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Magnet fishing s04e07 – Dömsöd 2.

Are we ready? Start the camera! Its on Hello We are here at Dömsöd, we have been here once last year we checked like 40 piers, but this beach is huge, very long What we have noticed, that we are not the first, but there will be catches, just have to be good I’ll go with the 280kg double-sided magnet knotted from top No, not the 650kg I’ll go with the 400kg magnet then. Okay, the 280 magnet, we need a bucket 2 gloves and we have some new items We managed to get this scraper with our logo on it. If you have a lot of scraps on the magnet with this you can we will show it in action It doesn’t fit It should There you go It should fit It should, but it doesn’t Meanwhile I show you our new bag, sack You can pack a lot in there and If you have a really long rope, you can just put it in and take out as much as you need. I think it looks great The eyebolt is on We could start to go You bring the sack? I bring the bucket We have the 650kg magnet with us if we catch something really big I hope we will need it I’d say lets go! Typical case, a lot of scraps on the magnet. This way you can clean it easily, don’t have to use hands I’d like to say the reason we made these in white color is because you cannot see the dirt on it We got the first rod holder very cute pocket size one We thought we won’t catch any rod holders because last time we didn’t have any, and there you go, 10min and we got our first one. A knife. Who has a lot of them? Béla Konecsni! we can do it also kisses from Dömsöd This time, when you stuck on a metal like this you are able to use the magnets with it Here is a little area what you can play with sure you can still catch a lot, good luck with it. we spent 3 hours here, had a very nice weather, lot of fishers, and kids We had like 5-6 piers 2 knives, few rod holders, cans, and some big round item from which we struggled to get the magnet off we thought we have to take it home, and get off the magnet with a rubber hammer Luckily we caught something which was helpful to get it off We will come back again, don’t was to miss the rest of the piers We hope you liked the video if so, please subscribe we will come again with a video soon Bye!

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