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Machine Gun Kelly Tries Underground NOLA Food || InstaChef

– Oh my goodness, all
right, let me get some– – Dog, you don’t even know what’s going on inside of here right now.
– Like okay… Ooh! – What? Ya’ll thought it was just
a burger the whole time. Look at that. – Welcome to InstaChef,
where we profile chefs that are creating a new
tradition in the food world by using Instagram to
showcase their culinary skills and get their food out to the world. I’m your host, Cliff Skighwalker. I’ll be joined along the way by some of my friends and celebrities. Some you know and some you’re
gonna wanna get to know. Let’s go. Welcome to New Orleans,
a city rich in culture, unique in music, and distinct in food. Speaking of food, let’s discover some new flavors in the city. So I’m here in New Orleans. And I’m actually here to catch
up with one of my friends who’s currently on tour and get a feel for what he likes to eat. Without no further ado, my
friend, Machine Gun Kelly. – Yo, my dog what up? – What’s good, man? – I’m so hungry. Okay excuse me, driver. – Let’s go! – I wanna kind of rewind the clock. I have to talk about this one ’cause it was a connection I had to you. It was a Ann Arbor show,
Blind Pig sold out. Now I was standing at
the top of the steps. You jumped from the stairs right on stage. In the midst of you doing
that, bro, dead (beep) full boot to the chest, I think
it was a Chuck Taylor. – Rick James, (beep). – Right to the chest bro. But I’m so glad you didn’t
apologize ’cause that’s mostly like a spoil in victory,
you know what I’m saying? – Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. – I kind of wanna transition
that into food a little bit. – I make terrible food choices. – Do you know what I’m saying? But people shouldn’t judge you on that. – There’s literally someone
on the road right now whose job it is to figure out
what I’m gonna eat that day. And she uses Thrillist ironically enough, ’cause that’s the other thing. Like the Speedway diet is a
wrap, I can’t do it anymore. I’ve been touring for
eight years, I think. Like the six of this eight years have been spent on a Speedway diet. That means– – Pre-made sandwiches. – (beep) hotdogs and pre-made biscuits. – Taquitos.
– Taquitos. Oh, man I used to think
those taquitos were so fire. I used to be so excited,
it was such a treat. – And then like, dude, you
start feeling what taquitos do to you and (beep). So I’ve had an interesting
year of waking up from that and I guess now I’m just
trying to act on it. – So speaking of talking
about being healthy. The spot that I’m coming onto
is right down that alley. This is King David, one
thing that he takes pride in is plant-based cuisines. – Okay. – He’s making some of the
best food in this city when it comes to hearty vegan soul food. Cauliflower wings, wings and waffles. – He makes vegan soul food? – Yes. – Yeah, all right King David. Let’s see what you got. – All right, let’s get it. – Damn Cliff, not gonna
tip the driver, huh? $100 for a good job, sir. Thank you. We in the NOLA. I’m not knocking. – I got you. – Bad history of knocking
on doors I don’t know. Why am I standing like a bully back here? – You my muscle, dog. – Welcome to New Orleans man– – What’s up, Chef?
– Appreciate you. – What’s going on? Y’all come on in and get
some of this good vegan food. – Thank you so much. – All right, so this
what we got here today. – For sure, go ahead. – I’ll bless ya’ll with
a Jamaican jerk burger. – Okay.
– All vegan. I take authentic Jamaican seasonings that they would traditionally
use for jerk chicken. One of my secret patties that I make. Then I also use the fried plantains, as well as lettuce and tomato
with my barbecue sauce. – Please talk about this. – This is yaka mein.
