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Living off the Land – Fishing the Danube

Living off the Land – Fishing the Danube

(upbeat music) – This is my first attempt
at making a short movie, so please support me by
subscribing to the channel. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the movie as much as I’ve enjoyed making it, and I look forward to seeing
you again on my channel. I’m really fortunate to be
located just a stone’s throw from the River Danube, which
is, you know as it happens, the biggest river in Europe. So I’m ideally placed for
catching a living on fish. So one of the things about us British is we
don’t really do river fish when it comes to eating. We’ve been brought up
eating things like cod, haddock, place. Yeah, okay we eat salmon and trout, but generally we don’t eat fish like carp and catfish and all those things. But they’re actually delicious to eat, and I must say, I’ve
eaten river fish so much since I started coming to Bulgaria. So here I am down at the River Danube. The water level’s quite low today, so it’ll be interesting
to see how the fishing is. (upbeat music) Okay, so what we’ve done is
we’ve got a sink set up here, which is great for preparing
fish and things like that. Fortunately, it does attract the wasps. So we’ve got to be really, really quick when we’re
preparing the fish. These fish last night were
caught, as I’ve already told you, in the local river. Lori, what are these fish called? – [Lori] Yack pollock. – [Host] Yack pollock. Okay. The great thing about these is
they don’t have much scales, so they’re pretty easy to clean. You just need, you know,
they just need to be gutted and take the heads off
and portion them up, and we’re ready to go. (water running) (sawing) Quite a tough one, this. So, there we have it. Fish portioned up, ready to go. So Lori, explain to me
what you’re dong there? – Well, we’re frying
the fish in cornflour. First of all, it needs to
be salted, very well salted, and then rubbed all around with cornflour. – [Host] Cornflour, yeah? – [Lori] Yeah. Dust them
lightly and straight into the hot oil. – [Host] Yeah, Bulgaria’s
a fantastic place for growing plants, as you can see here. We’ve got some chilies, red chilies. Also, we have some tomatoes. We’ve also got a cucumber patch, as well as we’ve planted zucchini. There’s, already said, eggplants and a whole
array of different herbs. – Good morning, it’s a great day. – [Host] What’ve you got there? – [Lori] You can see some
fresh, pink, Bulgarian tomatoes. They’re called Pink Heart, and they’re amazing. Very thin skin. And juicy, sweet flesh. (vibrant music)

10 comments on “Living off the Land – Fishing the Danube

  1. Good Attempt. Better than me lol XD Subscribed waiting for more content. In the meanwhile, why not visit my channel and let me know what I can Improve?

  2. Great video. Is there concern for river contamination? Where I live near San Francisco there are recommended maximum amounts of fish to consume because of residual pollution.

  3. Cool looking fish they remind me of a speckled trout sort of from here in the coastal states but we don't have those fish at all here in america. I follow several anglers from Russian and other countries on Instagram and it's really cool seeing how much different their fish look than ours do.

  4. Well done Mike , what does that fish taste like ?, are you guys living in Bulgaria all the time ??, what do you think of it if so ?, life is to short for the rat race , 🙂

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