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Liquified Food Taste Test

Liquified Food Taste Test

– Today we juice some foods that probably shouldn’t be juiced. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good mythical morning. – Yes, we are back,
thank you mythical beasts for being here for the
premiere of season 12. We missed you like a gluten-free
duck misses bread bits. And we’ve been very busy. – Yes, we have, of course
we’ve been shooting Buddy System season two,
but we’ve been doing a lot of other things, too,
and we explain all that in our podcast, Ear
Biscuits, which you can enjoy over on the This Is
Mythical YouTube channel, and also wherever podcasts are found. – So catch up with us over there. Today, we’re gonna get into some juicing. In LA, people juice all
the time, everywhere. I mean on my way to get in my car, I pass three juice places. And my car is parked in my driveway. – Yeah, I’ve seen ’em. – It’s not just apples and carrots, we’re talking people
juicing beets and kale. All types, I think this is a
health movement, question mark. But our question is, why
can’t we juice things that are actually tasty? – It’s time for: – [Together] Can we deduce
what foods were used to produce this food juice? – That’s right, we, well not
us, because we don’t know what’s been juiced, we have
to guess what’s been juiced, but the mythical crew, namely Chase, has taken meals, dishes, completed dishes, not just one ingredient, and juiced it. Now we have to drink it and
guess what those things are. – And of course the winner
who gets more correct answers will be crowned Juice Brian. – Let’s do this. (epic orchestral music) – [Announcer] All aboard,
apple pie a la mode. – Let’s bring in our first juice. – And here it comes on the
patent-pending juice caboose. – That’s not a caboose. That’s the front of the train. – The juice front of the
train doesn’t sound catchy. – And also, you’ve never
seen this train anywhere. – We ripped the face off of Thomas. – Don’t say it, this is not Thomas, this is the juice caboose. – Okay, so here it is, you’ve seen Chase juice a dish, but of
course we did not see that. – Mmmm, there’s a
distinct something to it. – Dink it. – Sink it.
– And drink it. – Oh, wow, the smell. – Woah, that’s tasty. – Hold on. – There’s like a cinnamon. – It’s so obvious. – I thought there was a banana in there, but I don’t like banana, which means I can taste it immediately. – Oh this is really good, and I think I know exactly what it is. – I don’t know what it is, but I love it. – [Stevie] Guys remember
it’s a full completed dish. – Full completed dish,
Well I think I feel, I think I feel that the thing that I’m
thinking I feel is a dish. – Alright, I got it too, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Alright, here we go, three, – I hope you don’t have it,
because I totally have it. – Really?
– Yes. – [Stevie] Three, two, one, – Cinnabon.
– Cinnamon roll. – Cinnabon cinnamon
roll, for extra credit. – That’s not a full dish, though, that’s why I think we’re wrong. – [Stevie] Neither one of you are righ6, it’s apple pie a la mode. – Oh there’s apples.
– This tastes just like a cinnamon bun.
– I was thinking not banaba, but I should have
been thinking not not apples. – Yeah, that makes a lot more sense now that I can, now that I’m feeling it. – This is good. (epic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Next up, Taco
Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. – Woo, woo, wheel it in. – Come on in juice caboose. – You could have gotten a caboose guys. I mean, when we said let’s
make a juice caboose, it could have been a caboose, I mean. – Who’s the caboose on Thomas the train, not that this is Thomas. Do you know, I’m asking you Chase. You still watch, right? – Percy’s his favorite, I
don’t know who Percy is. It’s got a refreshingness to it. – There’s a lettuce,
I’m just gonna go ahead and lettuce have a hint
together, ’cause there’s lettuce in this thing.
– Oh that is lettuce. – Oh, you didn’t know? – I thought that was a refreshing scent of a mint, but it’s just lettuce. How did we miss apple on the last one? And why am I yelling at you? – I don’t know. Oh wow. Oh, I really feel like
I know what this is. – Ooh, it’s spicy, there’s
like a lettuce froth, and then there’s a deep kick in this one. – I know where it’s from. – I feel like I wanna vomit a little bit, but instead I’m gonna guess. – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. – I think this is pretty obvious. It’s got a lettuce froth, and a deep kick. – Okay, I think I know. – [Stevie] Okay, three, – I don’t feel great, though.
– Two, one. – Taco Bell taco.
– Fiery Doritos – Oh, you getting specific.
– Locos taco. – So we’re both saying Taco Bell taco. – [Stevie] Remember, you
do have to get specific. It’s actually a Taco
Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, so I feel like you both got Taco Bell, – I was gonna say burrito supreme, but it’s too spicy for that. But listen, every single
thing from Taco Bell when put in this form tastes the same. So I think we both get points. – We just juiced Taco Bell,
it doesn’t matter which dish. – Gentlemen’s points?
– Gentlemen’s points. (bell dings) (epic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Now boarding,
Thanksgiving dinner. – I’m just trying to cleanse the palate, while holding the brand-new
good mythical mug. – Now did
– – Thomas have a, does he have a flat face, and you just taped over it? – They lopped his face off. No, it’s not under there. They violently removed it in an act of cultural defiance. – You’re saying that the
face is three dimensional? – Yes.
– I’ve never really looked at my children’s toys. I don’t believe in that, I
believe that’s bad parenting. When you get down on their
level, and you play with them, I’ve never thought that. Whenever I see a dad doing that, I’m like, oh, what a loser. – Not knowing what it is
makes me assume it’s dog food. – It’s too early for that,