– Yeah. – Or yaki meat, yaka mein,
just depending on what part of this city you’re coming from. – And you flipped it to vegan? – Right. So my vegan version, which I use linguine instead of spaghetti, for one. Then I put broccoli, carrots, celery, and still the green onion concept. And in place of the egg, I put avocado. – Now, I see what you got going on here. Please tell everybody
what’s about to go down. – Right here, we got ’em battered up. We gonna drop ’em in a minute. These are my famous cauliflower wings. I take cauliflower, I
take gluten-free flour, some special seasonings. They’re crispy, they taste wonderful. We pair ’em with waffles
that are also vegan. – My mouth is running water right now. I’m trying to like be
cool but I wanna get more into the community. When it comes to vegan, what helps you establish
the customer base? Because I’ve seen on
Instagram, you post something and then it’s like yo, I’m sold out. – Well, when I first started I actually didn’t even
start with the food. I started with snowballs, because snowballs is a
big thing in New Orleans. So I started making vegan snowballs. I would make my own flavors. I have kiwis, peaches, pears, whatever. So after they would
come two or three times I would say hey, you know
those are vegan snowballs? I would never tell ’em at first. See, the word vegan scares
so many people away, that’s why I choose to use plant-based. Vegan is a whole lifestyle. I can’t be vegan, I wear leather shoes. I take my kids to the zoo. So I’m not quote, unquote
that vegan lifestyle. It’s plant-based. But everybody understands
the word vegan, so we use it. And then people would taste
how fresh they tasted, then they was like well, if you
can make snowballs like that then I know the food is
gonna be as good like that. – Why out of the house and not
out of an official restaurant? – See, New Orleans is a
big free enterprise city, because I know a million
chefs in this city and they either post up under the bridge like where you went for the second lines. That’s just not a hobby, this
is my main source of income. – That’s one thing I wanted to harp on. Like this is, you know,
this is the American dream. You are self-made,
you’re doing it yourself. And not only is it benefiting you but it’s benefiting the community. And this ties back into music. Not only are you, they
classify you as a rapper but you’re also a producer,
you’re also an actor. It’s just a testament to
hard work and dedication, whether it be food or music. – Exactly. I’ma drop the wings for you,
so we can get them rolling. – First thing I ask my favorite site– The boiling of… But what kind of oil is that? Is that–
– Avocado oil. – We’ve got every angle covered– – Can you talk a little bit
about how you are standing out of that plant-based crowd that
a lot of people are used to? – Well, you have a lot of vegan chefs that aren’t vegan, for one. They don’t worry about the taste because they’re not the ones eating it. But if you live that
lifestyle and you eat it, you don’t wanna just eat something that tastes like cardboard,
especially in New Orleans. You gotta have a
distinctive robust flavor, because that’s what we’re about, flavors. – You have a lot of people
who might not live something but they’re trying to do it. When it comes to the taste of their food, it has an effect on it. Same with the authenticity comes to music. You have people that might not be living what they’re making, but then
you have a person like you who came out with “Till I Die.” The raw energy in that,
I think it ties into what we got cooking here. – It’s all about authenticity, brother. – Oh my god, that looks fire. – Not yet, not yet. They coming, bro. – I wish cameras had
smell-o-vision in 2018. This smells fantastic in here. Yo, I cannot wait to try this. – All right, so what we’re gonna do now, I’m gonna put the broth in the yaka mein and let you guys taste that first. – This dudes a plant guru. I’m gonna smell mine.
– Yeah. – Or waft. Are you a right-hand wafter or– – I’m a right-hand wafter. But I’m ambidextrous, I
can waft in both hands. – Yeah, me too. – Yeah, we can do it. I’m down to go in right now. – A matter of fact, I’ma slice this one. – Dog, eat that broccoli. – Not too hard and not too tender. – One, I’m not a big broccoli
person, so the fact that I suggested you to eat the
broccoli is pretty crazy. Let’s agree to never eat
Campbell’s soup again. – Ever again!
– Never. – All right, let me gets some– – Dog, you don’t even know what’s going on inside of here right now. – Like, okay… Ooh! – What? Ya’ll thought it was just
a burger the whole time. Look at that. – Please take the, I gotta– – All right, you gotta
take a bite out of that. – Jerk burger.
– The jerk burger. – All right, homie, toast these up. – One of my most famous
burgers, a little spice. – It’s so good. – It’s the combination of the
burger with the plantains– – So look, you get that sweetness first and then that heat, oh my goodness! Like, the fact that that’s not meat. That tastes like meat, bro. – That’s our big seller
for a lot of people who still eat burgers. We got a lot of non-vegans
that’ll order that burger. – Yaka mein, amazing. Jerk burger, out of the park. But when I first saw your Instagram page, the first thing that drew me
in were the wings and waffles. And we haven’t even had those yet and I see them getting prepared right now. – Well, you know everybody
loves chicken and waffles. You got the big spots in Atlanta, we got ’em here in New Orleans. But then it leaves the vegans to, like, what is there for me? But the chicken and waffles just jump. It’s that batter. The two-step process and the avocado oil. The clean cooking. Here they are right now. With a vegan sauce that we make, also. – Let’s go with the nubs. – Have some without the sauce first. – Yeah, without the sauce.
