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Making a Lotus Aquarium Set Up – DIY

Having an outdoor pond or aquarium with lotus
plant is really charming and apart from this such set up are also good for breeding small
freshwater fishes like guppies and mollies which are also very easy to breed. I have made an aquarium for lotus plant myself
and I will show how I made it. Also someone asked me about how to grow lotus
plant from seeds and take care of it so I will tell it also but, in my upcoming videos
so make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications. Now lotus aquarium I made was from glass and
I built it since I didn’t had any ponds or pools in my house. I first built this aquarium for turtles but
due to the chance of predator’s attack I decide to plant lotus plants and breed some
guppies in it if possible. So let’s get started with setting up of
outdoor lotus aquarium. First I decided where to place it, lotus plant
mostly grows in open area with proper sunlight and warm water. So I decided to make this set up on the top
of my house where there is sufficient sunlight. Also I had these petha birds that eats the
lotus I was growing which is named Nelumbo nucifera. So I have to keep them at bay as well. I begin by placing some cement bricks and
then I made wood frames like this one and placed on top of it
After that I put white thick air sponge on top of it to give aquarium a soft surface
to rest on. Now I placed the aquarium I built myself on
top of it. Before continuing further the whole set up
needs a good cleanup. Now I put some soil in it I preferred Aqua
Design Amano Ada Aqua Soil Amazonia 9 Liter Normal Type which is good for any aquatic
plants and provides all essential nutrients, there is also powdered type of this soil as
well. You can also add a layer of power sand before
adding this soil to enable cultivation of aerobic bacteria and better root growth. If you want to buy this soil or the power
sand I have dropped a link in the description you can buy it from there. I decided to plant the plant on the outer
surface so I added soil like this then I put some white crystalline quartz gravel towards
the center. Also make sure to thoroughly wash the soil
and gravel in water to avoid cloudiness after adding water. Now I spread all soil layers evenly so that
it appears natural to viewers but also healthy and good for plants and fishes which is very
important. My layout was based on island costal end so
I made the gravel arrangement like that you can spark your own idea and make a different
outlook as well. After adding soil now plants are added and
while adding plants like lotus plant make sure there roots are completely submerged
and for that the soil layer should be bit thicker. Now it’s time to place the decors, I choose
some rocks, some hiding places for fishes and water fountain pump kit which I shown
in one of my earlier videos. Place these decors as pleasing to you and
probably place the hiding caves for fish in shaded places where there is more plants. It’s time to add water I choose normal tap
water and after filling the aquarium you can treat the water with stress coat or similar
solutions to remove harmful metals and chemicals from it. Now after adding water and adequate treatment
solutions you can add fishes and water fountain pump kit
And that’s it, now since this aquarium is an outdoor aquarium it can easily get algae
bloom in certain season near to springs for that I recommend adding barley straw like
this one which is very easy to make. I wrapped the barley straw in mesh bags like
this and place some heavy gravels in it and close the bag. You can place it in ponds or aquariums. This straws releases hydrogen peroxide which
kills algae and prevent them from growing in large amount. Also you can try algae fix for ponds or pond
dyes to make water clear and prevent the algae growth. Links to this are also in description you
can buy it from there. So if you add these chemicals it is necessary
to remove the dead waste formed after it or it will pollute the water and may harm fish
and plants. In fact whatever maintenance work you do for
pond can be applied for outdoor aquariums so you can search for other problems that
can rise in it. In fact I say the pond care products are very
costly so unless you can afford for it don’t try to make such huge set up as pond problems
are numerous and same can be applied to large set up like this one too. You can also grow lotus plants in small pots
as well you just need to make sure the water is good and plant get adequate nutrients for
their growth so for pot plantation you can add small amount of nutrients in certain period
of time so that plant stay just healthy. Also if you are making lotus aquarium like
this one try converting it to aquaponics set up or power it with solar inverter units to
make it run efficiently. So in this way I finished making by lotus
aquarium and I put some guppy fish also in it for breeding them and these fishes breed
more easily and can tolerated wide range of temperature and water conditions. I feed them too with dried bloodworms and
spirulina’s. So when there is feeding there is a need of
filter to avoid sludge and algae formation and I just added filter too in it. Further I will be adding more filters to this
set up and converting it to aquaponics as well but sometime later in future so for watching
my upcoming videos make sure you subscribe and like this video or share it with your
friends. So if you making such lotus pond or aquarium
set up I hope you can find all your lotus and fish aquarium set up products from my
links in the description. If you have any comments drop it down in the
comment section below. Until next time bye and take care and thanks
for watching

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