it’s only round three. – Mmm man, look at that,
it’s not chocolate milk, and it looks like a Yoohoo. This ain’t a Yoohoo, though. – There’s a hint in mine,
there’s a floating green thing. – That’s like a paint fleck.
– Is it mold? – [Link] This is meaty. – Strong (gag) strong celery, strong celery. – I thought it was gonna be meaty, but all I taste is celery. It’s I smell meat and I taste celery. What restaurant have I
been to it’s like man, what are they doing,
cooking a bunch of celery? Cooking a bunch of meat and
eating a bunch of celery. I’ve got a guess, but I’ve
never had it as a complete dish. – I need another second here. Stop making that mouth noise. – I’m just trying to help you man. – Brown and celery. – [Stevie] Alright, I’m
gonna need an answer. Three, two, one. – Beef and celery casserole.
– Salisbury steak. – Beef and celery casserole.
– I love that. – [Stevie] You guys are so close,=I said salisbury steak. – [Stevie] It was a Thanksgiving dinner. – I taste it now. (epic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Now
arriving, Hawaiian pizza. – Land the planes, I mean trains. – Well this one’s got a
pleasant, tepid color to it. – That’s nice.
– No it’s not. – I’m trying to throw you off. – Now when something is pink on this show, we’ve come to learn
that there’s guts in it, so that makes me nervous,
but it also could be papaya. I mean it smells like guts. – I would go by just sight alone that this is a salmon-based thing. – It’s stinky. Dink it. And drink it. There’s a cookie overtone to it. I don’t know why, but. – That’s a weird cookie. What in the world is happening here? The color is really throwing me off. – That’s something that’s like, you know when you like mush an avocado, it’s got that texture in my mouth. – Well I’ve got a guess, but
I’m almost certain it’s wrong. – I think I’ve got it. I’ve got it. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Chicken Parm.
– Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs from a can. – [Stevie] You’re both really close. – It’s Italian food. – I say chicken parm.
– It is Italian food, it’s Hawaiian pizza. – I taste it. I taste, yes, the pineapple. (epic orchestral music) – [Announcer] Last up, fish
and chips with mushy peas. – Alright Rhett, it
all comes down to this, because we are tied,
whoever gets this one right gets to be crowned, or
labeled Juice Brian. – Man that’s a nice name tag. – [Link] Forever. – I really want that. I want that in my life. – Well you’re not gonna
get it, bring it in. Alright, here it is, I’m sure
this one’s gonna be tasty. – Oh, you know what, I just
noticed there’s something coming out of the back of these trains. I thought they were remote
control until right now. Look at that. – Alright, so here we go.
– Ugghhh. – Not ugh, just like, hmmm. – Oh gosh.
– I don’t think this smells bad.
– You guys didn’t dye them different colors
to throw us off, right? That didn’t happen. – [Stevie] No. – This is the real color. It’s milky, with a hint of green. – I feel like I don’t
even need to drink this to know what it is. It’s very clear to me. – I don’t have a clue. Dink it, so I’m gonna watch you drink it. – Mmhmm, yep. (retching) – I don’t know, there’s a fish thing. There’s a sour, then a
fish, tartar sauce, oop. Shouldn’t have said that. – Shouldn’t have ever said tartar sauce. – Definitely that after
taste, it’s nailing me. – I don’t feel like I
need to taste this again. – I don’t know. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Crab cake
– fish food. – With tartar sauce,
or maybe a filet-o-fish sandwich from McDonald’s. – [Stevie] No, it’s fish and
chips with some mushy peas. I would’ve given you fish and chips. – I said filet-o-fish from McDonald’s, and another answer, but that’s what it is, if you put that in a
bun, it’s fish and chips. – Well I mean, fish is
closer, a better answer than fish food, because
fish food is what fish eat. – What was your guess, fish? – Fish food. – Yeah, oh I’m definitely
agreeing that I’m closer than you. – Okay Link, you can be Juice Brian. – But that means in More you have to eat the pulp, the refuse from
the juicing process of that. No, of not that one,
of the Hawaiian pizza. And we’re going to make
play doh objects out of it. Congratulations Juice Brian, and thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey guys, it’s Amaya. – And I’m Rianna. – And we’re from Montrose, Pennsylvania. – And this is our personal rock wall. – It’s time
– to spin. – The wheel
– of – Mythicality. – You might as well liquefy
your whole wardrobe, because we’ve got a new mythical store over at,, check it out. – Lots of GMM logo stuff, and click through to Good Mythical More, where we are going to play the pizza pulp play doh challenge. – Look at this new wheel spot. First day, new wheel spot. You remember the old tongue twisters, well we got new tongue twisters, and we’re reading ’em right
now for the first time. If Rhett wants his roots to be redder, better not bury a rutabaga,
rhubarb’s the ruby red getter. Try it for yourself, and post
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being your mythical best.

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  1. There is no way that that pizza is Hawaiian! I've had Hawaiian pizza with actual rings of pineapple & real slices of ham not that imitation bits of pineapple & ham! Hawaiian pizza done PROPERLY is fantastic! And Taco Bell was just gross 😝

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  3. That's too long to be a tongue twister. It shouldn't have the last clause. The rhythm of a tongue twister is just as important as the alliteration and consonance.

  4. Saying that Hawaiian Pizza is a Pizza is bad enough, but why even call that thing an Italian food…they did not deserve that 😀

  5. idea for a fan compilation: rhett and link pretending they know exactly why they chose the correct answer when we all know they guessed

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