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Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Unwrapping

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Unwrapping

Hey folks. Just got the new kayak, I’m going to go ahead and open it up. I’ll take the wrapping off of it and see what it looks like. For folks that want to see what it looks like when it’s first delivered here it is. So we’ll see what it looks like after I take the wrapping off. Alright, so there we go. OK so one of the differences that I’ve noticed right away is that there are different paddles. This is the new paddle. You can see it says Lifetime Lite Elite. This is the old paddle it just says Lifetime, it doesn’t have a name on it. The biggest difference between the two, they are the same length is the bend in the paddle. you can see, maybe, the bend. This is the new one. It has a bigger bend to it. This is the old one. It has less of a bend. And this one has a kind of pocket in the middle. This one doesn’t. It has the blade pretty flat like a leaf. So the difference between the two is not much. But it’s good to have something different because I will try it and see what works better for me. Alright, here it is unwrapped. I’ll give you a quick rundown of everything that comes with it after being unwrapped. There are the two new paddles which are only thing that is different from what I received last time. They are just a little different, not much. Moving on, there is the warranty and a brochure, you want to hold on to that for sure. And here are the two seat backs which I will put on and adjust before too long. And the scupper plugs. The two obviously used ones were int he holes but I took them out to investigate. to make sure the holes looked better, just to give you a look. Hopefully you can see that. It’s the same on that side. They look much better this time. Not oblong like one was last time. So I’m pretty confident that they will be good. Oh, there is some thunder. We’ve had a lot of rain here so I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go out soon. It may be a few days or maybe next weekend. In any case, I can get it ready. So that’s what comes with it. It looks like it’s in pretty good shape. I haven’t looked at the bottom yet but I will do that next. Just wanted to give everybody a sense of everything that comes with it. I will be swapping it out for the old one that is still hanging here. I’ll make sure the custom stuff that I had set up fits and if it doesn’t adjust it a bit. Alright, so I went ahead and tried the custom made PV stuff The front slides in just like it did on the old one so that’s perfect. The other piece is back here which is the rod holder. It slides into the built in rod holders. But this one has some trouble. I think it’s a different angle. I took the tape off you can see there at the bottom, these are a little wider than one inch So I took the tape off thinking that might help And it does a little bit but that one doesn’t go in. This side won’t go in past that at all. I’m probably going to have to remake this. I’ll probably just chop it where these elbows are and then reangle I guess. Which shouldn’t be that big a deal. So I’m very happy the front works because that is something I didn’t want to rebuild. And it looks like just an adjustment on the back to make it go all the way down in there. I looked at the bottom and the bottom looks fine. So it looks like I’m well on my way to getting back on the water sooner rather than later. So anyway as always, thanks for watching.

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