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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


– Showing up on the Big Ben, guys. (bagpipes) [Brad] – We found the Big Ben. (music playing) – [Brad] 10th of January 2019 – [Robyn] Hi (both laugh) – Take two. Meant to be all happy. – Hello everyone! It’s
the 10th of January 2019 and we are about to get
into the car to go to the station to London. – I need to get a haircut. – Someone’s on- on the ball today, hm? – So go on. What are we doing today? – Well we are going to a lot
of the famous sites, like- – Like? – Like, we are going to
walk past Buckingham palace – And? – Walk to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben – All that. – Maybe the Tate Modern and
so lots of interesting sites. – What about The Shard?! – The shard. – Shard. We’re going to The Shard. – Anyway, let’s get on with the adventure. – We’ve arrived in London Victoria. The beginning of our
adventure is here. In London. Everywhere I go in London,
there’s a sign for fish and chips which means we’re having
fish and chips for lunch. – [Robyn] I think we’re going to have to. – We’re going to have to
have fish and chips now because it’s lunch time now. Cheers. (laughs) – So nice having this coffee on arrival. – All right, it is lunch time, it’s the 10th of January,
we’re on our way to Buckingham Palace, we
just left the station, London Victoria train station
and it’s four degrees. I’m wearing my multi-layered
Kilimanjaro outfit. – [Robyn] And we’re tired today, okay? – We are pretty tired,
sorry about the low energy in the video. This video’s
not going to be a good one. But, I am tired. We are tired, so. Are you sure that’s Buckingham Palace? – [Robyn] Its part of Buckingham Palace. – First impression of Buckingham Palace. I think we’re – – [Robyn] We can’t go in.
If you look at the map, it just shows you where we are – [Brad] Oh, yup. and we can just go on the side, – [Brad] Walk around. and then we have to go here. – It’s a huge, huge
compound and there’s like guys with machine guns over there, so. – All right. First stop for the day, 10th of January is, Buckingham Palace. We are, excuse me, we are here. There’s Robyn and that’s what
it looks like, right there. – All right, so we just
finished at Buckingham Palace now we’re walking near
the garden, I think, but I’m not sure the name
of the garden to my left. But anyway, or park, but
our point, watch this. Buckingham Palace is
there and these streets are really, really nice,
the trees are completely stripped down for winter. Four degrees, so cold. Hey Robs, how could is it? – It’s freezing! – [Brad] Hey, where are we off to now? – [Robyn] This is St.
James park, by the way. – Oh is it? I was trying
to figure that out. St. James Park – St. James Park and we’re walking towards – This is my tour guide – Westminster Abbey and Big Ben – Oh great, so stick
around, Westminster Abbey – And then we’re gonna
cross Westminster bridge – All right. – Okay Robs, you wanna give
fish and chips a review. – [Robyn] We can go in here. – Guys, okay we’re at Westminster Arms, I’ll show the outside, we’re
about to walk in and get fish and chips, my first fish
and chips here in London. – Fancy this? Time for fish and chips! This is a wine bar, we’re
going into a wine bar. – [Robyn] Look at this! – [Brad] Aw, look at this! (gasp) – What a nice day indoors, isn’t it? – [Brad] All right Robs, I love this. Let’s get some fish and chips. Love this. It’s like a little booth here. – It’s so warm. – It’s so warm here. Cheers, and our last day, together, in London. We’re at an underground bar – wine bar at Westminster Arms, it’s
called Westminster Arms it’s near Buckingham Palace. Sorry for the background noise. Our fish and chips have just arrived. Cod, chips and peas, check this out. Look at this. We’ve finished our fish
and chips and we’re leaving the Westminster Arms. Westminster Abbey right ahead. Well I was not expecting that
to just pop out of nowhere. So we just left the Westminster Arms, after we had our fish and
chips and our glass of red wine and now we’re gonna walk
around Westminster Abbey. All right so we’re at Westminster Abbey, I’m gonna spin you around so
you see what it looks like from the outside, you’ve
done your google research so I’m sure you know what it’s all about, but I’ll just show you,
what it looks like. Look at that! So we’re on the other
side of Westminster Abbey, just took some nice video,
I’ll spin you around, this is one side of Westminster
Abbey – pretty impressive. All right guys, so we’re
off to Big Ben right now, we just walked past Westminster Abbey and now we’re walking to Big Ben! (bag pipes music) – [Brad] Okay, real quick, that’s the palace of Westminster, right? – [Robyn] Yeah. That’s houses of parliament. – Real quick, – Yeah, and then the big, Big
Ben is in there somewhere. – Big Bens through there, we’re gonna get to that in a second, but there’s a marching band on the street. Come and check this out
– totally unexpected. – What?! – [Brad] How cool! No way! (laughing) How awesome is this? (live marching band music) Guys, look how amazing this is! That was so awesome, that was so awesome! Hey, just randomly on the road,
just marching down the road. Hey Robsy, – That was great. – We’re just chasing these
guys down the road, eh? So much fun, just so random. – [Brad] The London Eye, huh? Which is currently closed for renovation until middle or end of January, so we’re not going on that. – Showing up on the Big Ben, guys. (bag pipes) We found the Big Ben. (laughs) Renovations. – [Brad] Wow, freezing. Okay, we’re about to jump on
a train and head to the Shard for four p.m. session. (music playing) – All right guys, we’re
in London bridge right now and we’re super tired, it’s
about 3:30 in the afternoon. I’ll show you this
tower bridge over there. We were in a tunnel going to the bridge, but this is probably the best
place to get a view of it, I’m sure – I’ll spin you around. – [Robyn] Isn’t that a military ship? – [Brad] Yeah. – [Robyn] That’s cool. – Very grey, very cold, – Raining. – London bridge in winter. And now we’re about to
head off to the Shard. – Let’s go get a coffee. – Yeah so we’re gonna go to the Shard, which is the highest point
in Europe, is that right? – In western, western Europe. – Okay, so we’re going to the Shard. Pre-booked tickets, 4 pm
entrance is what we paid for. Highest point in western Europe, and we’ll show you some
views from the Shard. Although, it’s probably not
gonna be that good to be honest. It’s pretty overcast. – But you know what? After we’re gonna go smash
some wine at Gordon’s. – Yes!! – At Gordon’s, the oldest wine bar – That’s right. – That’ll be interesting,
we’ll be underground from above high until deep underground. – We’ll take you to
London’s oldest wine bar. – Check, rescue boat. – Oldest wine bar. This is what it looks
like from the outside. Look at that. So I paid 32 pounds per person I think, for a 4 pm slot, hopefully it’s worth it. Waiting for our 4 pm time
slot, here at Ground Cafe. We’re trying velvet cake,
Robs are you going to try the velvet cake? Check this out guys, this
is pretty phenomenal stuff. Look, at that, there you
go Robs, take it away. – Mmmm! – [Brad] Really good? (laughing) that’s enough! (laughing) – [Brad] Oh wow, oh it’s cool up here, you can feel that breeze. Oh wow look at that – [Robyn] Wow, it’s cool, right? – [Brad] That is nice. – [Robyn] It’s amazing. – [Brad] That’s pretty cool, eh? – [Robyn] Yeah, it’s very cool. – Look at that guys! So that’s tower bridge, just there. – [Robyn] Yeah, there’s
London bridge, yeah. – [Brad] That’s London bridge. The visibility is pretty bad, however, when it gets darker,
it should be really nice, huh? – [Robyn] Yeah. – [Brad] Nice, that’s a nice photo. All right we’re leaving, we are leaving, and going to Gordon’s wine bar. The oldest wine bar in London. The oldest wine bar in London. – [Brad] Cheers, Robs! Come on, raise your glass, come on. – I just want to get undressed first. – [Brad] Raise your glass. Oldest wine bar in London, cheers to us! Mmmm – It’s nice. – That’s nice. – [Robyn] Do you want some chicken wings? – [Brad] Oh no, I’m good. – [Robyn] What about some spring rolls? – Guys, check this out, check this out. Gordon’s wine bar right
here, look at this. Check out this little wine bar, guys. It’s 6 o’clock at night,
it’s the 10th of January I apologise for the background noise, we’re at Gordon’s wine bar,
London’s oldest wine bar. I’m with Robsy Bobsy, right over here. How you doin’, Robs? – I’m loving life! – Now, this is freaking amazing, I am so blown away by this. First and foremost, at a wine bar, you are to have – wine. We have – is that Gouda? We have Gouda and that’s the brie. Anyway, so they got cheese
selection down here. (music)


