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47 comments on “Making 10 casts per day – will I catch anything?! 🐊 (SHORE FISHING CHALLENGE)

  1. Carry a small bottle of birch polypore tincture with you. Cuts and bites treated with this will stop bleeding immediately, never get infected, and will heal in only a couple of days. There is nothing you can buy from a pharmacy that is as effective. Ask the old people about this miracle.

  2. Pontus you should try fishing for autum perch! That are the only fish I managed to catch but I also caught some bonus pike. 🙂

  3. Good idea but too be honest not a very good approach. For me the whole idea of only 10 cast would be to show that you can catch something even when you only have like 15 minutes free time. Now you take your time to find the depth with the deeper, go to multiple spots and even float tube one day. Yes you make only 10 casts but the time invested is pretty high.
    Might have been a better challenge if you gave yourself a time limit of 15-30 minutes instead of a cast limit. But that is just my opinion.

  4. Fascinating challenge, admire your restraint , would be interesting to see same again but at a different time of year for comparison.

  5. i like this , 10 days , 10 cast . good challange and hard mision because that fishing. you newer know what happen . pieprzyć hejterów .

  6. It's very nice that despite the lack of time you are recording material for your viewers, at the expense of time that you could spend on fishing. 👍👍

  7. Kul video, Men hur många gånger har du sumpat telefonen från klipporna eller flytringen? Den ser ut att alltid ligga farligt nära kanten =)

  8. Super crazy idea for video!
    I'm happy that you took my suggestion to fish curly vs paddle tail in winter conditions! 🙂

  9. Hy very nice video I wanna ask you something I try to order a cap name Big Pike from your website but it does not work can you please tell me how to do it please?

  10. Now that ice fishing is around the corner, what about a 10 x 10 holes challenge? I challenge you 😈 to without using any screen at all, drill 10 holes per day and fish each hole only once, let's say max 20 seconds per hole. It would be nice to see not only Tobbe on ice but more of you guys too!

  11. Hey Pontus, how about trying some hydrophobic spray on your line guides so then water won't build up on them and hopefully then ice won't form on them. Idea just popped into my head, if you do try this, let us know how well this idea works 🙂

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