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Maintaining the Culture of Salmon

Maintaining the Culture of Salmon

♪ [music] ♪ – [Alex Gouley] You know salmon, it’s a part of
our identity, it’s a part of our culture, our spirituality, our
religion, our economics. – [Cynthia Iyall] Long ago, our ancestors
believed that we’re related to the earth, we’re related to the river, we’re related
to the salmon. Our people fished on this river, and the very essence
of our life was salmon. – [Germaine Hart] It’s always been in our
culture, salmon has. I’ve talked with relatives of mine and they remember
when sockeye was plentiful, but that was
decades ago. – [Melvin R. Sampson] The resource needs our
assistance, probably more so now than it has ever, because of…because it’s
totally deteriorated to some of our tributaries. And when we talk about
hatcheries, we want to maintain all the species instead of a minority of the
species because this is absolutely necessary. – [Kenneth Currens] The Indian tribes, of course,
signed treaties with the federal government in the 1850s, and
they reserved the right, that is, they kept the right they already had to
fish, hunt, and gather in their usual and accustomed places. And salmon were
just a vital reason why they did that. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Alex Gouley] All the tribes work together
with a similar cause. We work to protect and enhance and
restore the habitat and the fisheries throughout our tribal treaty area. Because we’ve all gone through
loss of culture, loss of language, loss of habitat, loss of salmon
runs, loss of lands and rights. So hatcheries, right
now, maintain our way of life. – [Shawn Yanity] For us the hatchery, I mean
you’re literally looking at our culture sitting and swimming in a tank. That’s
where our culture is right now. – [Melvin R. Sampson] Nobody’s going to do this unless we do, and
we have the best understanding of why, because it’s essential for the sake of us,
if we’re ever going to be here tomorrow. ♪ [music] ♪

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