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London’s Best Burrito in Paris: Chef’s Night Out with Shay Ola

London’s Best Burrito in Paris: Chef’s Night Out with Shay Ola

[MUSIC] My kind of food knowledge
of Paris kind of stems from my drinking. Where’s my shot. Can I please
buy a bottle of [INAUDIBLE] for the road. [MUSIC] These shots I’m
still standing and still drinking, that’s
the most important thing. [SOUND] Luckily all of
these places have really amazing cocktail bars. So I kind of like
stumbled across some amazing food. That really made me kind
of like realize that there’s like this whole
new food culture that’s springing up in Paris,
and that’s why I’m here. There’s some
amazing chefs. There’s some
amazing bartenders. There’s amazing
produce in France, and to be able to kind of
work with these guys and work with that produce. It’s like, it’s like
a dream come true for me. Bon appétit! [MUSIC]>>Hi.
I’m Shay Ola, the owner of
Death by Burrito. And we’re in
Hoxton Square. The area has changed
a lot since I first moved around here, which was
about 15 years ago. So yeah,
this is my new spot. Death By Burrito,
Hoxton Square. It’s been a week old so
far and hopefully it’s gonna
be a really cool spot. This is my kitchen. I’m gonna make one of
our favorite dishes. Baja fish tacos. Here at Death By Burrito
we try and kinda like keep all
our ingredients fresh. We try and
make stuff every day. It’s really simple
fresh food. I just got a little
bit of pico, put this on top, and then we got basically our
home mode chipotle mayo, which is like mayonnaise,
creme fresh, and a few chilis all
just mixed up. Just to give it
a little bit of a kick. It’s our Death by
Burrito baha fish tacos. [MUSIC] Tomorrow, we’ll be
heading off to Paris and there’s a few spots that we’re gonna check
along the way, and hopefully we’re gonna
have lots of fun with it. I really like Paris, the city,
because of its size. It’s a little bit
smaller than London. You go to these places
and you’re kind of pleasantly surprised by
the kind of dishes and the innovation that’s
kinda coming out of the city that usually
only has very kind of traditional food. [MUSIC] So I’ve been kinda
like messing around in Paris for about five or
six months now. There are a lot of
really cool chefs that paping on the kind of the
French culinary scene in ways that hasn’t
been done before. We get a lot of young
chefs from overseas as well as young French
chefs who are sort of really trying to modify
the whole kind of French food way, and
it’s really exciting, and it’s quite nice to be in
an environment where you can feel the excitement. And you can actually
feel, you know, the energy from all
of this kind of creativity that’s
coming out. [SOUND] The girl does
not like to play soccer.>>The girl does not
like to play soccer.>>[SOUND] The boy does
not like to play tennis.>>The boy does not
like to play tennis. [SOUND] Up until
a month ago I barely spoke anything,
and now I’m kind of like getting 100% on pretty
much every exercise I do. So with the help of Rosetta Stone I’ve
managed to kind of up my game on the whole
French thing. It’s definitely
an asset and I think I’m going to
continue to use it while I’m still in Paris
and kinda like get my linguistics
skill up to par. 95% all ready. Let’s do this. We’re gonna check
out a few of my favorite
spots in Paris. I’m gonna have Bonnie and
Charles come with me and a couple of my chef
friends and a few of the troublemakers
I know in Paris. [MUSIC]>>This is Candelaria. It’s basically my
favorite place in Paris. Came here a couple
years ago, had some awesome tacos,
had some awesome drinks. So I brought some of
my friends, Charlie, Laetitia and Dimitry, and we’re gonna
try some of the food. Charlie’s like my
lover in Paris. He’s an amazing barman,
an amazing, kind of like, cocktail guy. Dimitry, or mini-me as
I like to call him, he’s one of the barmen
at Candelaria. I’m completely in
love with Laetitia. I think she’s amazing,
and she’s also the head
chef at the Fish Club. Voila, Ali!>>Let’s do it.>>Bonjour.>>Hello.
>>I’m gonna find out what’s on the menu first. I’m gonna practice my, one of my french
lines and see, see how I get off. One of everything,
please. [MUSIC]>>Cheers.>>Cheers. Yo.>>This is pork,
this is mushroom.>>Mushroom. Do you know it?>>Mushroom. Yes?
>>And that’s chicken.>>Good ass food right
there from Candelaria. Great tacos.>>I’m a big fan of
Candelaria cuz of the honesty of the food. It’s quite unusual to
find something that’s so kind of like,
true to its origins.>>Ready, should we go?>>Yes, let’s go.>>Thank you. [CROSSTALK] Do
you want me to help you cook tomorrow?>>I would like
that very much if you would help me
cook the bird. Will you boyfriend
get upset?>>Oh, come on.>>I’m just saying. We’re at Pierre Sang. It’s been here for,
