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Magnet Fishing – Unbelievable How Many Illegal Things Found In Birmingham

Magnet Fishing – Unbelievable How Many Illegal Things Found In Birmingham

find an awesome find yes within five seconds boom morning
everyone today we’re with brummies outdoors and Scott hardgood down the
bottom we’re in Birmingham i want to find a nazi knife number two this end we’ve got Scott it’s got
hargood this cameras is funny with light
so you got Scott . thank you for the invite over she’s got as soon as you go in the
canal wheel clamp far now in about five seconds so there should be quite
good finds scaffolding clamp scuffle you Paul oh hey wait up what is this bit I want to be some sort
of slammed back welcome press it’s been neat enough to say it’s been cut out
with a say a bridge or something you can cut a circle would you look every
whatever it is you dare brummies outdoors I’ve just found a
giant chimney God knows good knows where that’s come from it’s
huge they’re getting all the biggest ones
today and this is a pile of cuts itself are
plenty of plastic as well the plastic I’m going to bag up and put in the bin
over metal or go to a scrap yard and of a scaffolding pour tons of plastic Wow see a guy’s pollution actually been
taken out what good knows what they can out the river trust you with their money
making lots of bubbles no idea what it is Mike Fred look at it don’t miss like
what Wow look how old that is really corroded very old never seen one that karate before but
it’s been in there a long long time some browsers no creatures coming out of it creatures beals what are they a lot of
things nothing they’re not crayfish are they grab a big crayfish not too sure anybody know what these creatures are don’t like look crayfish they look like me cries oh yeah yeah yeah that’s what I thought but you won’t
be underwater aliens never sent back that karate
before or dresser Oh give me the creeps and more things Cheers now I just use your whip wheel
comes this is cc2 it Wow our since back the whole little leather pasties in
there yeah what other punches on string but I like
it shape of a necklace don’t know it’s
gotta be some sort of a ritual I don’t know to weigh you down with a brick whoops sorry
cavalry buckets got to watch the canal cheers well clean me mess move definitely nice and sunny fog is
going I like it I’m gonna stop for other scrap metal and
pull the plastic out and bag it up and then I can pull out in the bin and then
get the scrap metal to scrap that think he’s gonna bring his trailer down
we could attach this trailer and try and bring you down the path and then with a
load of scrap here and push it back up so it’s a first bridge we don’t clean up
our stuff put it in Phil’s trailer and we’re gonna head to the second bridge
see how it’s confined often don’t pull this out yeah he’s gonna pop go then I need your
muscles on that one so you can get it Jesus find an awesome find Wow Jesus him take you AC yeah sometimes it’s like a survival kit
you so much oh that smell that side timer Oh fingers
a security lock security take well you know how that was it
why is it I think it’s an old walk I think Susan yes not what you see we put
your key that’s what you put the old key that’s where the end of this it’s cure
find let me show you that I’m never amazing find crossbar
like that one oh why is it that for that one maybe I
just snapped but I just snapped in it this bridges I’ll go mine TDR you can find it even found yeah I’m
gonna shoot to the crossbar yeah are nice those got a nice shotgun barrel I’m
doing over I like it off where you’ll find the the other end of it oh that’s
sweet this time the spider-man knife so
thirsty oh no it’s not dude what’s up my fingers office don’t set my fingers off more than yeah yeah also nice
I clean up nice up I said let’s preview similar spiderweb on the blood is this
bridge administered yeah that’s an F and but somebody’s Tenten e on it
yeah that’s Dodger Wow nice knife this proper weapon dumping on that yeah it’s
free for CD fancy I found a machete and a knife Phillips found a sauna shotgun
barrel and I found a crossbows or the machete wow it’s the right buddy it’s a
weapons stash this unbelievable episode a brilliant day for the Brumbies
outdoors Scott is fun way and Mark yeah but some
amazing finds I’m gonna put the channel links in the description below and don’t
forget to subscribe just before you click away if you are simulating stop
wold it’s just at the top there if you wanna see a video YouTube recommends
it’s just underneath it and don’t forget to subscribe you can see Armalite your
stop Wald’s by clicking the magnet I’ll see you in the next one

100 comments on “Magnet Fishing – Unbelievable How Many Illegal Things Found In Birmingham

  1. That alien gun you found was a mini crossbow, the other side just wasn’t on it and that strap obviously could see all the marks

  2. What magnet are you using in the video, and why are you using this kind of magnet? Is it because of the plants in the river or something else?

