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Living the hard life of a FISH 🐟 [ I am fish] (Funny Moments)

Living the hard life of a FISH 🐟 [ I am fish] (Funny Moments)

And today we are going to be playing I am Fish.. (That’s just creepy) Do you guys know how hard it is to be a fish..? Eve stopped to think about a fish..? Ever stopped to think what difficulties a fish faces..? Every stopped and think how difficult it is to survive in this world full of corruption..? Never though about any fish didn’t you..? Never stopped and think how difficult it to live for an animal now didn’t you..? No right..? You guys are really cruel.. This world is so cruel.. Than again my uncle made me some fish some days ago..Tasty they are.. Anyways today we are going to learn what a fish needs to do to survive.. How is the life of a fish..? Well thankfully I am very rich so I do have the controller of the PS. But my controller does not have a button called as “Any button” (Imagine working for him) So are you guys ready to go for a swim..? I am so cute.. How can you trap such a cutie pie..? What must she be thinking trapper over like this..? HUMANS…YOU FILTHY INSECTS.. WHO WAS IT..? WHO WAS IT THAT TRAPPED ME HUH…WHO..? The one sitting on the sofa..? Who is it that doesn’t wanna live huh..? To trap a cutie pie such as me.. In a small dirty bowl.. Now who did separated me from my sea… In the whole world over 71% of the sea is ours.. And you filthy insects do not have the audacity to stand in front of me.. My parents must be waiting for me over there..WHO IS IT…? WHO IS IT..? I am getting pissed now.. (I almost quit here) Wait is he Nemo..His color just changed…Where is my dad now..DAD..? SAVE ME…Let’s swim now… All right no not over here…We gotta get to the see.. We gotta save ourselves from these pathetic humans.. Yeah so this is really difficult.. We gotta reach the sea now.. Why are we travelling in the wrong direction if we have gotta go there..? Yeah no I still haven’t…Still going around in circles.. Fishy-Fishy we gotta go over there.. Maybe If i tilt the camera.. All about the camera angles.. Just don’t fall down all right…I don’t think I can go through the window now… We have to think like a human.. If we think like a fish we ca’t really go anywhere.. See how difficult a fish’s life is.. To be stuck in one place forever.. So this glass is made out of pretty tough material.. At least humans did that for me.. If it broke I would have been dead.. “Daddy Daddy tomorrow is my finals on the science test” Never thought about the fish huh… The fish in your room must be just suffering…Exactly just like him.. THINK…About all the fishes that you might have… Just go check them out…They might be trying to escape… “Shubham I can’t really get a girlfriend…” “No one really cares for me…” Never thought about the fish now did you..? You can play games the entire day but ever thought about the fish in the aquarium – NO… “No but my life is so hard..It is so hard that no one lets me use the Wifi”… “No one lets me use the phone” …I mean you have so many facilities… Never thought about the fish… Did you ever stop to think how you can entertain your fish…Ever wanted to play with your fish..? Ever had any thoughts about that – NO… “I want Wifi…I want Facebook..I wanna talk to Angel.. I have never been so mad.. Not feeling good seeing a suffering fish.. I am an animal lover…No joke.. I am ashamed to be a human.. If I had Aladin’s lamp and I got three wishes.. I would have loved for this lovely cute fish to be sent to me.. So that I could love this fish the way it deserves… IT’S ALL RIGHT FISH, IT HAPPENS.. I will help you from these cruel humans.. You just have to walk a bit..Spinning like that won’t really help.. “Shubham my mom did not feed me yesterday because I was not being a good boy…” “I am so hungry” Did you feed your fishes today..? How cruel are you guys…Pay attention towards your fish’s lunch.. This fish has been spinning so badly even she must have been like.. Okay I think I know how to control it know.. We will reach sometime…Maybe it will be two days…No problem.. Wait I actually learned to control it..Nope..Still spinning..Fish is going crazy now.. Mr Fish apply some physics now..Didn’t you take physics when you were in school…? You should learn terms like viscosity and stuff than you will know how water works… Just a little bit and now towards the gate..Towards the gate..Gate side.. No Fishy.. See I won’t help you now if you don’t go towards the gate side..Open it now..Open it.. Someone open the gate for me…Where are the pathetic humans when you need them..? Maybe we don’t have to go towards there.. Maybe we have to knock down something so that some human will be here… Or this gate is open.. And I was behind the wrong gate for so long.. Time to see the outside world now..Come on.. No point in living with these humans…We are living.. Give us a break.. Let me have a taste of our real life…And hey we are going good.. I have reached here somehow.. That is how you play..See..? Now you didn’t get to see where to go but I did since..I am a fish.. My