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Liverpool is a SAFE area to Magnet Fish

Liverpool is a SAFE area to Magnet Fish

found an old mortace lock Nice big bollard some im here in Liverpool with a magnet Matt
check his hoodie out behind and please subscribe to his channel description below and then got Alex as
well so we’re going to see what can find but been here about two minutes
A big bollard and few other bits like bike lock and that so this is
gonna be a good day so I find the first knife of the day just a little kitchen
knife what barrel of a gun probably just a toy gun yeah she’s toy
gun barrel go hand oh you all right yeah there’s a lo t of bird poo under this
bridge been getting wet and I just found like an Everton badge but
Matt says it bongs in the water so much Matt’s got big 5 20
kilogram magnets he’s got the biggest find of the day further down the canal in Liverpool and
yeah some really nice little buildings so he knows we’re gonna find we’ll soon
find out its like a
brick mould? I think it might be a brick mold and we’re in the comments
know what it is heavier my size then so that’s a shame it’s been bust we need a
crowbar say full of cash old-style hammer that’s well cool never seen that my like that it’s like a panel
beating hammer no the edges in that Alex is already spotted like a car park
machine like a ticket machine Wow see so much in here this is mad see
other junk at the bottom wood wooden bucket yeah it’s oool the re’s a lot of stuff
that I swirl hood bucket that’s mud so you can show you this ticket
machine see if i can get it out with the big boy 520kg magnet yeah just a machine with a bit of a the
part with the money is missing what’s still gonna try an get it out so the
problem we had was a the Rope digs into our hands
so we’re gonna wrap he rope around a hammer and the grapple hook you
should be easier to lift out really
quite a new one yes same as last time I that’s where the coins come out
into the cash b ox I said they’ve ripped the whole thing out that was heavy don’t forget to quote that location
code and they’ll tell you where this car park ticket machines it’s not in the
canal anymore found a pound coin on the floor we
think he fell out the machine so just slam the machine on the floor
so I think it’s definitely still got money in it so I’m gonna give
it a bang we’re gonna bang it around and tell they’ve been in the water so NCP ticket machine managed to get but
free SD cards out of it and three pound coins yeah there’s more stuff in there
so we’re gonna see what else can get that is the biggest one I found that
nasty yeah I could be cabinet fur keys yeah these magnets really strong one
ready I’m gonna put a link in the description so if you want know where to
buy them from that’s where they’ll be some coins see what it is just walking past and I
saw some biggest square in the wire so see if we can get it all our stucco nice
up oh that’s heavy this is like
ridiculously heavy massive so there’s the other safe matt
was trying to help us get out but we just need to develop some sort of system
to get them out because the metal sides not thick enough to lift out for the
weight of the water inside and that but that’s the second one that got away but
we’ll be back we’ll be getting it so we’ve got the free memory cards I’m
gonna see what’s inside them it’s doesnt register when i pull
it out or not when I plug it in and just put the fat on it now still nothing oh
here we go there’s a problem scan the drive it’s just good nothing just dis
check the number the fun because windows car access to disk
hmm so maybe maybe there is information on these memory cards I have no way of
knowing how to access it because he’s right the parking here so unless it’s
got some sort of special software on it or a certain file format but if anybody
is going to ideas how could access the information on it he let us know in the
comments because it’d be interesting to see what information these cards hold if
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100 comments on “Liverpool is a SAFE area to Magnet Fish

  1. That ticket machine float all the way from Leeds Trust me. Then two hoodies come magnet fishing. smashing it up though like that on one of Liverpools canals. Although liverpool has bad reputation safe robbing happens all over the world not just liverpool thank you!!!

  2. Must be great magnet fishing in the canals a lot of good stuff been dumped , wish we had canals here in Western Australia ..we magnet fish off a jetty in the Indian Ocean we have found lots of interesting stuff also several mortars and hand grenades those caused quite a stir Good Luck keep the videos coming …Peter Perth wa

  3. Anybody based in east London? I fancy taking up magnet fishing but don’t fancy going solo 😂

    Bet there’s loads of stuff in the east end canals

  4. The hammer at 4:06 is actually a body shop hammer for working sheet metal. I have one in my rollaway across the room from me.

