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Lorikeet Landing at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Lorikeet Landing at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

♪ – [Narrator] If interactive
exhibits are your thing, then the North Carolina
Aquarium at Fort Fisher should be high on your checklist of things to do this summer. Fish and other marine life are
often the stars of any visit. But some tiny, temporary
visitors, parrots
from down under, are adding an extra
appeal right now. – We have both
lorikeets and lorries. And we have about 11
species in our exhibit. The lorikeets are a bit smaller. They get about 10 to 12 inches. Whereas the lorries
get up to 14 inches. All of our 11 species are
from eastern Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea. And those birds
are native there. They’re very colorful birds, with reds, yellows,
blues, and greens. And in our exhibit,
you can get an ID card and you can ID
all of those birds as you go through our exhibit. – [Narrator] You can also
become a bird’s best friend. For one dollar, you can
purchase the secret recipe for successfully
throwing a bird bash. It’s a cup of nectar. And once you have it, you need only show up to
be the center of attention. – One of the best ways to
get the birds to come to you is to have nectar
and be relaxed. So the birds in our exhibit sometimes have
the people trained where they know that if
they wait long enough, the person will hold
out the nectar for them and they don’t have to
get off their branch. But if you get just right
in that perfect spot where they have to reach
just enough to get your cup, they’ll come over to you,
walk all over your arms, your hands, and your shoulders. And sometimes even
land on your head. – [Narrator] Be sure
to hold on tight. Some of these birds can be
possessive about their food. They’re not bashful about asserting
themselves among friends. Or even the hand
that feeds them. – Yes, there are birds
that will come over. These are very curious
and friendly animals. So being able to come over, and if they want something,
they will take a cup of nectar. And sometimes, if you
don’t have a good grip, they can pull it right from you. – [Narrator] And they
might even dump it on you. Which reminds me to mention
that it’s a good idea to bring a second shirt
along for this visit. Because accidents do happen. So how do birds come
into play at an aquarium? Well, the story of the
lorikeets and lorries actually fits the mission
of the aquarium quite well. – One of the great
things about birds is it is able to allow us
to tell our story of conservation of wild
animals in wild places. Here in North Carolina we have
a wonderful diverse ecosystem with many different kinds
of animals and plants. And Lorikeets allows us
another way for visitors to be immersed in the
experience, to feed a bird, to get up close and personal, and to feel an
appreciation for animals that are all around us. – [Narrator] Lorikeet
Landing is adjacent to the main complex
of the aquarium, in a special area of its own. A garden setting worthy of
exploring on its own merit. – We are uniquely situated to have a wonderful
butterfly garden here. Pollinators are really
important part of our habitat. If it wasn’t for pollinators, we wouldn’t have
many of the flowers and fruit and vegetable
species that we know and love. So here we decided to do
a native pollinator garden to attract
butterflies and birds. So when you come here, and even before you start
your lorikeet experience, you will see lots of native
plants that have bees and bugs and butterflies
and birds all using pollination to help
our plants grow. – [Narrator] And
they produce nectar. The secret to your
successful visit with our little
feathery friends, vacationing this summer only
at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. [peaceful music] – Lorikeet Landing
runs through September, at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. This is a special
ticketed event. The aquarium is located
at 900 Loggerhead Road in Kure Beach, and
they’re open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information,
give the aquarium a call at [910] 772-0500 or go online to

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