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Magnet fishing a sketchy dock & found something surprising!!

Magnet fishing a sketchy dock & found something surprising!!

somebody got stabbed here I got
something big look at the bubbles guys need to find a gun I just know I’m
freaking going guys welcome back to the up so guys check it out I just got a
brand new magnet let’s take it down here to the dock we’ll open it up take a look
at it Oh guys take a look at this magnet real
quick look at a whole 21 higher pounds right here guys this is the one the
biggest magnets that you can buy on the market right now let’s go get up and see
how it does they all right guys it’s gonna drop it right here it’s hard to
tell you guys flip it over every time Wow Hecky huh dude check that out guys
looks like a old gun clip like a nine-millimeter or something yeah this
thing is freaking heavy guys it’s hard to tell if you’ve got anything oh look
at that guy’s freaking knife heck yeah not too bad actually here guys
alright guys this jump over here on the corner oh it’s so freakin deep oh man I
don’t get stuck on something for its logs who feels something there might be
logs this pulled up to take a look at it anyways oh look at that guy’s and a fishing lure
bottle-cap yeah it looks like a battery oh-ho heck yeah we got something guys oh
we got a knife in a case I never got a knife in a case before do the things
been on it for a hot minute check that out it’s a total murder weapon for sure
somebody got stabbed here all right guys stop it here oh my god
guys look at that guys oh-ho I did find a gun I just know I’m freaking going
guys oh yeah believe that guys all right guys
drop it right here I’ve been middle yes I thought we’d give
it a try we’re gonna cover all kinds of ground
with this magnet today guys oh there’s something on there oh man
look at that chain guys whoa look at that big ol chain what is that oh heck
yeah I think we got a pair of junk scissors and fingernail clippers look at
all these lures guys hooks sinkers it’s gonna drop it down pretty deep well guys check it out
freakin awesome oh heck yeah oh-ho guys I’m pop now drop it right
here right around this thing imagine people probably fish off of that
chill-out line or something out oh look at that okay cool is that guys thanks but down
it for a hot minute got something hey that guy’s another
pair of fingernail clippers freakin nuts look at the Hat just got a pair of
scissors heck yeah oh we got a fillet knife oh yeah look at
this guy’s holy cow it’s got a freaking plane I do
the thing I got something big look at the bubbles guys I’m gonna pull this up
look at it real quick oh-ho check it out guys it’s got a
bottle of something pase maybe all right guys we gotta wrap this show
up real quick it’s getting ready to pour down right it’s thundering that’s
awesome lightning behind me so it’s gonna finish up real quick all right
guys take a look what we found real quick check out this man this is one
nice fillet nice very first fillet knife ever found
cuz I found a container of paste oh they will chain early for sure what that’s
doing out here but who knows also found another knife
check out this knife things been down there for a hot minute sound like an old
pair of little scissors or something oh he got some old tool oh yeah check out
this thing man this thing was sweet freaking watch Oh another pair of
scissors pair of fingernails clippers another pair of fingernail clippers
another knife guys I found three knives today is this thing open it sure does
look at this thing guys cleaning it up take a home looks like I found like a 22
clip maybe a nine-millimeter I’m sure what that goes to bounce of
lures check out this guy’s look at that look at that little begun I found that’s
freakin nuts that makes my fifth gun I also found a
bunch of bottle caps and some batteries I’m not gonna show that to you guys guys
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80 comments on “Magnet fishing a sketchy dock & found something surprising!!

  1. Knife with blood stains…………and a small gun?that knife is from a murderer,maybe he was drowning somehone or stabbed a person and dropped the knife to the lake…buncha stuff happens in the city Lake,try to fell the vibration that is comming from the magnet dowwn to up,everytime it shakes hard,that means yu got a big piece of metal,(one day…can u do a giveaway?)nice caching :3

  2. Now that’s a magnet! Awesome video!! Amazing finds! You may have stumbled onto a crime scene or some fisherman shootout!

  3. Man you found some good stuff. Alot of fishermen use nail clippers to cut line and it looks like you found some powerbait. Good job.

  4. Congrats! You hit the mother lode in knives alone! Awesome awesomely video! I think i wanna purchase that magnet next! The fishing lures were fantastic but that magnet just grabbed it. You can restore the knifes Wow i would be bouncing off the dock!

    Thanx Tom TSTv…😉
    You promised you'd give me a shoutout and ya did..!!
    Keep on casting buddy..!!

  6. I have a Brute Magnetics 880lb magnet and it gets heavy after an hour of tossing it into the water. I can't imagine throwing that monster 2100lb around!

  7. Nice video Jeff I kno from experience that that magnet will wear you out Great video 👍 I found a Glock 40 clip the other day keep it up brotha

  8. Awesome video!!!! A lot of nice finds. All those knifes should clean up good. Now go rest your arm cause I know it's tired from that big boy magnet…
    Take care

  9. Another good video Jeff! You were grabbin homicide evidence right out the water today!!! Killers are nervous tonight lol. Good job bud

  10. I love all of you're video's I wanted to thank you for cleaning up our water's and planet that little gun you found is awesome I can't wait to see what you're going to find next

  11. I’m here bro and ty ahead of time I would love more people watching it would make me wanna make more ty sir your awesome

  12. Oh man I'm pumped. I so called it that you were due to find a gun. Lol. Not quite what I expected but it still is a gun. So many blades too. I love it! Rock on bud. 🤘✌️ Keep them vids flowing my friend!

  13. I wonder if water temp have anything to do with how strong the magnet feild can be .. If the sun moves we pay for it in some crazy way , if the moon moves we pay for it , the reason im thinking that is one day your going to pull up a internet breaker .. Keep the hunt up ..

  14. Heck yeah brother!👍 What a great video. To bad you didn't get the pistol to that mag. But question..what's the ups and downs between that new magnet and the 3600?

  15. Some good finds this time 3 knives that fillet knive is a nice one no discoloration on it at all must be stainless lot of cool stuff though

  16. Maybe a stupid question but.. what do people do with all this stuff? Just store it at home? Throw it away? Sell the metal? Especially all the junk stuff.

  17. You found murder central! You better hightail it out of there or you could be next when they catch you uncovering their evidence. Looks like most of it wasn’t in there too long from lack of rust. RUN FOREST RUN!

  18. It may be heavy, but looks as if you might really find some very cool things!! Have fun! It's cool watching you, but makes me want to order a magnet too and hit up all these lakes and ponds here in Oklahoma!

  19. Some interesting finds you found. Look someone was getting read of some evidence lol. Thanks for sharing buddy. See ya on the next one. Tony

  20. I cannot believe the diameter of that magnet! Holy cow!
    Anyway, awesome video bro. But ammunition does not get loaded into a clip it gets loaded into a magazine just an FYI

  21. Your visit is really appreciated, Tom Sawyer TV. Returning the love with a play in full and like #258 from Bits of Real Panther!

    It's almost Thursday! It doesn't really rhyme with Friday, but still it feels pretty nice! Have a fantabulous evening, friend!

  22. Good way to start clean up on knifes and other metal stuff is good soaking in fuel oil if you can remove wooden parts do that first.wire brush a little to see what you got….l like the challenge to clean that stuff up as I collect the knifes. Good luck we’ll be watching ! !

  23. The knife in the case if you kept it i will tell you it is made by cold steel knife company clean it up real good it is worth some bucks

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