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Magnet Fishing For Phones & Knives

Magnet Fishing For Phones & Knives

hey everyone J Three B be here and I’m gonna
do some magnet fishing! I can’t wait to see what I can find it’s a beautiful day
little on the hot side but the breeze is fantastic so let’s get to it guys well
I’ve only been here a few minutes I’m already having an assortment of finds
nothing good yet but we’ll keep trying a lot of seaweed in this area though right
now Simcoe County is getting hit with this weird weed that’s taking over
everything as you can see it’s coming in thick some boaters brought it from far
away and here it is now oh well it’s not gonna stop me
well guys check that out tell me little pocketknife
what does it say porkin and crystal cool ok guys so it looks like I may have a
cellphone as long as it doesn’t fall off it’s being held on by much uh-huh I did too and it is not in good
condition that thing is pretty beat-up okay finding a phone it’s pretty neat
right on well guys I just pulled out a fishing reel I’m not gonna be able to
reuse it but that’s still pretty cool well guys I have to say that’s one of
the tiniest pocket knives I’ve ever seen you can tell used to have a wood on it
one blade what you can see right there so today I found two pocket knives right
on okay everyone so what’s the end of the day been out here for a while a lot
of traffic going past Amanda just got here to pick me up and take me home and
I have to say it’s been a good magnet fishing adventure had both sides
that I could do which I did start it off there came back over here but let’s see
what the count lots of junk today on some nails chain off something paw caps
phone the cell phone which is awesome on the fishing reel I don’t think I can
reuse that one for they go got pieces metal and then our
fishing gear my fishing gear is what I’m excited about I’m gonna see stripped
these down reefs bury paint them and make them good as new again I think
that’s what I’m gonna do with all the ones I find because you don’t want to
use them like that so I’ll sand them down give them a nice color do my own
design on them maybe make some j3 be ones the nice little slot coat and give
them away people who can use them unfortunately ones like that they’re no
good but I’ll figure out something with them but we found that the pocket knife
and that knife the wood corroded off and all that’s left is the little blade this
one can I get it open yet no I’ll take some clean before I can get that open
but it does say porkin and crystal I don’t know if this is a customized knife
and that’s you know a couple’s name or a company’s name I’ve never heard of that
oh well there’s still a good hunt found a cell phone found some nice found some
good fishing gear anyways guys I want to thank you for sticking around and
watching another magnet fishing adventure and as always happy hunting
and if you died today and don’t know if you’d go to heaven there’s a link down
the description right down below come on guys click it you know you want to
anyways happy huntin and God bless you

18 comments on “Magnet Fishing For Phones & Knives

  1. Great magnet hunt. Looks like fun. Something that's affordable for all. I like your fishing lure idea. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Take care.

  2. Not too much there, but it looks like it was fun. We currently only have a couple of cheapie magnets right now. Can't afford the big boys right now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's the first time I have seen the magnet fishing! That's really cool. I bet there will be a ton under the pier at the beach! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun video! You sure found some awesome stuff there.
    I bet most of it was lost during the perch festival over the years. 😉
    Just a few suggestions –
    Clean those spoons up, don’t sand off all the paint. Sand a little with an emery board.
    Add touch up paint and clear coat. Model paint might work good or nail polish? Unless you have an airbrush? Not sure about that though.
    Then add new hooks and split rings.
    After you are done, I bet they will look awesome and catch fish too!

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