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Magnet Fishing A Creepy Well (Surprising Finds)

Magnet Fishing A Creepy Well (Surprising Finds)

creepy thing about someone died right
here smells like there’s a dead body in there Oh guys welcome back to episode
guys we’re gonna do something a little bit different today I’ve never imagined
to fish too well before this is my very first well check and this place out that
guys old Pontiac hood it’s look how big this well is it’s not big right here but
if you look under underneath there it’s really big all right guys it’s gonna drop it down
there oh it’s pretty deep so far guys whoo we just touched bottom oh man do
this something heavy down there with all the bubbles whoa guys check that out oh we got two
things dude this thing is loaded check it out
dude we just got an old butter knife oh heck yeah an old lock look at that oh
wise I’m excited jump this thing back down there Oh what happened
absolutely nothing looks like there’s a lot of pieces of
metal down there absolutely nothing all right guys we’re
guys stand up over this because it was hurting my knees and make sure you all
let me know down in the comments what y’all think of those two finds I can’t
believe I found those honestly thousands I call my hair gets gulped yeah there’s
something big in there guys oh man you’ll see all the bubbles I’ll make a lot of bubbles guys whoo we
get some other piece of metal some other metal flakes a whole lot here man-ho know what that is guys down there
oh there’s something heavy down I cannot get to come up with the magnet that’s right pulling a tall man dry the
whistle I found two things we’re off the bat then nothing well I brought my gloves today yeah
apparently like I don’t know 60 70 years ago back in the thirties some little boy
fell in as well and drowned so I don’t know what to think of that
kind of creepy and creepy to think about someone died right here hi guys we’re
gonna try to throw it under it a little bit because there’s a lot of space over
there kind of hard to hmm the things just fell back there but
look at that whole bunch of metal pieces Oh guys look at that look all that metal
in there whoo the wire man is loaded full of
chunks guys this well actually stinks pretty
bad smells like there’s a dead body in there full whoo look at that guys just
got like a spring of some sorts well keep throwing that guy’s I was about to
give up then I found that spring another piece of metal I really like this new
magnets pretty nice I’ll make sure I’ll post a link down in description now you guys there’s definitely
something heavy in there oh man so drop the GoPro down there Oh would we get oh
look at that guy’s holy cow just barely sitting on there oh another piece all
right guys let’s take a look down real quick check out that that’s like some
type of a spring or something I’ll walk not too bad
look at that I’m not really sure what that is I think that’s too old monkey
wrench or something and found a couple pieces of wire check out that guy’s found a freaking
butter knife so I’m talking about well I hope you all
enjoy today’s episode thank you for watching if you’re brand new to my show
go hit that subscribe button and smash that like and thank you so much for

100 comments on “Magnet Fishing A Creepy Well (Surprising Finds)

  1. 👈 First time in Tom Sawyer TV history that a subscriber has had the 1st comment 4 TIMES..!!

    "WELL" what do you think of all that
    Tom TV..? 🤔

    ☝️Get it.."Well"..🤦‍♂️🙄 🤣🤣

  2. Its really freaky that you are alone magnet fishing in a well,can u mention my shoutout in your next video?i think that those first catches where amazing,cool findingbin first try!

  3. Wild place to magnet fish! I found a cut lock and some live ammunition video coming soon, got to go -back to watching your video

  4. 0:59
    "Woah guys check that out we got
    "2 things"..!!

    "Dude this thing is loaded.." lol

    I love the optimism with the little things in life..😉

  5. Great video! Too bad you couldn't get that really big thing, though. But, I would love to find out, who dropped those things in there, and how old they are. 😂 Anyways thanks for another fun video!

  6. The butter knife was for opening the cover in the rain , why you say? Because when it rains it got muddy and you dont want that cause it takes corever to clear up and who wants to stand in the rain .. But the lock was for that unbreakable cover to keep kids out .. It is still a long drop .. Your catching the old forge pump where they used old hit and mess motors.l. as always you out done yourself buddy ..

  7. Good video. Probably a big well pipe at the bottom. No telling how many frogs and such have drowned in there. Nasty water for sure. Take care

  8. That suck you couldn't get that big whatever that was down there but hey found something. Ive got a new toy coming in the mail its the biggest strongest magnet on the market right now super stoked

  9. I don't understand whats surprising about those finds, most were common things around a farm yard, and the knife was probably from some kid trying to see how far down it goes. The big thing is probably the original cover or a pipe covered in sediment.

  10. To me, it looks like an old septic tank from the 1920s. I’m only saying that, because I’ve worked on those before. I work for a septic tank company in Albany Oregon

  11. As always another great video as always!!! Did you give up on fishing in the Mississippi??? My dad is gonna be in Branson, at the middle of next week!!! I wish I could have gone with him cause we could have meet up and fished!!! Hey Tom where did you get your rope from???

  12. Great video! I think there’s something big down there i could see the magnet grip and the bubbles. Hard to toss to get to the sides. Good finds tho the butter knife could be an old weapon, you never know

  13. Watching you drop that magnet in that big wet hole reminds me of an old girlfriend I had as a teen he vagina so big I had to strap a 2 x 4 on my ass to keep from slipping in there and never been found again and The smell 🤮probably just as bad as that well your searching 😷oh to be young again

  14. Bro if im not mistaken thats the well evil dead ash fell in in the movie army of darkness lmao you might find his chainsaw

  15. Been missing your magnet fishing. The well looks promising, though was probably used for drinking water at one time, so hopefully not too much is in there. Maybe the heavy something that's down there, is the rest of that old Pontiac.

  16. Sorry for the late reply. Been super busy building a play house for the kids. Great video and I hope it's a well and not a septic tank. Lol. Love it bud. ✌️🤘 Keep them coming

  17. You need to clean your magnet off more frequently so You have a larger contact area. More contact area means far more pulling power available.

  18. Good video Jeff. Wish you could have found more but at least you got to get out. They cant all be good. Sure looks like a nice magnet.

  19. keep on fishing, maybe you will hook some brain for you , stupid wanker get a life 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  20. Just subscribed, getting ready to start some magnetic fish do you have any hints.
    I dumpster dive for scrap metal and Aluminum , Aluminum cans, copper cords, tare things down get copper out and get circuit boards.

  21. Probably lots of corn and peanuts down there.
    I hope you didn't splash anything on your mouth because that black/brown stuff is "night soil" ie; poop!
    That's an old stone lined cesspool not a well!
    Thanks for sharing the video though.
    You should seriously clean that magnet and get a new rope and gloves so you don't wind up with Hepatitis C or sepsis

  22. The only thing surprising about that, is you stuck your magnet in a septic tank for 11 odd minutes and we all stuck around to watch 😂😂😛

  23. What the hell youtube I never even got a notification for this video. Sorry I'm late to the party on this one interesting what some wells have down them I'm curious as to what's down there that won't stick to the magnet and what is down there thats so heavy

  24. Another great video. In the future, might want to carry a second go pro that's waterproof and attach it to a long rope to toss down old wells, small to large ponds of still water, or even septic tanks. Some say it's an old septic tank in the comments below, but I believe it is an old well that has not been maintained in a very long time. As well as being covered like it has, can give off a very foul oder once opened or uncovered. Now you have my curiosity up as to what the possible heavy object was down there. Being that it looks like it is next to an old barn or out building, could be anything from A to Z. Good luck on your next adventure.

  25. You should bring a water proof gopro with a nightvision to find out whats hiding in there 🤷‍♀️ BTW I love your vid!!! 😋

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