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Long-range Spearing. Aboriginal Hunting & Traditional Catch and Cook – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)

Long-range Spearing. Aboriginal Hunting & Traditional Catch and Cook – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)

Ok so we are out on the flats there are a
couple of little islands here off Garrthalala and we are with a couple of footy friends
of mine Cameron and Berty and this is Kingsley. Hanging out on the flats generally on an incoming
tide its pretty good going but ah we will see how we go now. Big fish big fish there there there look look
big fish. Still coming still coming. Yeah! Go Camo! Arrgh he hit me! Arrgh. I’m sorry
I’ve played on Cameron’s footy team so many times and when I ask him to run, he never
does. Thats as fast as I’ve ever seen him go. Got him
Hey look there there look look. Yo Yo Yo
Look at that Look at that. That is one of the most powerful swimming
fish in the sea, a Milkfish. What’s the Yolngu name for this? Warrawuuda. You eat? Yeah we eat this. Big fish.We caught big fish. Wooohooo you want a kiss? Good one hey? Good face. Good lips here look. Good for kiss. Have you got a girlfriend Berty? This one here. Put the leaves on the fire. Look how thick that is. Look how thick that fish is. Whats going on? Thats Nambala. Nambala The we’ll cover it with iron for a smokey
flavour. Yes nice. And this is eucalyptus, like a gum leaf is
it? Yeah right
Flesh down skin up. And put rocks on the top like that. Ok so you are creating like a hot rocks and
an underground oven sort of thing. Is this from the roof of your house Berty? What that iron… Yeah. Thats a Yolngu oven. Yolngu oven. You can hear it sizzling away there already. Diling. Diling means ‘thats it’. We’ll come back in 20 minutes. Drumroll. Ooh that looks cooked? Do you eat the skin? You eat everything? Eat everything. Eat eyeball? Eat eyes
Oh wow that is good. You can taste the um leaves hey. So you blokes know that I spoke to Multhura,
the traditional owner here, and she gave us permission to go out to the last island. So we are going to go out there tomorrow. What’s it like out there? Good fishing? Everyone says it’s really beautiful. Where is it? So there is three islands. One two three. Is it the last one? It’s the last island. What’s the Yolngu yaku? What’s the name of it? Wakuwala. Wakuwala. Wakuwala. Wakuwala Island. That place. Cool righto. Alright. I’m going to eat the eye. Eat it eat it. Go go go. Don’t miss that bit. Am I eating that bit as well? Is that hard? Chuck that one and eat that. Chuck this one? Aww there is his cornea. Eat it. Here Hamish eat this one. Eat it Hamish eat it, I mean I ate this man. Nah mate no I mean I got done in a dare to
that a while ago and I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that one again. How does it taste, Good? No. Anyway, listen men I mean we can’t thank you
enough for today. That tastes beautiful. Let’s get those kids, those kids can have
a feed. Oh year great stuff mate. Good shot. You throw a spear like you kick a goal. Ma kids. Go wild, eat the eye it tastes really good. What does it mean that I ate the eye? It means you will get a big eyes tomorrow. Really!?

64 comments on “Long-range Spearing. Aboriginal Hunting & Traditional Catch and Cook – FISHING THE WILD (Flashback)

  1. Can’t wait to get out fishing again, going to appreciate it so much more now. I’ve never tried fly fishing, but those flats would be amazing.

  2. maaan the other intro was spot on maan it had more great visuals and show a great perpective.. but none the less great episode.. keep on going forward.. cheers from PH

  3. Hey crew, we will be releasing these 'FISHING THE WILD FLASHBACKS' every now and again. They are mainly bits and pieces from our previous adventures. We will release new 'FISHING THE WILD Northern Territory' episodes every fortnight. Cheers, and thanks for the subs! Morgs and Simmo

  4. That takes some doing putting a spear through a fish from that distance with the challenge of accounting for the water refraction!
    If you do manage to get a hook into a Milk Fish, its a wild ride…

  5. Must have been very special for you guys to go spear fishing with these really good hunters and then to learn the cooking method and finally share a meal. What dreams are made of. Really enjoyed that video and am looking forward to the next one.

  6. That's one of my favourite clips because you get to see the lovely people and characters from Garrthalala. The excitement of the little girl and other kids and the skill, athleticism and mischief of the young men. Morgs wasn't the first guy to fall for that practical joke of being told about eating the eye.

  7. Still kicking goals with vids guys. Unlike that eating of the eyeball, bro i felt your inner heave from here🤢🤢.
    Great stuff.

  8. This sort of footage is great. Very unique, very special and very entertaining. I might even go back and put your DVD on from season one. 👌👌 keep doing what you're doing boys.

  9. Love that you guys are doing the right thing and acknowledging the Traditional Owners and asking for permission to access certain areas.

  10. It shocks me that ANYONE could press dislike for a video like this. These people are beautiful and the place they call home is totally unreal. Sign me up to go live on Arnhem

  11. Thats a very good catch and the skill with the on..and thats how they lived for hundreds of years..and still passed down from generation…love from png…thats how we do it here too…

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