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Lesser Known Tacos in Austin 🌮 | Austin Local FOOD

hey travelers and today we’re gonna see
the top five tacos in Austin from a locals perspective if you are ready to
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I’ll see you back here same time the same place every Sunday I’ve been in
Austin for 30 years and these are my five favorite tacos the first stop is
Veracruz naturale is not the original location on the east side this is in
South Austin and the radio coffee shop radios at famous coffee shop in South
Austin but don’t overlook the taco trailer
this is some serious Migas with Poblano peppers make sure to get the migas
with the poblanos it’s 50 cents extra but it’s so worth it
so I added lots of salsa to this but what makes Veracruz Natural so delicious
is their handmade tortillas this corn tortilla is so thick and juicy and I
cannot wait to dig in eggs are perfectly cooked the poblanos
give a little bit of texture a little bit of spice to it and a little bit of
smokiness crunchy tortillas add a little bit of texture as well yeah this is a
winner so we’re staying in South Austin for my second favorite taco it’s only
about a mile and a half away from radio this restaurant is more traditional
it’s called Papalote and it is located at South Lamar and Manchaca. So
this is my second stop my second favorite taco in Austin and this is the
only vegetarian one this is a cauliflower cabbage queso fresco and
avocado at the Papalote. It has this red ajo sauce which is so delicious
gives a little bit of spice I always eat corn tortillas because I’m gluten free, so you get
an extra tortilla here. Papalote is a more traditional taqueria and there are
three locations in Austin. They have crazy animal parts like Tongue they also
have hongas, huitlacoche. Normally I like to eat inside it’s a little more
traditional and we get all the delicious smells from the kitchen but alas there
were no spots today so I’m outside in the middle of traffic in the parking lot
is way I feel with all kinds of sounds there’s horns cars doors and all kinds of craziness. Speaking of – and a door ready 1 2 3 door slam! If you’d like to join the
tribe and get some exclusive content not seen on YouTube make sure to go to the
description below and sign up at the link join the tribe. For the third stop
we are still in South Austin but we’re headed a little bit further west just
past Zilker Park to my absolute favorite taco restaurant called Taco Deli so this
is my all-time favorite taco place in Austin it’s taco deli and it is actually
a friend of mine is one of the owners I knew him in college many many years
ago this is my all-time favorite it’s the El Picacido. This is beef
tenderloin and a chipotle sesame with avocado and queso fresco so there are
two different camps in Austin either you’re a Torchy’s person or you’re a
taco deli person, me personally I love my taco deli what they are very famous for
is this Dona salsa which is made with jalapenos people will fly into Austin
come specifically the taco deli just to get this Dona
it’s so good I don’t know what they do to this but there’s some magic in here
Taco Deli is only open for breakfast and lunch so make sure to stop by before
3 p.m. every day they have different special tacos so make sure you’re
looking at not just a regular menu but the special menu as well chocka Deli has
several locations but the original on spyglass is the most iconic you find old
austin old school austin picnic tables outside a great thing to do at the
spyglass location is to get your tacos to go and then go down to the
green belt and eat the tacos by the water and go for a hike I love this
place now we’re leaving the old hippie side of South Austin and we are headed
to the urban oasis we’re now in the heart of downtown at 2nd and Congress at
a group of restaurants called Fareground it is actually on the ground floor of
the Wells Fargo building and this is a group of local restaurants that have
small satellites with limited menus one thing I love about Fareground is this
really cool open area smack-dab downtown but you get just a little bit of green
space just about a block from my house and this is my favorite place to come
for tacos at night for dinner they’re just a little bit fancier here I
have my wild boar chorizo which Dae Due is famous for well the boar local
Texas while bored frieszo is a little bit
richer than forth a little bit more herbacious flavor and it’s actually
quite I love it what’s really cool about dad
you a couple of times a year they have an actual wild boar hunt you can book
the weekend with them you go on the wild boar hunt and then over the course of
the weekend you clean and make tons and tons of dishes with the wild boar you
actually hunted it’s a great Texas thing now we’re leaving downtown before the
five o’clock traffic starts and we’re headed over to the east side to Rosita’s
Al Pastor. Rosita’s is located on East Riverside in a parking lot so now we’re
at the final stop this is Rosita’s Al Pastor on the east side of Austin
it is a food trailer in a parking lot and they have the most delicious
al pastor tacos and some days they have carnitas today I’m going to actually
have both because it is one of the days they have carnitas. one of the craziest
things about this place the tacos are pretty inexpensive bucks per taco but
you have to pay 50 cents for your plate and
I just love that I’ve always paying 50 cents extra so they said the traditional al pastor tacos.
you can see here the only thing that is added to them is onion and fresh
cilantro and then you put a little bit got the lime on top marinate overnight so if you love street food in Austin
like all the tacos I’ve shown you today make sure to check out the video about
the farmers markets all over Central Austin I hope you enjoyed my video of my
five favorite tacos in Austin I’m Kim you button it traveler and I’ll see you
on the next adventure.

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