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Making a JELLO AQUARIUM out of Candy!

Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel first off I’m sure you’re noticing my eyes, and I’m wearing green contacts right now since this is like an ocean watery video I’m trying on a bunch of different colored contacts at my vlog channel, so I’ll link that below so today’s video is Making a jello aquarium when I was younger and my grandma made me this birthday cake a jello sea Cake and I thought it would be cool to like kind of recreate it and just make like a giant jello aquarium I looked it up to see if anyone else had done this before and Marlin did this video So you guys should check his out only get below, but before we start the video. Let’s do today’s ten second challenge Thank you guys so much for submitting your drawings so your challenge is to like this video press subscribe if you’re not already turn to my notifications and comment below any underwater sea creature go So for next week’s challenge. I want to see a video of you guys underwater like doing something underwater It could be like an old video you have like if any of you guys have GoPro videos But I thought that’d be really cool, and let’s get into the video I’m gonna go over all the ingredients first thing you’re gonna need is a bunch of jello So I’m gonna do clear jello, and then just add a little bit of blue Then you will need a bunch of sea creatures. We have fish octopus turtles starfish Lobsters sharks most of them were from Dylan’s Candy Bar. They have random little fish and turtles and all that kind of stuff Why did the range mate? We’ve got the entire speed going into this tank we need the base of the fish tank so for that I’m using nerd you can use like any kind of little candy rocks you want But I think nerds look most like those little rocks that are at the bottom of appeareance And then I got like actual quarrel You know this is pretty and the whole thing doesn’t have to be candy okay alright, so we’ve got other ingredients and let die First we’re gonna start with our base of our aquariums We’re gonna add some actual like little coral pieces Obviously these are not at a bollock aesthetic it has to look pretty we have like a cute little treasure chest Okay now our little aquarium is all prepared. We must move on to the harder part making all the jello But it’s finally cooled that is when it’s time to begin the aquarium, let’s go there’s been a lot of preparation I’m ready. Let’s do it Okay
guys to the Nerds were actually a bad idea the candy is coated in coloring or something when we put the jello in it and made it really murky and gross looking so I bought the Actual Ravel that you put on a bottom of a fish tank if you guys want to use like Actual candy I would recommend just like finding a candy That’s not coated in something right so this will technically be like the first ocean layer So, I just took this out of the fridge we left it in there for like an hour and hour and a half fish with Cellos basically like kind of jello, but still a little bit watery now I’m going to insert some of our bottom dwellers. I want just like the animals that live on the bottom of the ocean now I’m gonna take some of these like long skewers, and I’m gonna use them to like insert the creatures and this is so exciting Okay now we’re gonna add in a little lobster. All right. He’s in Okay, so we realized the candies that have a sugary sour coating are kind of leaking a little bit So I think we’re gonna rinse now. It’s a scientific experiment, and I’m doing it for you, so you guys can do it perfectly Really they’re real animals We’re going to add the rest of the jello we just need a bunch of jello Now we’re gonna add in a little bit of blue food coloring because we want this to be like a beautiful ocean Oh yeah those good What’s this bad boy in the fridge guys, so I just – since oh my god Like This is the Finnish aquarium, but now we’re gonna put this in the fridge probably overnight and then play with it. Let’s do it Yeah, I should destroy We left this in the fridge overnight and now it’s officially a cello I want to take this out and have it like standing on its own because I think that’d be really cool No No that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to give it a like comment below any other like jello videos you guys would want to see
And if you guys want to be the next 10 second Challenger submit a video with the hashtag 10 second Charlie of you guys doing something underwater that is it and I was team guys next Time love you. Bye

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