– Okay, okay, okay. – Whatcha think? – How? – Secret. – I feel like Vince Carter
at the end of a dunk contest. – We gotta bring the whole
planet here right now. – I don’t even– – I’m looking at it, is
there something else in here, or is it just cauliflower?
– It’s just cauliflower. – Dang. – Did you hit the sauce, you
wanna hit it with the sauce? – Yeah, the sauce, gotta
have it with sauce. – My goal, my mission
is just to make food, whether you’re vegan or you
wanna call yourself plant-based, pescatarian, vegetarian, meat-eater, whatever you choose to
consume, I want it to be able where you can eat my food and enjoy it. And I think that’s the lane
I’m going down right now. – This is wonderful. We have one more stop,
would you like to join us? – Oh, of course. – Let’s get it.
– Thank you, King David. Your dad rocks. Okay, that was bangin’. You gotta hand clap for King David. That’s a good human being, man. – I’m with you, for sure. Chef, you just took us on a journey through plant-based foods that really, you took them to another level. You also had the snowballs. What’s next for you? – I wanna end up having restaurants. I’m gonna–
– Plural? – Yeah, exactly. There’s gonna be one in New
Orleans and I’m in the process of working out something with that now. I wanna do Houston for the
simple fact, after Katrina, majority of New Orleans
ended up in Houston. They still love New Orleans food. I’m trying to catch all of ’em. – Just like you’re now just
so wealthy into plant-based, all those categories, mine’s really deep with the coffee beans. So I have my own coffee
shop opening up this year in Cleveland, it’s called the 27 Club. The 27 Club is a bunch of
artists and entertainers and popular personalities that
had died at the age of 27. Like, I just wanna keep
people’s memory alive. I also wanna encourage good
highs, like coffee and food, and having that kind of
bleed through the city instead of some of the other stuff that tends to get out there. – The next chef, Ryan Tapp,
is a guy who I’ve been trying to see forever but he’s
making some really, really good traditional
New Orleans cuisine. Chef, you said you know him? – Yeah, I been knowing him for a while. This city loves his food,
he has a great tradition, it’s something that’s been in
his family for generations. Their recipes, their techniques
of cooking and everything, just a well-rounded good dude. – I’m looking forward to see
what he’s cooking up here for sure. – I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. – How do I look? – Very natural. – Hey guys, what’s going on, brother? How you doing? My guy. – Hey, how you doing, man? Honored to meet you, man. – Nice to meet you. – What’s up, Chef,
what’s going on with you? Good, it’s good. Chef Ryan Tapp. First of all it’s an honor, so thank you for opening your
doors and the hospitality. I wanna get right into
the food with you, though. – Okay. – Just first off, talk about the menu. – It took me some time
go ahead and think about some great dishes to put together, to go ahead and represent New Orleans. So I went ahead and did a double deep fried crab cake
seafood pasta over linguine, sauted shrimp, sauted crawfish
tails, man, it’s delicious. Other than that, I got
the Big (bleep) Steak Dinner. That’s everybody’s favorite. You got that big steak
with a stuffed seafood, potato seafood pasta, and some asparagus. Also, that Big (bleep) Salmon Dinner. The same, same ingredients, just difference is you get the salmon. So we gonna put it together
and have a good time. – Let’s talk about how you started out with your first orders. – Through every entrepreneur,
I went through a hard day, where I had to go through something. Where I had nowhere to go. And sometimes when you are
homeless and you in a deep spot, you think about greater
ways to come out of it, and that’s where House
Calls On the Go came about. – Meaning, like, I’m hungry, I want a meal delivered to my door? – Yeah, so the process
is I post on social media open for business. It’s time to DM me your name,
your order, your address. – What if there’s like a New Orleans girl who thinks you’re cute and who’s like, yo, I need some salmon. – With me being the New Orleans
chef, New Orleans top chef, I’m mean, I’m the ladies man, right? And people be like, man,
how come this old short, chubby guy get all the women? Because I’m cooking. – Oh, wait, that’s steak right there? – Yeah, that’s the steak. – So talk about putting the steak just straight in the fryer. – I mean, it’s a difference,
because when I first started the concept, what you have to do is, when people are ordering so many times, you gotta find a faster
way to get this food out. I was even putting it on
broil, smoking the house up, and all that kind of stuff. So I had to find something
different, so I decided to season my steaks, season my salmon,
season my lobster tails, and throw ’em right in that peanut oil. When it comes out, man, you
got this world full of flavor. For peanut oil. – What are some of the
roadblocks that you’ve come in contact with with business thus far? – The roadblock with
this city is the support. And today it’s social media is everything. If you wanna be the singer, social media. You wanna be a rapper, social media. And sometimes you gotta
mindful what you’re doing. Now, you gonna get bashed. Everybody’s gonna have their hard days where they getting bashed,
but you can’t move me from what I love doing. – Talk about what you’re
doing right now, Chef. – Now, I want you to guess what that is. What is that? – I wanna say that’s the crab cakes. – That’s the crab cakes, my man. I guarantee when you get
into that crab cake, man, it’s gonna be the best thing
you ever tasted in your life. I put my hand right here to
say that’s the best crab cakes you’ve ever had in your life. – All right. Yo, we might have to waft– – Now, see those crawfish
tails are brought back into that sauce. This is your crab cake seafood pasta. – Wow. – All right, Chef. First of all, thank you
for this seafood pasta. We’re pressed for time,
Kells gotta go do a show so go ahead and go in. – All right, let’s get down, homie. – This smells so good. – How we feel? – The cream sauce, little slight heat. – Just stand right there, let
me slap your face so hard. I’ve had some slap-your-mama
dishes today, dude. I can’t lie. – Now, Chef, what we
got going on right here? – All right, right now we have
that Big-Ass Steak Dinner. – Okay.
