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Lessons Learned From Shark Tank | Better Body Franchising

Lessons Learned From Shark Tank | Better Body Franchising

What’s up, guys? I got a cool episode of
Shark Tank to tell you about right now. Now, I love the show. I watch the
show. You can learn a lot of business stuff from it. You probably watch it
because it’s a hit show, it only gets better. Like in its 10th or 11th season. They
have great guest Sharks and I think the show, just the human interest aspect, just
keeps getting better. And that’s really, you know, business is business but
business is kind of boring, right? So it’s a human interest stuff that sucks us in.
S,o I saw one particularly good episode and there was a lot of lessons in it
beyond just the business stuff, the number stuff, the concept stuff–beyond
all that. So I want to talk about that now. Now we might have that plane right
here with the video. It was an episode where there was this guy and he invented
this new kind of lock. I think that you could unlock it by putting your thumb on it.
So a pretty good idea, right? You don’t have to remember your combination
anymore. So the idea was great, the Sharks were
all bidding. They were in a bidding frenzy. One interesting thing about the
guy himself was his motivation for wanting to do this business, you know. He
really talked about it. He started crying, just all-out balling
multiple times while he did his pitch, and the reason why is cuz he thought
about all the people that doubted him in life. That put him down and you could see
it really affected him. You know, yet he was crying and it hurt him deeply. Now,
what did he do about that? Did he just sit around moping think that he wasn’t
gonna be and be somebody or be something? No, he used it as motivation. So that’s
one of the things that’s the first lesson here: that using a lot of these
negatives as motivation in business. What do are a lot of people do when it comes
to bad feelings, things like that? They medicate themselves. They try to
eradicate those bad feelings, but you can’t have the good without the bad. The
dark without the light. So when you have those bad feelings, it’s maybe
not a bad thing in some way to wallow in them and to use them as energy, to use
them as motivation. I’ve had my down times. I’ve had people doubting me; people hating on me; people putting me down. And there are times where I wallowed in
it that was wrong. There were times where I tried to, what’s a good word ,medicate
myself from it. Where either, through diversions or distractions, TV, getting
yourself busy, going out, those are things you do to try to forget the bad stuff.
But really one of the best things to do is to use it as motivation. Business all
comes down to your reason why. And it’s not your talent. It is not your idea.
Ideas are out there. There’s a lot of talented people that have wasted. The
people that actually make it have some sort of chip on their shoulder that
makes them fight through and makes them know that there’s no option other than
success. So that’s the first thing you saw with this guy. Now, the next lesson came, now this is the most interesting one–something that I picked up that I
doubt very few other people did. It was when it was time to pick his shot. Now,
his thing was like somewhat of a tech invention. So Mark Cuba,n who is a tech
guy, you know–if you guys know him he’s the owner of the Dallas Mavericks–he was bidding on it. He put in a bid. Alex Rodriguez was a guest Shark. Now
Alex Rodriguez is, the guy ,the inventor the person that was pitching, he was
Hispanic. So Alex started speaking to him in Spanish and they were really bonding
in that way and that guy really appreciated it and he started crying
some more once Alex started talking to him. Then there is one of the Sharks,
Lori, who is on QVC. So she could probably market
this guy’s invention really well. She was talking to him in Spanish. So, again,
they were all relating to him in some way. The guy was an emotional guy.
You could see that he was relating well to Lori. Relating well to Alex. He was
a tech guy just like, or some technical competency, just like Mark. Now which
Shark did he end up choosing? It was Mr. Wonderful, it was the bald guy, forget his
name right now…Oh Kevin! That’s his name. So that’s the Shark he chose. Now these
guys couldn’t be more opposite and what Kevin was talking about had nothing
really to do with the product. So the guy was very passionate about the product.
He’s an inventor. So he took a lot of pride in the product. Kevin was saying,
you know what, let’s just get the thing licensed and make money. So the guy chose
Kevin. All of the other Sharks were shocked, but to me it made total sense.
I’m gonna tell you what, if you’re gonna pick a partner in business, the best
thing to do is to pick an opposite. Business is all about the dualities. All
about the opposite. So this guy is in the past a passionate. emotional guy, an
inventor. Who would be the best Shark for him? Who’d be the best business partner
for him? It would be a guy who’s all about the numbers. Who’s not passionate
at all. Who is a clear shot. Who’s in it for the money. So these guys partnered up.
They did the deal and we kind of know how this story turns out. You know if you
look at YouTube and again with this video we’re probably playing some of
the stuff that’s on YouTube about this guy. these guys marketed the product.
They sold the license to it and it ended up being a hit for the guy. He’s now just
collecting residual checks. It’s gonna turn into a multi-million dollar deal
and he really didn’t have to do any other additional work for it. So it was a
win-win all throughout. Everybody got what they wanted and you just saw how
the duality between Kevin and the guy it just worked out so perfectly. So that’s a
little lesson in business, if you’re gonna pick your partner’s. Now think
about some of the best business stories in history. There’s Apple. It’s Wozniak
and it’s Steve Jobs, right? Steve Jobs as a
marketer was kind of like an artistic guy and all that type of stuff, you know?
He made some great products and great artistic products. I’m shooting
this now on an iPhone and Wozniak was the technical guy.
These guys were total opposites. Two technical guys wouldn’t have been able
to start that business. Two marketers wouldn’t have been able to. I’ll look at
Disney. Now, we all know about Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a creative guy, invented
Mickey Mouse. He was a cartoonist. His brother Roy Disney was a great, was an
outstanding business guy. Was all about the numbers and he kept Walt in check
and a lot of that relates to what we do here at Better Body. Now I’m, in a lot of
ways, I don’t know I mean I have my pluses and my minuses, you know? Whatever
the case, I’m not gonna get into a whole dissection of who I am or what I’m about.
But the people that I partner with, to some degree, you know my key people on my
team, which in a lot of ways are partners, if not in paper yet they will be very
soon. But in a lot of ways these guys are total opposites of me. They’re warm
people. Friendly people. People people and they bring elements to the business that
are the opposites of my personality. If it was just another, if was just me and
another Kaiser type, it might be a great business but he better be doing
something totally different. If he was my partner that would be a real problem. So in
my business, my key team members, essentially my partners are the opposite
to me and that’s what makes Better Body succeed and you’re gonna see that
in every major partnership success story. And you saw it in that episode of Shark
Tank. So guys, the story, the summary is that Shark Tanks a good show. You’re
gonna learn a lot of stuff from it. I didn’t necessarily like it in the early
days but I’m liking it more and more now. And you know what? It’s a good thing to
watch if you’re doing cardio and you’re on your treadmill watch it. Or if you’re
just, you know doing something have it playing in the
background. It’s not the type to show that it needs your full attention. You
don’t have to have the lights down and you know be sitting somewhere stationary.
You can just have it playing in the background and just gonna soak in some
of the messages and the lessons from it. And this particular episode that I
just talked about, a lot of lessons before in that one guy. So hope you liked
this episode. Hope you’re enjoying it wherever you’re watching it.
Hope you’re enjoying everything I’m putting out and you’ll be hearing from me soon. Take care.

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