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Make shelter, fire and fishing, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 35

Make shelter, fire and fishing, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 35

A quite dense bamboo forest This material is really useful for constructions… of traps and making fire A dry bamboo The soil of this place is soft This position is quite high and suitable for making a shelter It’s time to find something to solve the hunger Stream fishes love the earthworm so much This is the performance The smell of grilled fished is attractive Taste good An insect

87 comments on “Make shelter, fire and fishing, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 35

  1. I continue to choose an area next to the stream although the following months are rainy and flooding can happen at any time. I hope I can soon complete the best house here. Don't forget to press "like" and "subscrible" to support us. Have fun watching !!!

  2. Wow…watching your videos gives me more knowledge on how to survive in the tropical forest without the aid of technology…..keep up the good work if u agree….👍👍👍💞

  3. Love this channel,its so practical,i've been just waiting for the new release,overnite will be interesting too.

  4. You got to eating more than a small fish to sustain your daily calories, no supplement rice or any carbs.

  5. I love watching these vids but for fucks sake please clean the mud off your parang, a knifeman always takes care of his tools and having mud caked on your primary tool for survival isn't a good look.

  6. I really like ur muscle n ur nerve when u wr making fire,.
    Love from Nagaland.

  7. ไปอยู่ด้วยคนสิ บรรยากาศดีมาก

  8. I have a question: you didn't drink?
    Tôi có một thắc mắc: bạn không uống nước à?

  9. im laughing while he make fire i dont know why, its like banging someone hahahaah good job man! job welldone

  10. Ele é considerado um guerreiro da Floresta ke luta pela sobrevivência você é demais jovens fortes 👍👍👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  11. Bakit kaya nya iniiwan yung mga bahay na nagagawa nya ang dami nyang gamit na nagawa na sa mga bahay nayun

  12. Dalam survivel cara membuat api adalah hal paling sulit yg harus bisa dikuasai. Tanpa kemampuan membuat api, maka tamatlah riwayatmu di tengah hutan rimba.


  14. If i tried to run barefoot in a rainforest on rocks and twigs like you, id be on my ass in 10 seconds in excruciating foot pain crying like a little baby

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