for awhile, and he’s put like a nice
Korean spin on, like, classic
French cuisine. [MUSIC]>>Speak English?>>Oh, no no,
Francais please. Good, I speak French
better then English.>>French is okay.>>How’s it going?>>Good how are you?>>I’m Shay,
good to meet you.>>I jut won Meilleur
Ouvrier for France.>>Best fish monger in
france he just won.>>He just won best in
fishmonger in France.>>May I? I’m going to bring
you something.>>Oh yeah, we get it.>>France is a huge,
huge deal. They have it for, like, bakers,
butchers, fishmongers. You’re literally against,
you know, like, 10,000 other guys in
France and if you win, you’re fucking, you know,
the best in the world.>>It’s home made,
herring, marinated in
organic olive oil.>>Mackerel.
>>Right. They marinated for
a week.>>[CROSSTALK].>>That’s good. It’s kinda what I
love about Paris is like everyone thinks is
very kinda stuffy and traditional but it has
really cool character so there are really
cool things.>>[SOUND] Yeah boy!>>[CROSSTALK].>>So, what we just ate
was like, turtle, kind of like a little riff on
strawberries and cream. There’s strawberries,
cream, some poached
figs as well.>>Champagne?>>Yes, please. Your food is
very inspiring. I am very inspired.>>Hey, congratulations!>>Thanks!>>This was
a pretty exciting, an amazing food
experience. We’re gonna move on
to our next venue, which is gonna be
the Fish Club.>>Let’s go!>>Whoa, whoa!>>You can still
get in the car and speak on the phone.>>Oh, no I can’t. I can’t.>>Why?
If your mobile phone it, you->>[LAUGH].>>So after that
we headed over to the Fish Club. She’s the sexiest
chef in Paris.>>My evening has been
amazing because I’m with Shay, with Charlie,
and with Dimitri.>>Oh, those
friendships are mine.>>[LAUGH].
I need myself to be involved in this
conversation.>>At some point
in the night, I’ve managed to procure
myself some flashing, pink mouse ears, or red,
whatever color they were. I think,
from this point onwards, we have to switch
to mescal. [MUSIC]>>Yes. How much?>>Five Euro.>>Everything
is five euro. I don’t have five euro. [MUSIC]>>yes, yes! Yes. It’s over. How do you feel?>>We’re in a Peruvian
fusion restaurant. Here we have ceviche,
a typical Peruvian dish, but made with an amarillo
pepper puree. This is the chef’s
specialty, lobster flambé
with mezcal and lobster fennel ravioli.>>[NOISE].>>Woo!>>Mezcal,
what happiness!>>Wow!>>Is one of the
surprising things about France, the fact that
a 23 year old girl can be running a restaurant,
running a kitchen, in one of, kind of Paris’
best restaurants is a sign that things are
definitely changing and becoming very
dynamic here.>>Cheers. It turns me on. So now we’re gonna go and
just, like, end the night looking at
the best views of Paris, the Porsche PHEV. [MUSIC] These shots. I’ve got a right.>>[CROSSTALK].>>We don’t need
you guys anymore. [MUSIC] I need to go bed,
because tomorrow, I’m gonna have to cook
for fucking everyone. I’m gonna try and do a kind of French, if I
can do a freaking dish. We’ll see,
we’re signing off.>>Ow!
Oh, you son of a bitch! [MUSIC]>>Hello.
>>Hello. Do you have masa flour?>>Masa flour.>>Perfect,
thank you very much. So yeah,
we’re just picking up some supplies for
tonight. Got some masa flour, which is the essential
ingredient for making tacos. Thank you very much.>>Thank you, goodbye.>>See you soon, goodbye.>>So tonight we’re
at Table Ronde, which is an amazing kind
of concept restaurant space where they invite
chefs to come and showcase their,
their culinary skills. I think that with Kwon, I’m gonna basically make
him some ceviche tacos. I got my ghetto
taco press here. Kwon’s got some
amazing toppings, and we’re just gonna put
this stuff together and hopefully serve out
some great food. This is why I love
Paris at the moment. There’s like,
such innovation using classic French style and fusing it with
South American flavors. Thank you, chef.>>Taste it.>>Oh. We’re putting together a
hybrid menu, ceviche and kind of,
taco combination. I’m really happy
with the result. [MUSIC]>>Oh, it’s amazing.>>Pretty soft.>>Tacos of the lamb.>>[LAUGH].>>It’s amazing. [INAUDIBLE].>>It’s very fun.>>[LAUGH].
>>No problem. [SOUND] Thank you for
coming. [CROSSTALK] Thank
you Paris for having me, bon appetit. Cheers!>>Yey!
>>Wooh!>>You know, in,
in recent years like, Parisians have really
embraced kinda like other cultures. For me personally, it’s really nice to
be at that kinda like the start of this sort
of new revolution of food that’s happening
in Paris at the moment. If they will accept
me with a little bit of luck I’m gonna try
to open a in Paris. We’re gonna talk to some
people and we’re going to do a few collaborations
and see how it goes.>>From London, to
Paris this is Munchies. I’m Shay, bon appetit! [MUSIC]

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