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Magnet Fishing Sketchy Rail Road Bridge!!

Magnet Fishing Sketchy Rail Road Bridge!!

gunshots I can hear him shooting towards
this away I’m actually hiding behind this wall I come back everybody we are
at a new location today we are gonna be magnificient this railroad bridge
brought to 1500 pound pull magnet so stick around it’s gonna be a great
episode guys just drop in right here honestly thought this place is gonna be
a lot deeper who feels something yep that’s something let’s see what that
thing is oh look at that guy’s just a little junk piece of metal
probably something off the bridge a couple items so there is something else
on there I also got like a little bolt – not bad let’s drop it up and down right
here because there’s a lot of mud so some of the stuff may be underneath the
mud just gotta make sure I’m paying attention no trains sneak up on me something on there yeah there is
something on there no I thought if I couldn’t see it
look at that do that I sure what kind of bolt that is how’s
about I go ahead and move over to another spot bounce here a few more
times so we can’t find anything it’s always good to go over spots two or
three times Hey I feel something there’s something
on there there is something on there oh that old bolt probably to the top of the
train so I’m not too bad one little hole we already found four little four or
five items already all right guys we’re gonna move on the other side of this
bridge see if we can’t find anything over there hey guys were over here now
looks like there’s a big old metal plate right there should I get that out there
oh hey right on it look at that big old piece of metal thing is heavy very heavy
oh come on not one drop that Oh how’s close he’s got my thumb hey we’ve been
bad maybe not guys it’s like it’s a railroad
plate there along the road right here so only big fine today not too bad
Oh guys there’s another piece of metal right there in a watery probably can’t
see it I’m gonna go ahead and try to kill this on top of it I said we can’t
get it come on oh we got it always another one of those doing it the things
are a pain to come off you think you fall off as much as I care
oh I hate getting nose oh oh look at that guy’s another one of
these these things weigh like 20 pounds all right guys I think that’s it another
piece of metal right there Sam for sure it might be a rock or a
stick but I’ll drag the magnet over and see is it yep sure was another railroad
tie I just moved to it they were part of the bridge real quick my guys just drop
it right here one side there’s a lot sticks right here but it might be
something then there you never know there was – this never sure kind not all
this this pison to do at the railroad also all right guys move down to the
lower part of the bridge we’re gonna have throw it under here and see if we
can’t find anything under here I do see a couple of little pieces right there
well bit a little bit but let’s try under here cuz I can’t really see heck
yeah I knew it I heard it her right away look at that another one of these you’re way up under there oh we got a little piece of metal look
at that probably something else to bridge also Oh didn’t see that well that lets takes
another bolt off the bridge oh I think I felt something might be wrong
uh-oh I do got something look a couple of these today so far is we’re going to
it different spot right now we’re below the bridge I saw a big piece of metal
down there in the water so we’re down there trying to get it hopefully there’s
no snakes down here because I got sandals on I don’t know if y’all can see
that but there’s a piece of metal right there in the water let’s go around over
here it might be easier definitely a big piece my magnet don’t get stuck to it oh
we’re getting it – oh we got it oh yeah I knew that was a big piece look at guys
let’s drag that up there we’ll take a closer look at it
guys look at this guys I just got that out over there there must be a piece to
the old bridge maybe the original bridge that was here who knows other thing it’s
definitely heavy unfortunately I can’t take it because
I’m on railroad property it’s against the wall so I gotta leave this behind
but that was a gunshot did you guys hear that gunshot hello by
shooting out here that is gunshots alright guys we’re gonna head out here actually kind of scared to go up there
and walk because the gunshots are coming from that way I can hear him shooting
towards this away all right sorry I’m good out of here all
right guys real quick let’s take a look what we found real quick I’m actually
hiding behind this wall wash show you guys my intro because somebody’s
shooting guns probably here right here the bullets and shooting them over there
like a here I’m shooting across the railroad tracks so we’re gonna hide
behind here and trying to get shot by stray bullet
and then I’m on book II out of here anyway let’s take a look at our quick
found a couple of these are these big ol plates you think they’re heavy look at
that another one do not like getting the magnet stuck to these I’d prefer to ever
find those where will spike must be a bolt to this bridge or something this
goes through the railroad also not really sure what these are never seen
these before found a couple of them down this weird piece of metal that thing’s
been here for a way long time that’s not a couple this is a metal not really sure
what all this goes to anyways I hope you all enjoy today’s episode if you’re
brand new to my show go hit that subscribe button and I thank you so much
for watching I hope to see you again next time

59 comments on “Magnet Fishing Sketchy Rail Road Bridge!!

