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100 comments on “Lucha Libre at Arena Mexico | Mezcal Tasting & Street Tacos 🌮 (Friday night fun)

  1. You guys are the best!.(when I was a kid, my favourite luchador is "mil mascaras" the mask with a letter M on the forehead)….good video, I guess you have a great fun in this one….😅😅👏👏👍👍👋👋

  2. I fall in love to this family i work with a super nice anglo boss. And a i have a anglo girlfriend but i don't like dam Donald Trump

  3. Lucha libre, Childhood memories😏#familytime. I was expecting to see #Chapapi kicking 🍑 I prefer to drink #jarrito with my tacos. "I know what your underwear looks like" 🤣 💅👑

  4. Check out Nido de Quetzalcoatl . "Nest of Quetzalcoatl – house of the snakes" . A theme park that also hosts apartments and airbnb accommodations.. and the abandoned Hotel posada del sol – it was the fanciest hotel in LatinAmerica built a hundred years ago, it is unkown why it closed, i bet your boys would love the haunted and mystery behind it…. but i think you'll need to bribe a cop in order to get inside… check out Mike Corey's viceo about it

  5. Mexico is the capital of the you tubers wanna come make videos in mexico because Mexico is one world and millions of mexicanos love the way b.a man are 100%Mexicans they eat all I uste eat when iwas a kid and apple with Chile and taco with Chile a candy with Chile ect because is not the same chile we use is different flavor for different purpose and you guys are awesome and any where in the world you go you gonna have Mexico inside you YOU CAN GO OUT OF MEXICO BUT MEXICO NEVER WILL GET OUT OF YOU Ustedes heran mexicanos en la otra vida🤩🎆🎊🎉🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽I'm jus super sorprendido de la manera que Los niños se adaptation a Mexico y les encarta todo casi todo tha makes me so proud tha tell me tha iwas not wrong in to love my country with and with out is problems we love Mexico🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🎊🎆

  6. Cómo siempre tan cultural video!! Increíble edición!! Increíble familia eso es lo mejor!!

  7. Tim and Fin posted their trip to Lucha Libre matches today too! They went to see them in Guadalajara. Must be a very popular sport.

  8. Fun video!, excited night ! Lol. So guys what difference do you find between the lucha libre and wrestling? Is wrestling popular in all states of USA?

  9. … me encantaría ver subtítulos en español de sus videos, estoy seguro de que se sorprenderían de la cantidad de seguidores….

  10. Alguien conoce al guapo chico rubio de barba y chaqueta azul que sonríe y graba al luchador en el minuto 14:02 ? Es para una tarea, gracias! 😄😅 Por cierto,muy buen video familia,espero les haya gustado mucho la experiencia. De niña mis papás nos llevaban a las luchas a mi hermano y a mí y saliendo después de las 12 de la noche pasábamos a comer tacos al pastor,era muy bonito.

  11. This guy /wrestler Rush wrestles there at Arena Mexico . He and his brother Dragon Lee were in New York at Madison Square Garden last weekend. Dragon Lee won the world middle weight belt. You saw his father in the main event.

  12. buena lucha libre, la manzana con chamoy me hizo recordar mi niñez cuando salia de clases me compraba mi buena racion de chamoy. saludos desde el norte de nuestro querido Mexico.

  13. I know how your underwear looks like jajajajaja. You were influenced with wrestling. Abrazos para toda la familia.

  14. Is YouTube trying to sabotage your earnings?
    before your video plays Im watching this 20 minutes and 50 seconds commercial🙄😔

  15. very nice video i do think you guys should go to oaxaca next time to experience the food and mezcal I enjoying this super cool video, thanks for visiting and sharing your experience in mex. with the world.

  16. No doubt, he must be one of the best guide. He really engaged everyone. I really enjoyed the expressions of little girl sitting with the group, when adults were drinking alcohol and eating bugs.

  17. You look so good with your masks Jones. The Lucha Libre was amazing and nothing better than a yummy tacos to end the day. Grettings from San Luis Potosí 😘

  18. I am Mexican I personally do not like the environment of Luchas but, Family God bless you I am glat you can dig deeper at the culture of my country I hope you can go to Puerto vallarta, Guanajuato, Tlacotalpan Veracrus, San miguel de Allende , la huasteca potosina sand other kaces in Mexico ,God bless you so much. taker

  19. I just started to watch your videos and they are very good so far just a suggestion why don't you go to tepito o la merced thats the real Mexico

  20. I am a new subscriber!! Love your videos from Mexico City. Enjoy your time. Hopefully you get to visit other parts of the country. It’s all beautiful.

  21. I'm really enjoying your videos… I wish I could be there.. But can't stop thinking…. Shouldn't your kids be in school right now?

  22. Mmmmm that apple chamoy and the tacos look yum yum…
    nice night lucha libre in cdmx….and funny end with amy 😁😁😁😁😁

  23. I just found this channel and glad I did 👍 cool lucha libra 🤼🏽‍♂️🤼‍♀️ another video gem from the Jones family. "I know what your underwear looks like" 😆😆😆

  24. Hello Jones. Well this it's jist awesome that your boys have experience something very traditional and historic about one of the best past times in mexico city. Lucha libre is one of the stable of mexico city . they made movies about it. And one of the best wrestling. Icon of mexico is el santo. "The saint" i grew up watching them with my dad. My dad favorite was mil mascaras. "Thousands masks" this video brings a lot of memories📷💾📼📹🎥 I love that your boys loved it as mush as your family too. Because in the USA the WWF THEN WWE. THEN NWO. NOW I DON'T KNOW JAJA. And i saw this you like the apple🍎🍎 with chamois. It's a wonderful snack😄. Not like the caramel apple that sometimes it's to hard to take bite of it. 😆

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