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Magnet Fishing A loaded River!!

Magnet Fishing A loaded River!!

as welcome back to another magnificient
video here at the Mississippi River this has been my favorite spot the magnet
fish I hate this find so much stuff here if you guys been following me I just
stuff I’ve been finding it’s unbelievable
but anyways I wanted to give a big shout out to Pat milks he’s the one that won
two acts giveaway in my white house video hopefully you find something cool
today I don’t lose my magnet oh we got a big old piece of metal just barely on
there look at that guy’s big old piece of metal yeah I just love magnet fishing
this river I mean the whole most every cast for real you get some type of piece
of junk well I got a big old piece guys look at that
well I got three things just like small little pieces of scrap I’m not really
sure what that is and this looks like a mats on there it’s like a big ol bolt but anyways like I was saying earlier my
real name is not Tom Sawyer my real name is Jeff now I’ll tell you in a second
why I my name is Tom Sawyer look at that guy’s a couple pieces of metal oh that’s
a big piece can’t get it off look at that
yeah we got the waves coming now I want to know how many of you guys Oh heard of
that book Tom Sawyer adventures read by Mark Twain well if you’re curious why my
name is Tom Sawyer’s because I’m from the city where a Mark Twain wrote the
book Hannibal Missouri so what was going on was I was magnet fishing and
everybody started calling me Tom Sawyer so they were like hey you should start
up a YouTube channel call it Tom Sawyer adventures or something like that so I
came at Tom Sawyer TV so that’s how I came up with my name but look at that
guy’s that’s freakin nuts oh there was a few rocks right here but not a whole lot
oh look we got guys here that a whole bunch of scrap metal I can’t get that
off but just like we got some other items
Hey look at that guy’s probably sure what that is I don’t think there’s
anywhere better at a magnet fished in the Mississippi River whoo oh we got some piece of metal on there
look at that not for sure what that goes 200 hopefully I don’t lose the magnet
today look at that guy’s it’s like maybe exhaust and a gear big stay on there
whatever you are what is that aha check that out guys oh yeah I got like a what
is that oh that’s a street sign of that it is to look at that guy’s a freaking
street sign but look at this thing man that’s a big pulley I think it’s huge
it’s the biggest one I found out here so far
heck yeah looks like we got junk piece of metal nothing fancy Oh been dragging
something heavy I think yeah there’s definitely something on there I’m on
I’ll pull it a little slow because there’s a lot rocks I’ve been losing
stuff all day look at all this junk that’s
unbelievable guys look look at all this stuff exhaust junk piece of metal and
something else I don’t know what that is may is just so Rocky oh we got another exhaust piece look at
that guy’s oh god I like another pipe or something oh yeah it’s all over my foot
to dance oh here we go we look out like this hey guys I am sweating we’re gonna
throw out a couple more times then we’re gonna head out here oh look at that guys
oh it’s a metal star check that out and we’re gonna give that away today that’s
the cool is fine I found so far so heck yeah all you guys got to do is go down
in the comment section and tell me where my youtube channel name came from and
tell me what my real name is and I’ll automatically put you in the entry to
win the star that’s a couple little pieces of metal that man oh we got
something big guys Oh like a fill it – it’s huge oh oh look at the bubbles all
I found lost – due to the rocks dang it maybe I still feel like there’s
something on here oh we got a pipe do I swear there was something heavier than
this pipe on there look at that guys another pipe let’s
take a look what we found real quick take a look what we found were quick
look at this guys just a big ol piece of metal not really sure what that is
another big old pipe got a lot of junk today I wish I would have found some
better interesting things like normal but not every day could be a winner look
at that guy’s I mean Mississippi just delivers on
metal look at that guy’s and he’ll only been I
hear 45 minutes and I found all this stuff just loads of junk this is what
I’m actually gonna give away today by broke it man so if you don’t want this I’ll give this big old pulley away to
somebody somebody wants this all you gotta do is answer the trivia questions
that I asked what’s my name and where my channel come from I’ll give you this or
this star or I’ll give you both you just let me know what you want if anybody
wants that stuff I don’t blame you if you don’t but it’s kind of cool to some
people and it’s cool to me look at that exhaust pipe big old piece of metal this
thing right here is freakin huge this thing it was like a 5 foot pole on the
way it’s used for but look at that I’ve got some sort of hole and the other end
got some spiky thing they’ve told Speer maybe I don’t know look at that just a
big junk piece of metal not too bad found an old house number
probably a house that got washed into the river at one time I mean just tons
of junk guys today I do apologize I wish I would have found some more stuff a lot
better but it’s a hundred degrees out and I can’t be out here any more I can’t
stand the heat so I’m ready to pack it up and head home look at that well I
think everybody for watching it really means a whole lot

70 comments on “Magnet Fishing A loaded River!!

