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Letting Our Dogs Eat Tacos

Letting Our Dogs Eat Tacos

Well, good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! What’s up today, girls? What’s up?
Huh? Say, oh my gosh… It’s already midday and we’ve already been doing so much stuff and I forgot to pick up the camera. Particularly, we’ve been picking up
stuff to work on the garage in the back. I know, it seems like we have
7,000 projects going on at one time. Because we kind of do. But it kind of got
nice outside again. And I told you
guys the other day we were gonna work on a little bit of
the back garage and kind of make it… look nice again around the corner there. We’ve been in this house almost
eight years and it’s about time… we kind of clean
that up back there. Plus I have to repaint
the garage back there. So that’s what we’re
working on right now. and on top of that I, after Greg and
Jamie finish off loading the trailer… I have to run to Meijer and pick up
stuff and today I’m finally going to… attempt to make… tacos for dogs.
If it works…. it’ll be up on the dog’s channel at No promises said it’s gonna work.
But Cinco DeMayo is this weekend, So I thought it would be
good timing to do this. What do you think?
Good timing to do tacos for dogs? And then your daddy and I are gonna
have enchiladas for dinner tonight. I think, that works
out pretty good. Don’t you… Look at this pillow
I found at Meijer, you guys! Not that I needed
another couch pillow… but I get so many pictures of Shelby
laying on the couch on that pillow. I thought, that was pretty fitting.
Pretty fitting, right? Alright, I better go
help them guys. Man, it looks like I’m
making taco for people. I guess, the best part about
making tacos for dogs: one… I’ll be able to have some extra
hamburger leftover for the dogs, for their food because
I’m not seasoning any of it. I’m making some rice in here. I wanna take
this off here, cause that’s still cooking. Well, you think? We’re gonna
make tacos for you guys. People have been asking
us to do this for years… and I figured good timing.
Cinco de Mayo, right? Yeah? They’re like just
give us the food. Oh, it’s starting to cook. Jamie’s starting to drag all the
stuff out of the overhang back there. So I gotta call tomorrow and find out
about getting some gravel brought in. We’re cleaning out that whole area and I guess
he’s gonna put doors up there. We got the… What’s it called?
The siding back there. I’ll go out there in a little bit,
but I gotta finish this video… for you girls, for your channel
before I can go play outside. And then we’ll all go play outside.
What do you think? Deal? Deal? Dang, it almost looks like we’re making
tacos for people, not tacos for dogs. But we’re definitely
making tacos for dogs. This is gonna turn
out really cute. I’m hoping. I’m hoping, this
turns out really cute. I think, it will. That looks like lunch for
you, doesn’t it? Jamie: Yeah, right? That’s gonna be for the dogs.
Jamie: Really? I mean, we could eat it.
Jamie: Looks like tacos. That’s what I’m making.
I’m making tacos for dogs. Jamie: What’s that? It’s rice, but I added
tumeric to it. So it would look more
like Spanish rice… and a little bit of chicken broth
just to give it a little bit of flavor. Jamie: What?
You girls get tacos? Isn’t it’s gonna be the cutest
thing we’ve ever made? This is gonna be cute. It’s gonna be
cute and I bought them hard taco shells. They’re only made
with three ingredients. But I also bought these to show people how they
could make them on their own if they really wanted to. I have some in the oven
right now. I know, right? You can totally eat
some if you want some. I mean, they’re literally… the only thing it doesn’t
have there’s no seasoning on the meat so. I think, these girls are ready. We’re gonna make some tacos! So in case you were wondering if
they turned out. They totally turned out. They look like people tacos but they’re
for you guys. What do you think? Yeah? Yeah? What do you think?