  1. Sorry bro I will be in Thailand in April or may due to work commitments anyways great vlog bro I miss London had all those crazy times there🤪

  2. Big Ben is stripped down…total makeover? would it look the same?…hmm…I was expecting the royal family to be in this vlog..😂😂

  3. Brad, you never tell a lady she takes too long in the bathroom ever. I learned that when I married my wife. I said dear you are taking too long in the bathroom. She is beautiful also just like Rodyn. I heard a growl and then never tell me I take too long here. It is a lady's right So never again did I bring it up.

  4. Loving your vlogs! You should really go into Westminster Abbey next time, if you can. It's so much more interesting inside. Amazing internal medieval architecture and stuffed to overflowing with a thousand years of history. Every English King and Queen, since 1066 was crowned here and many of them are buried here too. Most in elaborate tombs. The place is also the burial place for many famous historical figures. These include: Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Hardy, Ernest Rutherford, David Livingstone, Handel, Laurence Olivier, Rudyard Kipling, Samuel Johnson, etc etc. The list goes on and on. 🙂

  5. I should sing this…. London bridge, is falling down ,falling down, falling down, falling down all day long lol😂😂😂😂BTW that place was amazing

  6. I ""Adore"" my home city of London So happy you enjoyed your selfs both you and Robsie Come back and see us real soon

  7. Big Ben is actually the bell inside not the clock and the band that you saw was changing of the guard. The barracks is close to Westminster and every few days they swap with the guards at Buckingham Palace.

  8. Finally watched this! How were the Fish & Chips at the Westminster Arms? They don't look the the best you've had since you started your travels with Robyn.

  9. G'day, At a guess I'd say that was the band of the Irish Guards at 6.48 . They had their mascot, an Irish Wolfhound out in front. You don't say if you enjoyed the fish 'n' chips? Cod chips and peas, mm mm. Is there anything more British. You could be the only vloggers who didn't go to Borough Market? Looks like you enjoyed yourselves despite the cold. Mick

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