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Looking for Native Aquarium Plants? Here’s How to Collect Plants from a Local Stream.

Looking for Native Aquarium Plants? Here’s How to Collect Plants from a Local Stream.

what up fish tank people
dustin’s fishtanks on a sunday yes it’s species Sunday but
I’m doing something special I had to get the hell out of the house I’m out of the
house I’m gonna do a little bit of collecting for my back ponds check it
out I’m over here in this badass little stream my boy Brian found actually and
he took me over here a while back and I want to just show it’s kind of what I’m
going to do in the way of getting collecting some plants it’s rain too
shitload recently so the water is running kind of good a little too good
and I’m actually going to cross over and get in here you can see some cattails
here and we’ll walk around it’s great to do I don’t know where you go where all
you guys live but this is going to suck I may fall um but as I cross this shit
all right now on the other side so I was talking about parrots feather the other
day I’m not sure if you can see it but that’s parrots feather down there it’s
just real mashed down you see the little tips of it come if you can see that
that’s uh that’s parrots feather down there so if
I needed more that I could get some what I’m really going for though is down more
this way real lucky some of these plants are pretty dope like some of these are
those round leaves ones in there so it’s definitely something I’m going to get
into it’s got to got to kind of get to it not getting too dirty I always bring
a big pile bringing a big bucket with me and you know I don’t know if these
plants are going to make it submerged but they’re definitely cool so they’re
definitely worth coming along something’s gonna pop over here oh no
it’s muddy and uh this plants just sweet so I’m just going to bring some of this
with me oh no take it is but uh it’s cool it’s come with me so you know
pretty dope little plant there I need to get I should have wore different shoes
oh well see that’s what I’m doing I’m collecting some species like this
putting them in the bucket notice how these plants are living it’s important
because you want to kind of emulate that and I don’t do collecting trips often
but I feel like with all the rain we’ve had and not just beautiful mine I
figured I’d get out and do this check this out this stuff’s all calm and make
sure you get the roots obviously you know though that sucker in there I like
the shoes are getting jacked up but uh so that’s what’s up go out find yourself
to place find there’s a couple of ducks chillin find yourself like a little like
run off like this it’ll do some good see it should be good
and I’ll do another video later showing you what I bring back shoot Jack

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  1. Do you also collect native fish for some of your thanks. if so can you make a video of that .thanks:)

  2. Do you clean your plants somehow before adding them to your aquarium? To get rid of any possible parasites or anything harmful to the fish? I found native plants u would like to add to my tank, but don't know if I should just put em straight in or clean them somehow first, any tips would be appreciated as I'm fairly new to planted tanks

  3. hey I just started getting into putting real plants with my fish if I go out and collect wild ones what process do I go through to make sure it won't harm my tank

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  5. How do you prepare.. Your plants for fish aquariums ? So you don't introduce any strange critters in the tank ?

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