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Listen to a Ponce, Inlet Florida Fish Tale :60

Listen to a Ponce, Inlet Florida Fish Tale :60

I was about three years ago and we were
offshore here just out Ponce Inlet. And we were fishing for tarpon and redfish
and ended up hooking into a real big tarpon. and probably the biggest tarpon I’ve ever seen. I ended up getting on the rod and fighting it for a
while and I had her driving the boat and she was she was backing down on the boat
about ten miles per hour. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life
watching her drive and having this fish on my line. I’ve been a fishing boat
captain for almost a year. To become a fishing boat captain you just have to
spend tons of time on the water, just getting out there every day is the main
part of it. You know having time on the water, fishing as much as you can.
I do get a little bit of confusion from the people expecting like an older guy
as the fishing boat captain, but for the most part everyone seems to be happy and
excited about it, you know it’s something new for them.
The hardest part about being a fishing boat captain I’d have to say is
finding the fish and just making sure everyone has a good time. You know even
if you don’t catch fish just being out on the water, having fun. I was very
impressed with Samantha and her driving the boat because it’s a little bit
larger boat than she normally drives and she handled that boat better than most
guys I’ve been with. And a lot of people think down because having a younger girl
captain they might think that they don’t have the experience or than know-how but
seeing that that day really showed that Samantha knew exactly what she was doing
behind the throttle in the wheel.

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