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Limits Of Yellowfin Tuna And Skipjack Fishing San Diego 2019

Limits Of Yellowfin Tuna And Skipjack Fishing San Diego 2019

come on throw some chum on other side I got this there in the corner there
everywhere follow your fish one if you want to yell a bit you got
him fish the hundred pound oh look at right there take follow your Fish right here all around Oh got a bait ball motherf somebody’s not following it just break
it off you’re on it’s all over in grab a rod get up – hiccup put this on there you go get the trolley ride thing
this is proper order look at that get around you got to follow your fish
guys you gotta saw a gentler off come on look at the yellowfin tuna right here might help these
guys right here you give me gas there’s okay give him a baby – I’d elephant a big bull I get up every day
this was on a whale Steve this was on a big fin back
guys is every bait on the corner call them out over there help them out get a bee
holy the elephant although I want to get the hook out meet on the deck help Steve Oh Oh Oh why for handle oh yeah right there go this is same team look at this there
give it to right here I’ll write down Stevo 40-pounder here just pitted in the middle
my god I’ll come around all your fish you gotta get inside Brad you got him
all the way up Oh Oh wine anymore quick quick you gotta go go you they would eat throughout the jump yeah
oh look at that on the get baked oh look at clicking Jonny right here on the boat we’re using straight row frightening oh shit they’re trying to eat the boat
here anybody got the fire there on the head they’re boiling on the Frog box how look at that throw it out on the corner look at me
right where I’m throwing the baby now I’m talking to Brent throw it out there
a little bit reel up a little bit of line
there you bet your bet your bitch jar baby no Yoho free cast it out code you’re all snagged up
that’s why get down away
but the hip down in white I’m begging you I’m begging you I went right by the
askin you gotta throw it out there and wind it in
off the spool dip down in the water to wine I hear he’s a gap in the third elephant
although he’s gonna got you got a bike gaalan turn the hands of Randall whoa got lucky hornets know how we knew this
gotta happen cuz Monty decided not to come up you gotta follow it you have to
in the docks way out there yeah but you still gotta
follow it I wasn’t bluefin you gotta follow it wherever he goes you go
nothing was better get him on the corner I hooked to the Nicoli right
straight troll Iran’s right now guys out fake trolling rods I read Cabo come on yeah
I can attack ugh you know hey it’s been debate on their
coffin in the corners in it no 15

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