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Magnet Fishing The Legendary Kiss Bridge in Finland

Magnet Fishing The Legendary Kiss Bridge in Finland

Boom! Welcome to True Vikings. I’m here in Kokkola this place is called Pususilta, if you would translate it It would be called kiss bridge, but I’m not here to kiss. I’m here to do some magnet fishing. Finndetector sent us these great Super magnets, you should check out their magnets. I will link the site below in the description You should definitely buy some of these, these are perfect. These are I think they’re these are Russian magnets magnet *something in russian* My russian is a bit rusty right now. This is my first time magnet fishing ever So, let’s see how it goes. Let’s see what we get I think we will at least get like a bike some keys or something Let’s see how it goes. This is my first throw ever with a magnet I have something here What that is some kind of from bicycle some part. So I’m almost at the bike soon. Next throw, let’s get the bike Now I have something big here, in my magnet. Look at that Found my first bike never give up Never surrender. Reactor it has seen better days Found some some iron Garbage on the side. So someone else has been here magnet fishing before me before the Vikings Probably from a bike. Yeah, it’s a pump. Some batteries Maglite (flashlight) Maybe a Maglite Whoo, this is much tougher than I expected it and what I have found Some iron not so old some stuff here Random random stuff, maybe some other magnet fisher has been here before me some iron No idea and yeah, the bike stuff. What I learned from this, my first time magnet fishing. Buy better gloves and Bring better shoes. Awesome magnet here. You should buy one of these from Finndetector if you want To go magnet fishing. It was really fun and It even got up a bike. My first bike, my first time magnet fishing Awesome. So hit that subscribe button if you want to see more magnet fishing and hit the bell and like and leave a comment below and See you in the next video

14 comments on “Magnet Fishing The Legendary Kiss Bridge in Finland

  1. How do you make a magnet fishing video look cool? Is it GoPro on you head? Cinematics? Music? Leave a comment and don't forget to click that Subscribe button if you wanna see more magnet fishing videos! 🙂

  2. Great drone work! For the first time it was a successful hunt. Would love to see you pull out some WW2 stuff! Take care and H.H.!

  3. Nice action photos. Congratulations on the bike and random finds. I bet as you guessed someone’s been fishing the area before you. Looking forward to your next video. Best of luck.

  4. I was shocked when you pulled out that tiny bike part and said now I'm going to get the bicycle; then on the next throw, you got a bicycle 😂 I really couldn't believe it 😲

  5. Yeah magnet fishing is a tough hobby. Never seen anyone pull anything good up. It's worth a try though if you know of a popular place where ppl always go.

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