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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


♪ ♪ Maggie and the Ferocious
Beast in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on,
let’s go to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ Great Googly Moogly ♪ MAGGIE:
Blast off!
What do you wanna do today? Oh, I don’t know. What do you want to do today? I don’t know. Maggie? (Maggie hums) (Gasping)
Look, it’s the blimp! Wow, it sure
would be nice to be up so high on a day like today. Hello, blimp! I know! Let’s take a trip
to outer space! Oh, that seems like
a long way off, Maggie. No, it’s not. We’re going to play
rocket trip to Mars. Ooh, good idea, Maggie! We’ll need a rocket ship. And don’t forget
our space helmets! What do I get to do, Maggie? Hamilton and I will
be great astronauts! But what do I get to do? We’ll be Captain Maggie
and Commander Hamilton of the Far Out Space
Patrol Rocket Riders! Yes, that’s nice, but
what do I get to do? Hmm. I know! You’ll be the giant
space alien. Great Googly Moogly! I hope I do a good job. Can I be ferocious too? Of course. HAMILTON:
So what do you think? Here you go. Thanks! I like your
helmets, but I think they’re missing something. And your tricycle too. It doesn’t look much
like a spaceship. Hmm, I think you’re right. But it’s nothing a little
paper and glue won’t fix. There, that should do it. That looks great, Maggie. Where’s Beast? He wandered off to
surprise us with something. Well, we better
blast off soon. I have to be home for dinner. Oh yes, I would never want
you to miss your dinner. Unless we run into space aliens! (Laughing) (Clearing throat) Commander Hamilton
to Captain Maggie. Prepare launch code. Check, Commander Hamilton. Fire boosters set? Check! Retrorockets stabilized? Check! Full fuel? (Sighing)
Radio working? Can we just go now, Hamilton? Oops. (Chuckling)
Sorry. (Laughing) Rocket’s ready! Five, four, three,
two, one, blast off! Here we go! (Gasping)
Look at the stars, Maggie. (Gasping)
Oh! Look, there’s my house! Way down there! Look, there’s the moon. Hello, Mr. Moon! We’re here! Phew. Thank goodness. You can’t visit
Mars without taking a photo for your scrapbook. (Clearing throat)
I hereby claim this planet in the name of Nowhere Land. (Fanfare trumpeting) MAGGIE:
Say cheese! Cheese! Let’s hunt for rock
samples to take back with us. Good idea. They’ll make a nice addition
to our rock collection. Look, here’s one. Hmm, these are
very interesting. (Gasping) Look out for
the lava flow, Captain Maggie! (Gasping)
Good call, Commander Hamilton! We better stay on
the galactic path. (Laughing) Look, a strange plant form! (Sneezing) (Growling) Oh no, what’s that noise? (Growling) I wonder what that could be? (Growling) (Maggie screaming) (Laughing) You look ridiculous! (Laughing) This is my planet! I am the Ferocious Space Beast! (Growling) (Laughing) I’m a space alien. Hamilton isn’t supposed
to laugh at me. (Laughing) I’m sorry, I
won’t laugh anymore. (Laughing) (Beast growling) This is my planet and
those are my rocks. I want them back! RUDY:
What are you guys doing? And why do you have a
pot on your head, Beast? Who goes there? It’s only me, Rudy. Don’t you recognize me? What are you doing
in outer space? Outer space? He’s the space alien. Oh. Well, I was on my way to,
um, Saturn, when I stopped off here to see if there was any
cheese on, um… Mars. Mars. Well this is my planet
and I don’t have any cheese. I want my rocks back. (Growling) (Laughing) Oh no, run! The alien is after us! (Growling) Run! Let’s go, run, run! (Panting) Whew, space
exploring is hard work. It sure is. Yes, indeed.
(Chuckling) (Panting) Where are my rocks? You can’t just take
them, you know. You have to say the magic word. Oh, I forgot to say please. Mr. Space Alien, can
we please have some of your beautiful rocks
for our collection? Um, okay, but you have to
give me something in return. How about some
yummy pumpkin muffins? They’re exotic earth food. Mmm, that sounds good. Let’s trade. Now that that’s settled, I
think we should return home. What do you say,
Commander Hamilton? Yes, I think we’ve had
enough exploring for one day. Retrorockets stabilized? Check! Check fuel? Check! Radio working? Check. Hamilton… Oh. (Chuckling)
Sorry. Rocket’s ready. Five, four, three,
two, one, blast off! Wait, you forgot to take Rudy! You have to drop
him off on Saturn! RUDY:
Yeah, wait for us! MAGGIE:
Hamilton’s Hat.
