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Little Sarah and Sam. Fisher Protects His Daughter. Flashback (Splinter Cell: Conviction)

Little Sarah and Sam. Fisher Protects His Daughter. Flashback (Splinter Cell: Conviction)

Daddy, daddy. [20 years ago] [Video title: Little Sarah and Sam. Fisher Protects His Daughter. Flashback ] [Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010). PC game] Hey there, kiddo. What’s wrong? I don’t like the dark. It’s scary. Turn on the light for me? Please? Aww, come on, sweetie. There’s nothing to be afraid of in the dark. Sometimes darkness is a good thing. Like… when you want to… go to sleep. I can go to sleep with the light on. When it’s light, you can’t see into a place that’s dark. But when it’s dark, you can see what’s around you much better. Really? Really. So if there’s monsters or bad people around, you can see them. And if you’re in the dark, they can’t see you. I can’t see you either. Can you please turn the light back on? O-Kayyyy… then how about this? There’s one really cool thing I didn’t show you yet.. There is? Show me! OK. Here it is! When you’re in the dark and your eyes get used to it, you can see all sorts of things around you really well. And then you can do stuff with them. Like what? Now take a look at your mobile. You can see it really well, right? If there were monsters standing underneath it, because I can see it, maybe I could make it fall on them and they’d go away. And it would fall on their heads and they wouldn’t be bad any more? That’s my girl. Daddy? What was that? Shhhhh! Daddy needs you to stay in bed now. OK? He’s going to shut the door and he’ll be back real soon. All right? Ok, daddy. I love you! What do you got, man? You got anything good? This place is shit. You picked it, asshole. You said we’d get a couple of thou, easy. I heard there was medals and shit we could fence in here. The lady that lives here is hot. Maybe we can wait for her to come home. Take it out in trade? Shit! Dad? What did you do to them, Dad? Sarah, baby, don’t look… Sam! What are you doing, daddy? What are you doing? Sam! Talk to me! *Watch more on YouTube/CJake3*

37 comments on “Little Sarah and Sam. Fisher Protects His Daughter. Flashback (Splinter Cell: Conviction)

  1. Strike one: Broke into Sam Fisher's house.

    Strike two: Threatening his wife at 2:06.

    Strike three: Putting a gun within arms length of Sam.

    And they are out!


  3. 4 mistakes:

    1st, breaking into S.F's home.
    2nd, talking shit about his house
    3rd, talking shit about his wife
    4th, frightening Sarah

    any one above the list was enough for S.F to rip these punks a new one, and they just had to break all 4 of them…

  4. well they didn't lie, they just forgot about details. something like "oh the hot chick's husband will relocate our internal organs, heads and assholes, not necessarily on the same person"

  5. 1:39 When Fisher talks about the things falling ontop of the monsters, the game refers to the fact you can shoot down chandeliers and hanging objects to kill people. Nifty!

  6. Sam Fisher just loves his daughter. It's a shame that a government agency that he risked his life working for would kidnap his daughter, and use her as collateral so that they could get him to do the rest of their dirty work when he tried to walk away.

  7. Fucking Genius! The way they made the tutorial fit with the story instead of just people giving you instructions, it's brilliant!

  8. Poor Sam. He tried to handle that situation quietly but he made a mistake and his daughter ended up witnessing a gruesome sight. I guess this takes place before he entered Third Echelon since I doubt Sam would ever let a bunch of scrubs catch sight of him if he was at his best.

  9. Jumping off a bridge is too overrated
    Getting killed by train/car is too overrated
    Getting shot him/herself is too overrated

    A new way to commit a suicide: Breaking into Sam Fisher's house.

  10. That never gets old. 2:28
    One more time. 2:28
    Again. 2:28
    And again. 2:28
    Okay who am I kidding I can watch this shit on loop for hours. 2:28

  11. They changed a lot. So far I remember this was never mentioned in the Splinter Cell books. Ugh …why not make it abit realistic for who are both, Book and game nerds. In one of the Books Sarah was kidnapped in Israel.(Operation Barracuda) but she was already a young Adult. According (Babylon Phoenix) Sarah was actually living with her Mother Reagan and when Sam‘s ex wife Regen died at that time Sarah was already a teenager. 🙄 I know the Books were based upon the Game but Seriously 😒

  12. Sam Fisher lives on base who breaks into houses on a military base not like people of those houses aren't trained soldier's

  13. I watched this scene blazed out of my mind the other day and it had me shook. I was paranoid as fuck at 5 am, then looked outside and a car with it's lights dimmed was sitting in front of my house.

  14. I think Sarah was born in the early-ish mid 1980s.
    That means this flashback was from the late 1980s or possibly 1990.

  15. This will sound crazy but when i grow up at my 20 i want to train and travel to America and be an double agent like Sam but this is impossible , i will never be like him😞😔

  16. I've always wondered, who is or was Sam's wife/girlfriend? 🤔 they never reference her in the storyline
    Still, Sam Is a badass single father 😂

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