– Okay? And we have that salmon dinner. Salmon. – That was just in the
fryer and you grabbed it. – Yep. – How did you just do that? – I been here doing this a long time– – How did you just do that? – Like these are hot hands. Like you’re immune to it. Hot hands.
– Hot hands. – Hey Kells, come get some of this, man. – Yeah, the salmon does look good. I like this pink that it’s at, as well. – Yeah. – That raspberry sauce is phenomenal. – Thank you. – We’re about to dance on that thing. – Let’s switch it real quick, ready? One, two, three. That was a good one, that was a good one. – Now this is deep dried. – That’s some good…
That’s really good. I don’t even like steak,
and this is really good. – The raspberry glaze is
just the cherry on top. – You know the irony of you
saying the raspberry glaze is the cherry on top? – Listen, double entendre,
don’t ask me how. – Thank you, guys. We kind of gotta get going. – Oh, yeah. You wanna–
– Can I get a to-go box? (laughing)
– Of course, man. – Real quick before we leave, can I take a selfie with everybody? – Let’s do it, man.
– Let’s do it. – Come over here. – You want my extended arms? – Yeah, yeah, you got
the selfie-stick hands. – You got that long arm. – That’s perfect. That’s perfect, chefs. Thank you so much. – Man, I appreciate you, man. – Come on. – Later, thank you. – Thank you, I appreciate it, man. – Chef Hot Hands, that’s what it is now. Everything is best of both worlds– – Literally what we had was
the best of both worlds. You got that shrimp, that steak,
that salmon, that crawfish. – Jerk burger–
– Ooh, I think that might– – That sweet spice, that was the best jerk burger I ever had. – That might’ve been the one. – The fact that I had walked
out of those people’s house and I learned more from those people alone than I learned from any
five-star diamond restaurant I’ve ever been into in my life. – Yeah, man, that’s part of it, like– – And I’ve ate at the best of ’em. – He’s deep. You look at universal languages,
music’s one, fashion’s one. But then food is right there. Food is right there with it. – Word, yeah, I agree, I agree. Like, there’s a moment of
peace when everyone’s eating and they enjoy what they’re eating, that it’s the same when a good song’s on. And you’re kind of in this
moment that you’re one with each other, and at peace. It’s pretty cool, especially
when there’s so much chaos going on.
– Exactly. – Let’s all get fat and be peaceful! – You know, what we saw
was both sides of it, and I think that
representation is important. Of course, doing it with a guy like MGK is so important, as well. – Oh, dude, I’m straight. I’ve been on that bus for two months. I’m happy to get out in the world. – Hell yeah. – I hate to cut the conversation short, but we are rolled up to your bus. But Kells, it means a lot to
me for you to come and do– – Absolutely. Some Midwest shit, dude, we go back. – Always, I wish you well, bro. – Thank you, thank you. – They had– – Was Anamaniacs with WB? – Yep.
– That was a great show. I literally leanred all
my states from that show. – Listen, United States, Panama, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru– – For real. That shit is so good! Bro, yes! That was really good. That was really good.
– Yeah. – I’m zapped right now. – Oh, man. Yo, thank you for watching. Be sure to like and share this video, subscribe to Thrillist on YouTube and all of its social platforms,
and we’ll see you next time.

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