Thank you for cleaning
my spots, Hamilton, but are you sure you
put them on right? I’m sure, Beast. Exactly what is your problem? It feels like one of
my spots isn’t on right. Trust me, they’re perfect. Will you please
check once more? I’ve already
checked three times. (Sighing) If only I could
see in the mirror. Well you can’t. You need two mirrors
to see behind you. But I only have one mirror. Oh, all right, I’ll get mine. I’ll show you how it’s done. You hold your mirror
behind my head and I’ll hold this
one in front of me. See? Now I can see the back of me. (Gasping) Okay, now let me see. Hi, what’s going on? Oh, I’ll be right back. I have to get something. And what are you doing, Beast? Hi, Maggie. Hamilton cleaned my spots
and one doesn’t feel right. Where? Back there. Hmm, this spot looks
like it should be moved over just a teensy bit. There, is that better? (Sighing)
Thank you, Maggie. That’s much better. I told Hamilton. What’s he doing anyway? Hamilton, are you in there? Hamilton? Are you all right? HAMILTON:
I was, until
you started banging. Now I have a headache. Hamilton, is there
something wrong? HAMILTON:
No, there’s nothing
wrong, Maggie. Really. Then why won’t
you come out here? HAMILTON:
Uh, I’ll be out later. Don’t you want to
go exploring today? HAMILTON:
Uh, I don’t think so. Hamilton, will you
please come out here? It’s very difficult to
talk to a cardboard box. Well, here I am. Why are you wearing a hat? To keep the sun off my head. I have a headache, remember? Dear Hamilton, let me
get you a cold cloth. No, I don’t need a cold cloth. Why don’t you just run along? I’ll be fine. No, we’ll stay here. Would you like to play cards? Uh, I’ll just watch. RUDY:
Hi, guys. Hi, Rudy. Hamilton has a headache. That’s why he’s wearing a hat. To keep the sun off his head. Right, Hamilton? Right, Beast. Gee, I’m sorry you have
a headache, Hamilton, but keeping a hat on
your head should help. Yes, I’ve decided to
wear my hat all the time. (Beast giggling) All the time? Even when you’re
sleeping? That’s silly. Um, I have a great idea. Let’s pick cherries. Yeah, that sounds fun. Great Googly Moogly! I love cherry pie! Okay, I’ll get the pail. Beast, why is Hamilton
acting so strange? Gee, I don’t know, Maggie. Maybe he wants a hat like
Rudy’s that never comes off. What do you think, Rudy? Well I stopped here
to tell you something. What was I supposed to tell you? It was something important. I’m ready! Climb on. RUDY:
I wish I could remember
what I wanted to tell you. The cherry orchard is
further than I thought. We’re almost there, Beast. How’s your headache, Hamilton? Oh, it’s all right. (Sneezing) ALL:
Whoa! (Gasping)
Where’s my hat? I’ve lost my hat! Calm down, Hamilton. We’ll find it. Now I remember what
I wanted to tell you. Nedley told me to get ready
for short, violent windstorms. The Kindly Giant
is getting a cold. I thought that
sounded like a sneeze. Oh… Oh… (Kindly Giant sneezing) Whoa! (Beast laughing) Gesundheit. Let’s go! It should be easy to
pick the cherries. They’ll all be on the ground. I can’t go until
I find my hat. Beast, you and Rudy go
to the cherry orchard. It’s just up ahead. I’ll stay here and help
Hamilton find his hat. Okay. You mean I’m going to ride
on the Beast all by myself? Right. Now hurry. Come on, Rudy. RUDY:
Okay. We’ll be along soon! I’m afraid your hat
is gone, Hamilton. I don’t see it anywhere. Oh… I better walk back
and get my other hat. I’m sure you can get
along without a hat. No. I need my hat. Green tangerines, Hamilton, what is so important
about your hat? Oh. When I looked in the mirror,
I saw that the pink velvet on the back of my head has been worn right down to the cloth. What’s so terrible about that? You always said my lovely
pink velvet made me special. Yes, that’s true, but
now that it’s a bit worn, it makes you even more special. But you can get a new piggy with soft pink velvet
that isn’t worn or faded. Oh, really? And would a new piggy share
all our wonderful memories? I guess not. No one could ever
take your place. Oh thank you, Maggie. Now are you ready to pick
cherries without your hat? Let’s go! I wonder if the Kindly
Giant’s cold is better? (Kindly Giant sneezing) BOTH:
Whoa! (Laughing) It isn’t better yet. Come on, let’s find
the Beast and Rudy. Okay. (Laughing) MAGGIE:
The Wish Fish.