  5. Good lord every channel there who magnet fish find guns and stolen safes. Talk about terrible place to live! I’ll keep my guns and my property. You break into my home you will pay with flesh.

  6. Les mecs qui defoncent un parcmetre sur la voie publique (en éclatant la route au passage) pour en sortir de l'argent publique et poster sur Youtube!^^ on aura tout vui! mdr super vidéo!

  7. I'd be willing to bet that the SD cards from that parking meter are encrypted and have to be read by a bit of specialist software (most likely that was distributed with the disks themselves or used by the parking meter companies to get data off them) or like others have mentioned they are formatted in a non-Windows file format. You're on shaky grounds with trying to read them tbh as you could be prosecuted by data protection laws so I would just contact the parking meter company if I was you and hand them back to them/

  8. Sd cards will have the location info and tariff on them properly firmware , crack open the case and check it for corrosion

  9. Otterspool promenade, on the waterfront of the river Mersey. There's a pub called the Brittania. All along that front from the pub to the old Pleasure Island will have all sorts of stuff in there but there's about 10ft of thick mud at the bottom, about 30ft down. I should imagine there's quite a few motorbikes, pushbikes, weapons etc. At one point it was a dumping ground.

    Another good place to check is by Moore Nature Reserve in sandymoor by Warrington. There's a canal with barges. There's also the Manchester – Liverpool where big (ish) ships go (at least a few thousand ton) about half a mile away, i think they might actually cross a some point close by.

  10. Guessing the discs need to be formated to fat for you to able to use them on your comp. As they are not formatted you cannot access them

  11. Hi mate, I to am interested to see whats on the SD cards. More than likely one SD card is for the firmware, the other is probably for car licence plates that used the machine and the other one will be a list of transactions. The best way of looking what on them is ruining any Linux cd in live mode on your pc (it runs in RAM so you wont have to install anything) and checking if they mount. If you need any help send me a message.

  12. Pick those SD cards up with that Magnet and they're fucked lol, that said just check if they're showing up in Disk Management.

  13. I'd would love too get out there and do this! I love in Portsmouth Area, Langstone Harbour must been full of gear 😀😀

  14. Ohhhh oh the image of 2 hoodies smashing a machine to get money out of it is only missing the officer piering over the wall XD

  15. I'd stay by the old building loads cool stuff 🤔….. Can imagine people dropping stuff from the windows over time 😁

  16. Imagine you are jogging and I see 3 blokes, in hoods, under a bridge holding ropes, a camera and a old rusty machete, I'm u turning. You guys must get some funny looks?

  17. Me and my mate went there about a week ago and found an uzi right next to the side and it didn’t look old it looked quite new

  18. Proper looks suspect as fuck two hooded blokes braying the shit out of a parking ticket machine next to a canal in Liverpool 😂

  19. Wow!!!! You guys got so many coins worth of millions dollars 😊ok you don’t do any give away magnet like that, cuz I used to do magnet fishing when I was there in school with Black kind of magnet with hole in the middle in river 😊so I was i was curious that if you do any give away any magnet 😊nys it’s nice 👍

  20. You should try and pull out something bigger from the river from the use of more magnets and ppl pulling. You’d probably find some really interesting things

  21. I really want to have a go at magnet fishing but I don't fancy pulling out motor cycles etc. What is the lightest magnet I can buy so that I don't pull up heavy stuff.

  22. 2:50..
    That's a steel box to press certain "substances" back into a rock after you've cut it with another substance, there will be another piece that slots in the top.. I know from my younger silly days

  23. Its just common sense that any safe found in a canal will be empty of anything of value. I really cant see someone dumping a safe filled to the brim with gold watches after planning a robbery in which they succeed in removing the safe from a locked premises only to find they cant break into the safe then dump it lmfao you guys live in hope but mean time you stink of shit and yer finger nails are black

  24. Interesting, you confirmed everything I have always thought about Liverpool, it’s a sewer, thieves robbers junkies and pushers are what Liverpool is all about. You hear Liverpool, grab your wallet and guard your handbag.

  25. These videos show us how much of disgusting human beings we are , we really should be ashamed of throwing all that stuff in the water like that

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