  1. The piece with the 3 bolt holes looks kinda like a water outlet or a thermostat housing from an engine….good stuff

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Your name came from Mark Twain's book, the adventure of Tom Sawyer and you live in the same town in Missouri. Good finds today. Take care

  3. Big Old Rusty Star, caught by Jeff AKA Tom Sawyer from Hannibal MO. Tom Sawyers old stomping grounds. Be careful with the costs of shipping that metal around, might cost a bit more than you thought…

  4. Dude! New subscriber from WI. Wow after watching less than 5 minutes of this video, I smelled the mighty Mississippi river!!! Thunderstorms in my area & its scent, carried by local airs & windy winds, was honestly righteous!! Thank you bro!!! I miss the smell of the mighty Mississippi!!! river

  5. I Magnet Fish a lot in the Ohio River which leads into the Mississippi River, and it is very polluted and never disappoints when Magnet fishing.

  6. Hi Jeffrey. You came up with Tom Sawyer cause your from Hannibal, MO. Where Mark Twain is also from. I don't need the star. I just wanted to tell you that you need a Huckaberry Finn to pal around with when you magnet fish. 😀

  7. Jeff and you got it from being from where Twain is from and people calling you that and saying you should make a YouTube channel

  8. your name is Jeff your channel name came from you living ion Tom Sawyers home town of Hannibal Missouri

  9. Ur full name is Jeff hollow u got ur name cause ur from hannibal Missouri and u were magnet fishing and people started calling u Tom Sawyer so thts how u got ur channel name

  10. Your name is Jeff and your from Hannibal MO, the home of Mark Twain. Stay safe out there today, we're registering just over 100 deg. here in Northwest Il!

  11. Names Jeff and because u live in the town of mark twain and ppl said u should name ur channel tom sawyer

  12. I'm good on the star and pulley but dude…all that brick! What a trip that it's all dumped there. Seems to me like that area of the river is a dump haven! Damn humans just dumping their crap. More videos for you! Hahaha🤘💀🤘

  13. Why not call yourself James Eads ? He used to dive for salvage in the muddy Mississloppy. C'mon down to St. Louis, and magnet fish off of Eads bridge, you'll latch onto full automobiles and sunken barges right there with the arch in full view. ———->

    Eads Bridge, Saint Louis, MO
    The Eads Bridge is the oldest remaining bridge crossing the Mississippi River. The story of the Eads bridge, and of its builder, James Eads, is fascinating and worth learning more about than what I can write in this limited space. James Eads made his fortune by finding ways to rig barges to salvage sunken steamboats on the great river.

  14. Well "JEFF" from the "CITY". That star is the coolest find from this hunt. I'm still waiting for you to get under that bridge. I can feel it. There's guns down there. 💎

  15. Your name is Jeff and you named your channel from the book Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Btw I collect stars😁♥️♥️

  16. You came from same town as Mark Twain so your friends said you should start a your channel and call it Tom Sawyer tv. I need a star dude. Your the BEST you tuber of all time.

  17. Jeff is your real name. Live in mark twain home town and everyone started calling you Tom Sawyer like the book of the same name . Everyone said you should start a YouTube channel called Tom Sawyer adventure.

  18. Your name is Jeff but they call you Tom Sawyer because you were magnet fishing in the city Mark Twain wrote some books ☺️ I’d like the star please

  19. You ever get down further towards STL, I'd love to throw a magnet with ya. I fish the Missouri along north St. Charles, and out into Lincoln county.

  20. Really enjoyed visiting there as a kid and then taking my own daughter to your hometown. Great town and friendly people. It’s also close to a lot of other interesting and historical places. There are huge fish in the Mississippi but they are not fit to eat.

  21. I found a car with big boy I had to go swimming I told the police and they said they would investigation and they did it was a car it was a car that the land owner did want so he got charged for clean up

  22. your name is Jeff and I'm a lady I'm just getting into magnet fishing and metal detecting and both belong to my late dad

  23. Well Jeff from Hannibal Missouri where Mark Twain wrote his book awesome finds again. Keep up the awesome videos bro👍

  24. Your name came from the book Tom sawyer because you live in the town where the book was wrote, your real name is jeff. I would love the star

  25. Great video Jeff! You never know what you're going pull out of that river. That's pretty cool that you started giving away some finds but some of that heavy stuff like the pulley is gonna have some high postage. Hope that doesn't hurt ya. Keep up the great videos.

  26. Got your name cause your from Hannibal Mo. And you magnet fish on the Mississippi River!!! Your real name is Jeff!!!! LOVE watching your expedition!!!!!

  27. Jeff from Hannibal Missouri…..tom Sawyer comes from the book written by Mark Twain….i have a cousin who lives in Hannibal….all my cousins are from Bowling Green…I live in Idaho….haven't been in your area for a really long time…is the Mark Twain cave still there….?

  28. Cool star I wonder what it's from 🤔nice to know why you chose your name Tom Sawyer we found a big letter 0 and an S as well 👍👍

  29. I’ve been watching several magnet fishing videos, how did you get into it and what are some pointers for first timers? My “stuff” gets delivered next week and I’m anxious to start!

  30. Nice ! Man keep it up you should see the 4200lb pull force my dad uses lol check i made a video 4200lb pull at a old train trestle .

  31. I`m gonna go magnet fishing at my local scrapyard, much more fun… no getting wet, you can see what you`re pulling out, you still get a load of rusty pieces of metal AND you have the added exitement of running away from the owners when they see what you`re doing 😁

  32. Crazy how much you can pull out in just one area. Imagine everything you’re missing that’s not metal. Looks like I need to come hang out with you and see what we can find.

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