  3. 16 minutes and 12 seconds of why I visit small towns and the countryside in the UK and not Birmingham or London 😂😭

  4. That looks so fun, but what you do with all that junk? I'd probably get bored lol

    Also the reason your camera deals badly with direct light is because you need an nd filter, it will reduce light entering the lense

  5. Where you next coz im in manchester n wunt mind come watching some day love watching ure videos keep up good work

  6. So I’ve been watching you for about a week and next thing my little brother rides past on a bike and calls you a legend 😂 was not expecting to see my brother on your video haha small world

  7. Bro those leather patches you found. Please burn them immediately. It's a black magic ritual used to curse someone. You'll be doing someone a huge favour in Birmingham if you burn them.

  8. The numberplates are from a white and black mercedes, and the bottom plate before the tape is a silver mercedes

  9. There probably so many illegal things because idiots make everything illegal. If you found that stuff where i live (in nevada) it would just be called stuff. How are those muzzies treating you guys again?

  10. Have you ever found a gun that still looks functional with a loaded magazine?

  11. The creatures were freshwater shrimp – probably a mixture of Gammarus pulex (our native) and Gammarus haemobaphes (Demon Shrimp!, the non-native invasive) which is rapidly spreading through our canal network.

  12. that white reg plate belongs to a white mercedes benz which is taxed and mot'd and it passed its last mot with no advisorys…how did its plate end up in there ??

  13. I do like that the 'unintended' side effect of your hobby is cleaning up the canal. Win/win really.

  14. Do you need a loicense for this kinda stuff or can you just wander down to the local canal and have a go?

  15. You should fish in the Tamworth Canal , Tamworth’s a small town near birmingham and i seriously doubt that anyone has ever magnet fished there!

  16. The small critters are crustaceans, freshwater shrimps (gammarus pulex), kind of midway between shrimps and land dwelling woodlice.

  17. What a filthy foul waterway – absolutely toxic. NASTY. Must smell disgusting. People are morons throwing trash and debris into rivers, streams, canals, lakes, and oceans.

  18. more modren wheel clamp, small scalfing poles you can actily sell them to places if they need them i think, wow that is one rusted out bike! that's either been there since the 90's earily 00's or is so cheapy made the etal has rusted away quickly, another wheel clamp and a bi ol' knife! odd looking sercity device looks more like a fishing line, an old lock might of been a door attached to it years ago, the remains of a cross bow hair clippers hmm okay errr number plates unless there is a car in there i'd be taken them around to the local police station to be checke over for owners might be its fallen off from light damage or its been put on for dodgey crimes,
    should come to ely might find some cool stuff in there

  19. Prediction: The next big think on Youtube is going to be obviously fake magnet fishing videos where people pull our mason jars full of silver bullion, and airtight metal capsules with supreme t-shirts in them.

  20. this is insane, you found a couple of knives(one expensive looking), a survival machete, a CROSSBOW and a shotgun barrel. What happened here?

  21. I bet all them knifes have been involved in stabbings! & thats why they was thrown in the river…. id give all the knifes & number plates to the police.

  22. no wonder you found all this stuff it’s birmingham hahahahaha
    however its a damn shame what englanfs coming to

  23. Those leather pouch necklace things are called taweez or tameemah. They're used a lot by Pakistani Muslims. They will write verses of the Quran on paper and put it inside the pouch for "protection". Although, most of the time, people write utter nonsense and "magic spells".

  24. Showed my friend one of your videos. She thinks you are as brilliant as I do. I've shown her how to subscribe so she should have done it by now.

  25. Gareth, where did you get your grappling hook, or did you make it ? On the back of your trailer it should read, On the road 4 another load !

  26. Hi Gareth love the channel bro watching you has inspired me to start so could you help me with a couple of questions please brother firstly would you recommend buying a kit with the rope and the magnet ? And what magnet is best the normal like bell shaped one or a double sided magnet ? And lastly what strength magnet do you recommend to start off with ? Will I need just a rope and magnet to start or a couple of magnets ? If you could help me with the questions it’ll be much appreciated buddy keep up the good work 👍👍

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