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Mackerel Tin Fish Curry (മക്രേൽ ടിൻ മീൻ കറി) Episode -19

Mackerel Tin Fish Curry (മക്രേൽ ടിൻ മീൻ കറി) Episode -19

Hi friends, welcome to Priji’s Kitchen Today I am going to show you how to make a tasty curry with tinned mackerel fish. let see what ingredients are needed Onion 1, Tomato 2 (small), small piece ginger, garlic 3 segments, curry leaves, coriander powder 1tbs, chilli powder 1tbs, salt, turmeric powder 1ts, oil 1tbs. These are the items we use in it. Let’s start… pour the oil when the pan gets warm when the mustard pops, add onion in it garlic ginger add some salt this recipe is more suitable for bachelors add tomatoes when its half cooked turmeric powder Chilli powder coriander powder mix all these together stir well curry leaves pour some hot water stir well some more salt add tinned fish in it its already have tomato sauce in the tin tinned fishes are pre cooked so only needs to make some gravy for it cook for 5 min. then turn off the flame Tin fish curry ready If you want more hot, add green chillies or black pepper powder Wish you all a Merry Christmas

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