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Light colors vs. Dark colors in English

Light colors and dark colors in English This is green. This is green. This is green. Is there a difference? This is green. This green is light green. This green is dark green. Light is the opposite of dark. Light green is the opposite of dark green. Here we have three blue circles. Are they all the same type of blue? No. This is blue. This is light blue. This is dark blue. Again, light is the opposite of dark. This is going to be easy. This is red. This is light red. Light red almost looks like the color pink. This is dark red. Sometimes, there are more specific names of colors. For example… this type of light red is similar to pink but more specifically the color salmon. Note that the L is silent. salmon This type of dark red is similar to the color maroon or burgundy but if you say light or dark before a color for example light red or dark red, people will understand you. I hope you found this lesson about light colors and dark colors useful. If you did, click like and subscribe to our channel so you know when we create new videos to help you improve your English. Have an awesome day!

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