So what do you think, Hamilton? There’s a lot of places
that look very interesting. BEAST:
No, not there. Did you find it? BEAST:
No! Is that the Beast? That’s him. What’s wrong? He’s very upset because he
can’t find one of his galoshes. I think it’s the blue one. That’s too bad. He loves those galoshes. HAMILTON:
I checked my box
three times. Maggie, my
goo-losh is missing. It’s galosh. It’s my goo-losh, Hamilton! MAGGIE:
Cheer up,
Beast, it’ll turn up. Now, where are we going today? How about the Wishing Well? Sounds good to me. How ’bout it, Beast? I guess. MAGGIE:
Here we are. Just an old well. Don’t be so grouchy, Beast. Hamilton’s right. Hey, we should make a wish, but you’re supposed
to drop a coin in. Here, I have a coin! HAMILTON:
What should we wish for? I wish I could
find my goo-losh. Well, I guess
you made our wish. I might as well
toss in the coin. I am the Wish Fish. Your galosh can be found
in the Land of Lost Things. The Land of Lost Things? I don’t think I ever
saw that on my map. WISH FISH:
It’s beyond the
third hill to the east. Thank you, Mr. Wish Fish,
but why do you sound so sad? I’m tired of getting hit
on the head with coins. I’m tired of granting wishes. I’m even tired of
this gloomy well. Now go and find your galosh. Oh, um, thank
you, Mr. Wish Fish. Yes, thank you. Let’s hurry. I want to see if I
can find my goo-losh. We’re here. We sure are. (Gasping) Look at the
mountain of socks. And they’re all one of a kind. (Laughing) I’m sure some of my
missing socks are here. But we have to
look for my goo-losh. Yes, Beast, calm down. Maggie, look at all
the missing gloves. And here are the scarves. Goo-losh. Look at all this junk. Here’s a rag doll with one eye. RAG DOLL
And a roller skate,
a wheel from a wagon. (Gasping) BEAST:
Maggie, Hamilton! I found it! My goo-losh! (Sighing)
Oh, thank heavens. I think we should
stop and thank the Wish Fish on our way back. He seemed so sad. That’s a great idea. I’m so happy I
found my goo-losh. (Beast humming) (Maggie and Hamilton giggling) Mr. Wish Fish! Mr. Wish Fish! Maybe he only appears
if you toss him a coin. Mr. Wish Fish, please
come out and talk to us. I only want to thank
you for helping me find my favorite goo-losh. You want to thank me? (Chuckling) No one has
ever returned to thank me. Well I’m so happy
I found my goo-losh. It’s my favorite blue one. Mr. Wish Fish, can you
make your own wish come true? No. Gee, that’s too bad. What would you wish
for if you could? If I could, I’d wish myself
away from this wishing well. But you bring
happiness to so many. Maybe so, but I’m tired of it. Where would you like to be? Oh, I’d like to be swimming
free in a beautiful river. (Sighing)
Well, so much for wishing. MAGGIE:
Now wait a minute. I have a plan. Maggie has a plan! Great Googly Moogly,
Mr. Wish Fish. Maggie has lots of
really good plans. Okay, Maggie, what’s your plan? It’s very simple. Hamilton has a pail in his box. We’ll fill it with
water and take Mr. Wish Fish down to the river. And he can swim
happily ever after. I’ll get the pail. I can’t believe I’m finally
getting away from here. I can’t wait to
swim in that river. Here we go. Careful. Dive in. I’m in. Raise her up. Whoa, careful now. Hey, easy. Don’t jiggle so much. Sorry. We’re almost at the river. Are you getting
seasick, Mr. Wish fish? No, but I’m gonna
run out of water if you don’t stop sloshing
it over the sides. You don’t have to worry. We’re here! There you go. Woo hoo!
(Laughing) Oh, this is so wonderful. (Laughing) Please,
please don’t go yet. I just want to swim a bit. Wow, look at him go! (Laughing) Well, how was it? It was better than
I ever imagined. Then why do you seem so sad? Oh, I was thinking
about disappointing all those well wishers. But you needed to have
your own wish granted. I just can’t do it. Take me back. Are you sure? I’m sure. MAGGIE:
Wait, I have a plan. See, I told you. I told you Maggie has
lots of good plans. What’s the plan, Maggie? I think Mr. Wish
Fish is right. We should take him back. Aww. What? But, every chance we get,
we’ll stop at the Wishing Well and bring him here for
a swim in the river. You would do that for me? Of course. Come along now. Wasn’t this a perfect day? We made a new friend,
we found a new place, and I found my most
favorite blue goo-losh. It’s galosh. Goo-losh. Galosh. Goo-losh. Galosh. Goo-losh. Galosh. Goo-losh. MAGGIE:
I must remember to draw the Land of Lost
Things on my map. BEAST:
Goo-losh. HAMILTON:
Galosh! BEAST:
Goo-losh. HAMILTON:
Galosh. BEAST:
Goo-losh. ♪

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