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Magnet Fishing for Old Guns

Magnet Fishing for Old Guns

Boom! Welcome to True Vikings. I’m here again in Finland Öja, Finland somewhere close to Kokkola, magnet fishing. We’re going hunting for those Steamship John Grafton weapons. Some of you might recognize the place. I don’t care you can go there and if you find any weapons Just leave a comment, but we have these supermagnets, redmag 400 kilos of strength power in this one. We got this from Finndetector. They sent us this, awesome guys You should buy one of these. I will put the link in the description This is the find from last last episode a fishing lure. If you haven’t watched that episode yeah, you should go and watch that episode. Let’s go fishing Let’s see if we have some catches here, if we have got something There’s nothing yet Only some mud. In the end of 19th century Finland belonged to Russia. The Russians were trying to implement The Russification of Finland and of course the Finnish people didn’t like that at all. Many people In Finland started to rebel against the Russians with one boat called the SS John Grafton the Finnish rebels smuggled weapons. In that steamship there were about 15,000 over 15,000 Swiss Vetterli rifles model 1868 and revolvers of over 5000 and Over 2 million bullets, they came to the Kokkola area. They hit the ground They got some weapons off the boat, but they had to blow up the steamship that The Russians couldn’t get the weapons They got some of the weapons here and they hid them in this area in caves in homes everywhere and sometimes the Russians Almost caught them the people carrying the weapons Sometimes they had to throw them away that the Russians wouldn’t get the weapons and this cliff is one of those places that the folktales Say the Finnish rebels have thrown weapons from. I hope we will catch something in the magnet. One of those rifles or revolvers Don’t know if it tries to snap up some items. Or if it’s just a rock it’s really difficult to know if we’re doing this correctly at all I Guess we will find, I suppose we are gonna find something. Now we have our first first treasure Some kind of iron Iron piece no idea what it is. Could it be from a gun? It’s the Shape of a gun. So I don’t know. Have to save this part Maybe I will find pictures what this is. Probably not thou. I have something now because the magnet got a lot heavier. It didn’t It was just my imagination maybe hit a rock or something Let’s continue I put a picture on Instagram that I’m magnet fishing here in Öja and All tourists stopped with a buss to look at me magnet fishing and taking pictures *Like 5 tourists* I have some some new stuff. What is this looks dangerous? There’s a sharp end here Bits of wood, I think some kind of wood This will break when I take ti off Or not Some kind of iron What this has been I have no clue but I think we’re closing in on the weapons here We park the boat on this cliff We believe that the people Finnish rebels have been throwing weapons from this cliff It’s gonna be easier to check the whole area Let’s see if we hit something At least we hit a rock Nothing in there I have bad luck in this sport too We have been rowing here for I don’t know three hours Nothing special yet few Random parts of could be some kind of weapon part if you clean them or something Or then they’re just iron trash. You have to be really lucky to hit that one Gun if there’s 100 guns Then you probably would hit something But if there’s only one 5 guns, you have to be really lucky to get the magnet on top of that gun That I can pull it up We didn’t manage that today I Might have to come back here someday to dive or something to check it out But until that time, hit that subscribe button hit the bell and see you in the next video

10 comments on “Magnet Fishing for Old Guns

  1. Thanks for tuning in everyone! Sorry for the long break again. Been busy with work and some traveling, but back now with some magnet fishing. Hope you enjoy. Next video will be some metal detecting again in the Finnish forest with a GREAT find so hit that Subscribe button! 🙂

  2. Oo ok 👌 that was interesting guys , I thought you would of caught a huge treasure chest Joel 😉awesome video , thanks for sharing.

  3. Were you rowing and dragging that magnet behind you? That way you would cover a lot of ground. Hold the rope loosely so that if it picked up something you would feel the rope running through your fingers. Tell me if you two are true Vikings how do we tell the imposters?

  4. Well Joel, at least the lake you were on looked beautiful!! Did you have a fishing pole?? I'd bet there's a few trophy fish lurking around your magnet thinking to themselves… "Tell me this guy knows that he's not gunna catch any of us with that kind of bait!" Lol!!

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