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Magnet Fishing Under A Dead End Bridge (Surprising Finds)

Magnet Fishing Under A Dead End Bridge (Surprising Finds)

this time bag is something guys
she’s pulling off something big right there guys she got something huge that
al has disgusting so guys say we are at the outskirts of
East st. Louis hey we’re gonna do something a little bit different I
actually got two guests with me today check these guests out you guys might
recognize them hi I’m Rose and I’m Angela we’re the treasurer vixx’s I’ll
check that out guys I just hooked on something huge big old piece of metal
right here check out that guy’s huge I don’t know what that thing is
could be oh yeah that’s look like a part of a car on the other side yeah but
that’s the old piece too old car he’s got little nubby pieces on oh yeah
that’s got do you see that piece right there well hook on it yeah awesome okay
guys yeah look at that guys and that some more metal nothing special
but at least we’re pulling up stuff and say if I can connect to it to break my
magnet yeah it’s definitely down in there let’s take a look what she got how
that end up in there piece to burn sir it’s pretty cool I just got a big old
piece of metal do that guys will say it’s old pipe or something oh yeah well
Russell’s good yeah I’ll take a look at that it’s just a
piece it doesn’t have a hole it’s just the thing another mystery piece of metal
the crusty mystery banana for a hot minute all right guys got something got another
nice piece of metal hey that guy’s not too bad
probably like old trashcan or something because that guy’s big old piece of
metal bill flat piece and we’re just pulling this stuff up like crazy guys
let’s be old sign SPL sign yeah red could be old stop sign look with sheet
mountain guys all these boards loads oh yeah fishing hook now everything but is
this one this was different than the rest of them huge piece of metal not
sure what that is more of that flat metal but they were color more Springs alright guys we’re gonna move below the
bridge see how we do down here who’s found bag of something guys nothing oh look at that
silly of that guy’s looks like somebody threw a deer off into the water I hear
guys check that out I was disgusting at least it’s not human guys look what she
just found and she’s in the water too I can’t get over how hot boots Oh what
is that oh it’s old white that matter but she got it out of the water that’s some more metal yes definitely a
sign old sign look what she found guys it looks like it’s all highway sign
she’s pulling up something big right there guys she got something huge a
riddled with bullets and everything I December I’ll try it
alright yeah I’ll get that alright guys salut we just found check
it out we found all kinds of pieces of this flat metal I believe it’s a sign
probably a very old sign let’s check out this we did find some
heavy metal never sure what this thing is anybody knows what this is let me
know down in the comments also found some more scrap metal just loads of
scrap metal look at all this stuff just everywhere but check out this this thing
is freakin huge anybody knows this thing is definitely let me know in the
comments well I get a special thanks to my brand new friends magnet fish and
friends if you guys are brand new y’all never heard of their channel their
channel is called treasure vixens make sure you go over there and check out
their channel or their channel smash that subscribe button they have some
really cool stuff they found an ak-47 song off shotgun there from the st.
Louis area so they’re probably gonna find some really cool stuff in the
future months coming up you

32 comments on “Magnet Fishing Under A Dead End Bridge (Surprising Finds)

  1. Great video! It’s always amazing to find a lot of stuff in a shallow body of water. Great job having special guests and giving them a shout out to get their channel going. Also being in a totally new location! Awesome job Jeff!!!

  2. Havent seen a video in a while good to see you back
    A starter cylinder head and alot of sheet metal nice that looked like a pretty old cylinder head off a small engine nice finds ill check out their channel as well glad you're back

  3. Great video! Loved the drone footage and music overlay! Thank u so much for coming out to visit us and all u have done to help promote us! U r an awesome guy and we r forever grateful 😁

  4. Woah Woah Woah.
    You can't drop a video on Friday morning all of a sudden..I wasn't prepared..I'm like 27th now..? 🤷‍♂️ I can't be 27th Jeff..I feel so dirty all the way up here..🤦‍♂️

  5. The 1st unknown is a starter from a car the second is a jug (cylinder) from a dirt bike or 4 wheeler engine……good stuff thanks

  6. Yeah them girls are something else😂👍 was excited to see their video with you. Always fun to watch good videos 👍

  7. I believe that first big thing you found is the starter off a cast, the second one appears to be the top of a lawn mower engine. I grew up in East St. Louis, id like to know just where you were located, but please be careful as that is not a very safe place anymore

  8. Fun video, you need to encourage forming magnetic fishing clubs. Just about all hobbies like walking running biking etc., have them. They could sure cover the lakes rivers and streams. I think kids would love it. Although part of the wonderful aspect of magnetic fishing is the solitude of just being alone in your thoughts and pulling up treasure. But in remote areas sometimes it is best to have a team member for safety. Happy Holidays and love to see more videos in 2020

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