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Little People Disney Princess Songs Cinderella Castle Play Set by Fisher-Price

Little People Disney Princess Songs Cinderella Castle Play Set by Fisher-Price

It’s Kinder Playtime! Hey Kinder Playtime friends! Today we have the Fisher Price, Disney princess, Cinderella castle. You might be thinking this looks just like the songs palace, and you’re right. It is. It’s the songs palace, except it’s a Cinderella version. Woo! Pretty! Let’s open it up and compare! Okay! The only real difference between the two castles is that the songs palace is in purples and pinks and the Cinderella castle is mostly blue with a little bit of pink and some gold. There isn’t a castle that is really better than the other one. It’s mostly just a preference. If you want pinks and purples, take that one. If you want Cinderella themed, take this one. Let’s take a closer look at the Cinderella castle. Cinderella and prince charming come with this castle. They look like they’re ready to get married! This set comes with two chairs, a table, and a bed. This set comes with lots of fun stickers from the Disney princess movies. This one’s from Cinderella. This sticker has characters from the movie, the Little Mermaid and the Princess and the Frog. Plus, the star in the middle rotates. Here is the fairies from Sleeping Beauty and the genie from Aladdin. Look! It’s Pascal! Hi there Jaq and Gus! Down here we have Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip. Snow White’s animal friends are helping out in the kitchen. What’s cooking? Mmmm. Gooseberry pie! Uh-oh. Looks like Cinderella lost her glass slipper! You look so beautiful, Cinderella! The golden flags at the top are removable. The golden tea pot is actually a button. (birds tweet) The doors make music to announce your guests. (music plays) Watch the time. Make sure it doesn’t strike mid-night. Navigate the castle on your elevator. It stops at each floor. There’s lots of areas to play with your characters. Your Little People characters can dance by spinning the ball room floor. (music plays) Each character says different things. Why hello. My name is Cinderella. The princes and the fairies only play music. (music plays) (giggles) Hello there. My name is Snow White. Hi, my name is Ariel. Hello, my name is Princess Jasmine. Hey there. My name is Tiana. Enjoy. My name is Belle. Why hello. My name is Princess Aurora. Hello. My name’s Rapunzel! Each princess has several things to say along with singing her song. (Cinderella begins singing her theme song) Tonight is a dream come true. Oh my. I lost my glass slipper. What a great castle. Perfect for little ones. Oh that was such a beautiful reception. I just love our friends. And I love you. Awe, I love you too, Prince Charming. Oh hello fairies. Hello! Each of your friends have a great piece of advice for you. Listen carefully. Here is ours. Everyone is given gifts. Be sure to use yours. If you follow your heart, everything will work out in the end. Just, stay away from spinning wheels. Oh thanks Aurora. Everyone is a diamond in the rough that just needs a little polishing. Oh what great advice, Jasmine and Aladin. Things aren’t always what they seem. So remember to see the light. I will always remember that. Thanks Rapunzel. Find your voice and speak good things and the truth. Wow! Thanks Ariel! I just love you! Some apples are rotten. Just be safe and make gooseberry pie! Thanks Snow White. I will keep that in mind. If you make a wish on the evening star, make sure you work real hard to make it come true. Awe, thanks Tiana. You always give the greatest advice. Look for everyone’s true beauty. It’s on the inside. Awe Belle and Beast. Thanks so much. Everyone gather around. It’s time for a photo! Okay everybody. On the count of three, say midnight! One, two, three, midnight! Thanks for watching, bye!

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