mind is working like a fish now.. We can only understand the pain of a fish when we are a fish – BeastboyShub 2019 No over here now.. No…My fishy.. I almost cried… I controlled myself somehow.. “So Shubham I have an exam tomorrow and I do not feel like studying at all” “I hope I shall get a job somehow…” That is not how you survive.. Look at the fish..Look at his life now.. You just have to study now…You can do that…Oh no man… Oh we are not dead… Man when that bowl breaks…My heart does too..See..? See how tough it is to survive…This fish life is on the line… One mistake and she would be out of this glass and…Death… Only an animal lover like me can understand how difficult it is the life of a fish.. Life and death.. Only one wrong move can invite that.. But you guys get second chances.. You get chances to be positive.. Keep yourself positive…You won’t get chance like this fish to be positive..See..? Playing this game reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo.. Is her name Dora or what..? That was awesome… See..I am down now…Let’s go… All we have gotta do is get to the sea… Come on than…But my bowl looks a little breaky-breaky… Os it made of a cheap material where they did not spend any money..? No need to go fast..let’s go slow… Very awesome…There we go… And I did it guys… See..The humans just lost an extremely talented fish now.. If they would have given her the freedom…With a big aquarium..With some friends…She was so lonely… Think about that…You won’t.. All you need is your phone…Some data…Who will ever think about the fish huh..? God the world has grown so cruel now… Who am I living with..? You just had fish the last week now Shubham…Control yourself…(Evil laugh) We cannot move on this quickly…Where are we going by the way…? Lots of pillows there now…There we go… We are almost at the sea now.. I can see a truck now….(Ignorant battle cry) And we are saved.. That’s good luck…Which we need… The person who is trying so hard to survive , If luck isn’t on her side then whose side must it be on..? Right…And now… (Every time the fish dies…It’s actually funny…) That disgusting insect.. How can the human do that with such a cute fish now… You should be more careful while driving…Who gave you the license..? All right fishy..We won’t give up… Just roll quickly… All right careful now car… Move…Move…Move…This is the chance…Swim quickly… We were just lucky… That is why it is said never to give up.. Luck shall be with you…Definitely.. Today this fish proved that hard work never goes waste.. What was that…That got me.. How did this break..? Granny..? Very quickly now…Just roll… Leave from here now…. Good god… We are from the fishes who never quit.. You guys must have thought that we are scared…Nope.. Oh no…Oh no…Saved.. Who did keep those pillows out here..? For me..? I am still telling you guys to put your fish under watch.. You never know which fish might be planning to escape.. What are you doing fishy..? Yes her name is Fishy…A name i concocted…Any issues with that.. No right..? SEA…. We are almost there.. I will not quit now… By rolling a few steps.. How can i smash the bowl..? I mean…Thee fish is still trapped for sure…That is correct.. We have to release her right..? Freedom shall only be granted when you escape the bowl.. Think Shuham…How can we escape…No don’t go now.. No..We had to break it over there…I understood… So when I began this level of the city coast…They began through water.. So If I begin it now it shall proceed from over here than..? And we are finally in the sea…See…Our little fishy is free.. What are you ? We cannot discriminate fishes too…All right..? I think that’s a big fish ahead… (Fish flirting) Trying to pick out a fish…As a fish… I will need a partner if I want to survive…This life does go on… We have to actually breed… Oh hey you look quite fine too(I give up) What am I some playboy..? You are not even paying attention to me…What is the deal..? Is this a woman or a dude..? This is a woman.. She looks older to me.. Don’t worry…I am into older woman.. Yo woman…Whats’up…Why ain’t your husband with you..? Well I am young now but.. Oh god what is that…Nemo..? This is Nemo’s dad actually..Did you find him Mr..? Mr…Did you not find him yet..? Lol I just entered his eye..He is going to kick my ass.. That is my ray of hope now… I think I should go there…I shall find my soul mate over there…I do need a soul mate.. I am not a loner…I do need someone.. Everyone needs a partner in life now..Try and understand.. What did happen..? So facing all the obstacles we finally freed this fish.. We delivered him towards the light and I think this is his second birth now and even now..He is.. A human’s pet.. Assholes.. Well you can be reborn as an animal as many times as you want but we are the real animals..Right..? So guys this was..I am fish.. Did you guys have fun…? Leave a like if you want more games like this..Comment down below.. Subscribe with the notification bell on..What that will do that is my upcoming amazing videos… Shall not be missed for any reason..

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