  1. Thanks for sharing another good video. Missed the river but that looked like a nice place. What rope do you use on your magnets?

  2. Just a heads up buddy watch taking railroad pieces to scrap yard. And them bolts that look like screws are track bolts. They hold the plates you found to the railroad ties. And the other bolt and nut are the ones that link the track together.

  3. Wow! Awesome video. I am so curious to hear where those bolt/screw things came from. I wonder if a lot of that is from the construction of the Old bridge.

  4. So that's what you look like. Those steel plates from the railroad tracks, I see them all the time because I go to a few Rail Yards but I have about a dozen of those. I primarily use them or repurpose them by installing some floor leveling jack stand things I got from Home Depot but the steel plate on those were pretty thin and flimsy. So I put one on top and one on bottom then mounted about four of them across the main beam in my crawl space to help level the floor up.

  5. Have you ever offered to sell or trade any metal to a blacksmith? They could make some really nice stuff with some of your finds. ☮💜👍

  6. I would of thought that you would of found a truck load off that old bridge , i grew up on trains , my grandpa spent his whole adult life right up until the train he loved rolled back and he waz crush when the train cuppulled up and locked.. But it was a time with less rules.. Mr ranger thank for your service ..

  7. Another great video.
    You need some safety toe sandals.
    Some train drivers are very good at sneaking up on people on bridges and giving a blast on the 180 decibel horns causing loss of sphincter control.

  8. Another great video Tom Sawyer!!! At least we got to see your face!!! Keep up the good finds!!! So are you not fishing at the Mississippi River anymore??? Never a dull moment!!! Always be safe when it comes to gun shots!!! You never know what direction they are coming from!!! Looking forward to the next video!!!

  9. Hi all these objects that comes from the construction of the railway and ben said me he still passes the train? bravo anyway 👏👏👏👏🙋🏻‍♂️

  10. As always, another great video. Can't wait for the next. 🤘✌️ Stay safe. Gonna order a magnet on payday and hopefully start up here in Canada.

  11. Sorry if i was so late for the vid,i was asleep,and i was bussy playing games and you know me i love playing games,coll vid btw,(no guns allowed in public)said somehone,dose gun shots hurt meh ears

  12. i think the bridge or trains are falling apart,lol man you could fall off that bridge easy,good job cleaning uo,

  13. Great video!! Folks are really careless where they shoot. Those plates ARE heavy. People are taking those RR spikes, cleaning them, driving them into a piece of wood about an inch and selling them as coat or hat rack. Take care brother

  14. My wife and 16 year old boy love to watch you on our big hd tv every on sundays when we are all at home .. Thank you for the great magnet show ..

  15. I have a question, why were you not able to take the huge piece of metal but were able to take the other items? I think I kind of misunderstood your statement about the RR.

  16. Trains? That's an active bridge! 😳😳😳😳 where is our tax payers money going? That bridge looks sketchy as all * * *

  17. Those plates for the rail roads are heavy duty stuff those things have weight to them they make good plates for crushing rocks for gold hunting

  18. Bought time you show yourself. Thought maybe you was under police protection Bc you never showed your face. Lol. Nah all is good. Watch out for the flying bullets. Them things will get ya. Thanks for sharing buddy. See ya on the next one.

  19. First of all ,heck yah.. Awsome .. This is what you say to a good pull .. I want to thank you for showing me the fun we would have hunting for stuff as a scrapper.. Im not sure yet but im starting my own channel .. Thanks brother for the great vides .. Watch out for my links in the days to come . just working out all the bugs as they say ..

  20. Jeff…please stay off active rails. Trains travel in excess of 60 mph and do not use their horn except for crossings. I would hate for you to be on bridge and not be able to get out of the way in time. Plenty of good spots out there. Please be safe!

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