being retired. Guess I was too late getting back into Legos

  20. Got this at random the week it came out, didn't think it'd increase in price so much after retirement. It's still sitting in my Lego room unbuilt. May be good trade fodder eventually. Part of me does want to build it.

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