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Liaquatabad Fish Kata Kat Recipe (Grouper Fish Stir Fry)

Liaquatabad Fish Kata Kat Recipe (Grouper Fish Stir Fry)

When observing Pakistani cuisine it is safe
to say seafood does not hold as much importance or a position that it deserves. If you speak
of fish to a Pakistani they can only visualize one thing; fried fish. Breaking that custom,
we will learnt a unique recipe with that same fish.
Kata kat. Kata kat is traditionally made of offal or organ meat however in the city of
Karachi liaquatabad’s fish kata kat is rather famous.
Fish is consumed mostly during winters in Pakistan however this fish kata kat is sold
all year round. Lets come to the ingredients.
Remember, fresh fish has a very delicate flavor therefore we must use dried spices cautiously
The ingrdients for fish kata kat are as follows: Fresh green coriander its not a garnish but
is an essential element of the recipe. The dish isi rendered incomplete without green
coriander or parsley. Turmeric will impart an attetizing tint to
the dish and provide an overall depth of flavor. Turmeric and onion are the dominant flavour
of this dish. Turmeric’s earthy tones gives this dish
its base flavor to build upon. Commercially the dish is prepared with red
chilli powder but we will substitute that with black pepper as the flavor of black pepper
and seafood marries well. Sliced Onion will be in the same proportion
as the fish’s weight . Using lesser quatities than advised will render the dish dry
After onion and turmeric the second most prominent flavor would be green chilly. Use as per your
taste. Caraway seeds have a very sharp flavor that
compliment the fishs omami flavor. You may use salt to your taste or you can
refer to the youtube description under this videowhere the recipe card is given with the
list of ingrediants and their quantity. Commercialy this dish is made with Mako Shark.
Mako is the fastest swimming shark in the world. As per sunni fiqh maagra is halal.other
fiqs may refer to their scholar’s opinion. Mako meat is oily and has thick flesh fibers.
It is an oily flaky fish that cannot be easily overcooked. however for this recipe We are using grouper
which is a flaky fish in itself and appropriate for kata kat. I bought the fish I am using
here for 70 rs per kg. If you want to know how and where to buy fish, you may look up
to my youtube video on Karachi Fisherys. Tyou may find thhe link to that video at the end
of this video. You can use any fish for kata kat but a flaky
flesh fish is preferable like red snapper, barramundi, grouper etc. I have sprinkled some turmeric and salt over
the fish before deep frying it . At this stage it should be cooked for over 3 minutes or
70% done ness. There is nothing worse than an overcooked fish.
Cooking the fish at this point is to merely separate the meat from the bones. Let the
fish rest till it reaches room temperature before you debone the fish.We will let the
fish cool, not to save our hands from burns but for the fish to retain its juices so the
fish meat remains juicy. So don’t ignore the resting period. Commercially kata kat is cooked on a large
hot plate or frying pans, you may use any wide mouthed vessel. We are using a wok here.
Cook your fish in mustard oil, it gives a nicer flavor. From this point onwards you
will proceed he cooking on highest flame kata kat is never cooked on low heat. Bring the
oil to its smoking point and add in the onion. Cook it for one minute on high heat. It should
be sautéed not browned. Thent add green chilly and fry for 30 seconds.
Then remove the wok from heat and add in the spices. If you add in the dried spiced at
this intense heat they will burn instantly so do make sure the wok is off the heat when
you do that. Mix and cook the spices for 30 seconds and then add the deboned, half done
fish. Now cook on high flame for 1 minute. I have purposely not messed up the fish but
have kept it a little lumpy as it gives a better texture to the dish. after a minute
of high heat, add in the lemon juice and green coriander and stir fry for one last minute
and dish out. I cant urge you enough to not overcook the fish. Serve the fish kata kat with green chutney
and chapatti. If you think you learnt something new today
to consider subscribing to my channel. I have a separate channel where I do the same recipes
but in Urdu. Link to the video is in the description below. Show your support by subscribing. Food
scientist signing off.

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  1. Dear Mr. Food scientist I really enjoyed your commentary in Urdu especially your sense of humor. Out of curiosity, I looked for any English version and found 2 videos. However, you appear to be in a hurry in English. Please try to do more English commentaries, witticisms included. I happen to attend voice over classes, if you like I can do it for free. I am currently in Pakistan. Best regards and good luck with your channel

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