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Magnet Fishing – Finally Found A Safe With Its Contents

Magnet Fishing – Finally Found A Safe With Its Contents

so Im here in London with a Scott Ross
vineeth and we met John nice canal boat coming past so my local blacksmith made this for me
nice heavy-duty grappling hook because the cheap ones off eBay in that just the
arms Bend and they come flying out the makes you wonder what’s on it this sort
of interesting arrow maybe off a sign and then just use usual scrap metal pipes and Vinny and Scott got a trolley full
paint paint brushes like a purse and was like Scott’s found a CCTV hard Drive make sure where that’s come from
interesting yeah we might go for a few beers afterwards that’s that tripod I
might the camera might be in there I got a I’ve got two of them, nice oh yes Wow looks a tiny little engine if anyone knows what it is yeah maybe on
the end of this one oh never will come really old cash box, really old so
old it’s all corroded at the bottom there we go mobile charger for iPhone hahahaha nanother wheel clamp I know yeah, it’s got H on it Wheel clamp number three Thats wierd and something is inside it,
dont open it or smell it Its important to wear sharps gloves as sometimes there are razor blades on the magnet all ways look at your magnet before you grab stuff off it I think ive found a tool set i think they’re something metal in the bag we’re
just gonna open up and see what it is like Christmas, its double wrapped
Oh cashbox in it y eah yeah that’s a cashbox black till seeds? This is on by the skin of its teeth the pendant This is the first time ive found something inside a safe magnet fishing A watch so is worth going through the mud RING! I was gonna give up as well that
was my last cast the safe just popped open I think its from a railway? designed to clamp in there yeah
hopefully somebody can let us know in the comments yeah so I found a another CCTV video recorder
it says still get the hard drive inside and he doesn’t look that old either
who knows we might be able to recover the data find a tape measure with a lazor light on it doesnt work anymore though here with Scott I’m gonna put a link to his channel in
the description

100 comments on “Magnet Fishing – Finally Found A Safe With Its Contents

  1. A genuine question, why do you do magnet fishing? is it for a hobby? do you keep the stuff you find, or do you sell it?

  2. The item found 09.22 is from the railway. It’s a point lock. It works by securing the moving point blade against the fixed rail. A padlock can be used also to prevent removal

  3. 8:05 "This is the first time I've found something inside a safe…" followed immediately by the sound of Thunder, announcing the escape of an evil djinni from the safe whom had been imprisoned within.

  4. There is a canal near me now I'm wondering what could be in there after watching your videos

  5. Ya should come up to do the Caledonian Canal in Inverness to Fort William it goes for miles 29 locks and am sure you'll find loads 👍

  6. the barge with propane gas coal and other stuff was to sell to other barge people living on the canals i think .

  7. Enjoyed the video, but fuck me have some respect lads. Pouring that oil on the public footpath at 6:10 and leaving loads of stuff on the pathways obstructing cyclist and walkers.

  8. Me and my brothers used to break in to closed down buildings when we were between the ages of 7 and 11. One day we get in to a burnt down football clubhouse and found a huuuuge safe like 5-6ft tall old green one we tried for months before we admitted to our dad what we had been up too he brought his power tools and opened it only to find multi coloured filing paper XD

  9. Looks like you may have found a little police drop off area for hiding computer evidence. Be careful…
    the governments are corrupted.

  10. In relation to The item you find at the end that you though my is something to do with the railway, It is to do with the railway it’s called a clip and is used to clip disused points(switches and crossings) that are out of use in the direction they need to be in so that they don’t foul a line.

  11. oops house
    love u
    and your channel you found me in a dark place and magnetic pulled me to the light have you seen river monsters?

  12. I hope that when you find knifes and other such objects you are handing over to the Police. The items could have been used in crimes and may still hold some DNA.

  13. Dude … Dont u guy`s have like station`s to clean your dirty ass water ? Im from norway. Im like , wtf ! Your goverment suck`s.

  14. In preview, when he pulled up the pipe and the boat came in from the left, I thought the gas bottles were dudes in life-vests standing in awe while some dude ropes rubbish from the canal bottom.

  15. Might be worth buying a pin pointer, especially with the amount crap that comes out of them safes. I use mine for metal detecting beaches and it can pick up the tiniest of jewellery. Great video keep it up.

  16. As kids we used to "Fish" the cut (canal) on a Sunday with a homemade grapnel (grappling hook) and get mostly motorbikes, then get them working again, although the glass bottle petrol tank wasn't a good idea!

  17. I appreciate that you all are taking trash out of the water, but I'm appalled by how much is dumped into it to begin with!!! Stop polluting…my motto…. take more than you came with!!! These people need to stop dumping items into the water ways and onto the earth. Respect what has been given as your play ground!! Reuse reduce and recycle people!! Thank you for taking the trash that you bring up!!

  18. You guys do a wonderful service cleaning the waterways of junk as well as having fun. It would be interesting to know if you ever make any money out of what you find. Great video's

  19. the motercycle bicyicle is one of the first ever motercycles and the motor looks like a pan head made near ww2 and used in ww2 Really cool!!!

  20. It's amazing the stuff your finding, hard drives, safes, wheel clamps, bikes, knives. All been a part of criminal activities no doubt. Where do you get your magnets from mate?

  21. Funny how idiots see waterways, ponds, lakes & oceans as
    convenient dumping grounds. I guess it's the idea of "out of
    sight, out of mind". They used to load up radioactive material
    and toxic waste in 55-gallon barrels, tote them out of the Golden
    Gate 20 miles or so and dump them in the ocean.

  22. Great video guys. Do you ever find seriously hazardous things? Like chemicals or toxic substances? And what do you do with the "junk" that you dont want to keep?

  23. Even if you dont find anything of value you are doing a good service of cleaning the water ways. Well done lads

  24. Local criminals are worried and probably googleing how long it takes to wash away any remaining traceable evidence.

  25. The ultimate in recycling! Your doing a great job for the environment in clearing up the canal, making a few bob from the scrap and having a laugh at what you find. Love it! Has anything ever pulled you in? I remember a time when all you could see in the cut was sticklebacks! Keep it up guys.

  26. Maybe make a magnet fishing guidelines… Like take away plastic bags and rubbish you find, same with fishing line and lead weights… Clean the towing path too… It's a start

  27. What's the best way to get rid of the scarp I pull up? I don't want to leave it at the Canal Side or Chuck it back in. Whats the best and easiest way of getting the scrap gone?

  28. You can reacover every think of hard drives even if thay have been in the water just strip down and take the drive out and install it into a good hard drive that is what the police doo

  29. Is dose not say in this video if you rinse the sludge down. You might have said so in the past if so I'm sorry. The sludge can be harmful to pets that walk in that area. Keep up the great work. I believe you are doing a great service to mankind and have a good time doing it.

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