Okay. I’ll take a couple pictures of the
tacos and then you can try them. I know, cause you’re just had gonna
have a fit until you can try them. You’re gonna get to try them. I made them for you. I really did. I made them for both of you. I really did. I really really did. Look, Jaime dug out the tunnel,
the shoot we can’t use anymore. So those shoots they don’t use in
agility anymore, at least AKC agility. Because they injured dogs. So I bought that cool shoot and now
we’re probably never gonna use it again, cause we don’t want
our dogs to get hurt. What’s going on back here, huh? Checking it out? Yeah, so we bought… Paneling that’s very similar
to what’s already on the… I keep calling it a barn, it’s not a barn… garage. and we’re going to go ahead
and put that right up on here… and then… paint it barn red like it is there,
so this won’t look so gross anymore. We’re going fix all this
up nice and pretty… And then this is what we’ve
been working on cleaning out. These are all boards that were
at one point in time up in here. And Jamie pulled all
the nails out of them… and we kind of used them as like a
decking for the base of the overhang of the garage here. But.. we’re gonna pull all these
out of here, I think, and then just
put gravel down… and that’ll be a little
bit nicer than all… this wood. That’s just…
it’s just old wood, so. That’ll be nice. And then we
have a nice place to park his… lawnmower, which I think, this is the
year he’s gonna get a new lawnmower, cause his is like 27
years old or something. Yeah, so we’re doing
some outside work. Memphis, I don’t think there’s any
more apples on the trees back there. Pretty sure you got
them all off this winter. And then when we were raking
and cleaning everything up, I picked up all
the rotten ones, so. Sorry honey, no
more apples till fall. Hopefully these trees still give apples.
I don’t know how to prune trees. These trees definitely
need some love though. Maybe we’ll have to figure that out this
year too. That’s not… not my specialty. So Jamie and I are out here cleaning
up the back garage area… and we found something
in this hole and he’s gigantic. Jamie: He’s to get into hiding.
Jess: Yeah, he is. Hey, buddy. He’s like look I found this
piece of wood. You are huge. I think, we may have to put you in
the bucket and relocate you, buddy. You need to go a
couple blocks away. Wow, you’re gigantic. He’s like… It makes me wonder
how many more… over here… that we just… Where you
going? That we just haven’t found yet. Alright, we’re gonna relocate you
before we let the dogs back out. So don’t go too far there, dear. Yeah. Whoo, I think we’re done working
outside for today. Got a lot done back there. What? Are you mad that
now I’m making tacos for… dad and I? And you don’t get any more? You already had tacos.
You had tacos. Just cause you had tacos once
doesn’t mean you get tacos every time. No, you don’t get
tacos every time. She’s like, but I could
get tacos every time. I know, you just ate dinner.
I don’t wanna hear it. You’re faking it. That’s what’s
happening. She’s faking it. Alright, we got a box in the mail
and it says there’s food in it. So as you guys know if you
write that there’s food on a box, we usually open it not in just a mail vlog
because we don’t want food to go bad. So if you send us food,
please let us know. This is from Stacy, Albert, Kaia, Gracie
and Gizmo, our Wusky. A Wusky? West Highland Husky cross, how cute. And apparently it’s box of
stuffs from North Dakota. Yes, there’s stuff for
you in this box as well. Look at all this fun stuff!
This is all from North Dakota. This is awesome. “Dogs are my favorite
people”, “Home is where the paws are”, some hot sauce,
look, a shot glass. Jamie and I actually have
been to North Dakota. It was a long time ago,
but we have been. There’re some pickled asparagus. Some pretzel. I want to say
I’ve had these before. Coffee and some
treats for the dogs. Thank you guys for
sending that stuff. We’re gonna have to
snack on some things. What do you think? She’s like right now I would
like to snack on things. You guys want dinner, don’t you?
You want your dinner? Alright. We’ll feed you dinner right now. What? Time to go outside again? And it’s
dark out? Alright, we’ll let you outside. We’ll let you outside. You can go potty,
so we can go to bed, so we can get up in the
morning and do more things. Stay away from the fire pit. Don’t worry.
I’ll stand here and watch you. You wanna say goodnight
to everybody, huh? Wanna say good
night to everybody? Say, alright, you guys
we are going to bed. Thank you so much for
watching today’s video. We hope you
enjoyed it, as always. Thanks for watching. Stay Positive, Dream Big! We will see you again soon. Goodnight Pawdience! Go to bed. They’re like, but
you gave us a treat. Hey, there’s your squirrel friend.
We were looking for him earlier. Goodnight Pawdience!
We’ll see ya tomorrow! If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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    Prune dead, damaged, or diseased wood from the tree.Remove crossing branches which might later become dead, damaged, or diseased.Remove any branches which are intruding over paths or encroaching on other trees or plants.
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