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Let’s Try JELLIED EELS! feat. Fresh Mike Eats & Yumm3i

Let’s Try JELLIED EELS! feat. Fresh Mike Eats & Yumm3i

Hello from a sunny, summer London! I’m
about to hop a bike to get some jellied eels. That’s a totally normal thing to
say, right? All right, successful bike ride, and now I’m here with Mike and Amy, of
Fresh Mike Eats, the YouTube channel. -So where are you guys taking me?
-Jellied eels!! -Jellied eels!!! You can’t come to the UK and not try jellied eels and pie and mash! These two are Londoners, they’re showing me how to be a Londoner. So let’s go get our jellied eels and pie and mash! M.Manze is the oldest pie shop in London. They’ve been around since 1892. So we’ve got two pies, two mash, one jellied eel. And we went over to our table, and we tried it for the first time. Wait, what?? So they’ve never had
the eel from the eel and pie house? Well, I’ve never had a chance to eat it, because no one would eat it with me! Never in my life. I have a weird, morbid curiousity about them, so I’m really excited, actually. I’m — I’m curious! Um, I’m curious to touch that jelly, and get that little fish in my mouth. So excited to be dragging Katie with me to try these jellied eels for the first time! Uh, gee, thanks?! You’ve had pie and mash before, though? Definitely pie and mash; my favorite thing in the world. Get a nice mash, nice pie. Well, who doesn’t love pie and mash? It’s quintessentially English and I grew up
eating it. The pie crust is really crispy, exactly how I like it to be; crispy
and little bit soft in the center Yeah, pie mash you just can’t argue with. But jellied eels??? They’re a little bit gross to look at,
so maybe they can re-do the packaging. *laughter* Gross to look at…and just gross, period?! You can judge from our faces alone: Okay, let’s get some adjectives for you
guys: Fishy. Boney. Slimy. Slimy! *laughter* What was that show on
Nickelodeon where they would… did you guys have that show? Oozy! You have to be careful when you bit into it, so the bite didn’t spike the roof of your mouth. Cold. Weird after-taste in your mouth. Wobbly. Really, really gelatinous, and so
much jelly to eel. Why were jellied eels ever popular? Jellied eels were popular
back in 1900s because East End Londoners were so poor. So eels were really abundant in
the Thames, so they’d just catch them, boil them, and let them set in their natural jelly. It
was really really nutritious, really really really really cheap. I think it just went out of fashion as time went on. Now that that’s settled… -Success! -Yeah, we did it! We tried it for first time, finally. -We tried it for the first time, I’m really proud of us. -Yeah, I’m proud that I ate five. *laughter* -Yeah. -We almost finished all
of the eel. We left the jelly, though. -Yeah, we were almost clean platers. ALMOST. We are not done eating yet for the day! -What are we off to do? -We are off to Chinatown!! It’s gonna be epic. So definitely go over to Fresh Mike Eats
YouTube channel, watch that, and we’re going to go stuff our faces in London’s
Chinatown. very good easy and, as always, don’t forget: keep it quirky!!

14 comments on “Let’s Try JELLIED EELS! feat. Fresh Mike Eats & Yumm3i

  1. I really never liked English food. Fish and chips is about it. Maybe I'm forgetting something but a lot of the stuff I've seen from England just looks revolting! This has to top the list though…

  2. Gives me the shivers looking back at that alien jelly ๐Ÿ˜ฑ You made our first collab so easy & so fun ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

  3. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Way to ruin perfectly good eel! lol I just hate aspics or anything gelatinous. I guess my grandma's raspberry jello is the one exception.
    Watch Simon and Martina get Unagi Don. Proper eel in my opinion haha

  4. I tried it today at F. Cooke. My only complaint was the the jelly was too salty. Otherwise it's just seasoned fish broth that's been allowed to cool and set into a gel. Heat it up and you get fish soup.

  5. ''It's so gross'' says a person who probably buys sauce out of jars and goes to Mc Donalds. Real fish has bones and is fishy, get over it.

  6. Thatโ€™s near my school ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ sheโ€™s near the bridge going into Roman Road and a right road going to Mile End ๐Ÿ˜‚

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