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Longtail Carpet Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Longtail Carpet Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

You won’t find them in your carpet or your
bamboo flooring, but they do walk! Have no idea what I’m talking about? You will! I’m
Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The family of small bottom-dwelling sharks
known as “Longtail Carpet Sharks” consists of two distinct genera, commonly known as
the Bamboo sharks and the Epaulette sharks. Bamboo sharks often have banded coloration
that makes them look a little bit like Bamboo, especially in the juvenile phase. Epaulette sharks are named for the large dark
spot that looks like a military Epaulette—you know that thing on the shoulder of a military
uniform! One of the more famous Epaulette sharks is
the Indonesian Speckled Carpetshark, which is also known as the “walking shark,”
because it often walks along the bottom using its pectoral fins like legs! Both the Bamboo sharks and the Epaulette sharks
are small and harmless, living on the bottom and eating invertebrates like crabs and worms. They are popular in large home aquaria because
they don’t need a lot of space like most sharks. They can also survive in very low oxygen environments
if they have to, so they do well in mangroves and fish tanks that the filter is busted. If you’re interested in sharks, don’t
go away! There are more than 30 Shark Academy episodes to watch! You can also join my underwater
adventures on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! And don’t ever miss a new episode, subscribe

29 comments on “Longtail Carpet Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. I have a marbled cat shark (Atelomycterus macleayi) in my home aquarium, he was aquacultured meaning he didn't come out of the ocean 🙂 he is around 10 inches long and is a more active shark than some of the others you mentioned. Marble cat sharks (Atelomycterus macleayi) like to swim rather than 'walk'. Anyways great video 😀

  2. Hey Jonathan Bird. I have a question for you. Can you do a video on all the gear you wear and where to get it all?

    YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the feed back Jonathan is there any way I can get a shoutout for my channel please? I'm trying hard to run my channel and be like you. You are a goo role model to me

  4. His son is in my class and today his son brought in a dvd of his videos in my class we all liked it

    Thank,you Leam sorry if I don't know how to spell your sons name

  5. You are awesome! I used to be petrified of sharks, but after watching you, I'm not totally scared of sharks now!

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