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Making Authentic Mexican Tacos

Making Authentic Mexican Tacos

[AIKO] Hello world! Where I’m from in Canada, this is what making a real Mexican Taco is like. My friend Ximena has a taco restaurant, and her dad is the chef… [XIMENA’S DAD] Since I was a kid, I really enjoyed to cook, so I always cooked with my parents. I always spent time in the kitchen with my mom. [AIKO] …and her whole family works there. [XIMENA’S DAD] Most of them are the traditional Mexican recipes like the Carnitas is The same recipe as we will have in Mexico [AIKO] Now we’re gonna make tacos ourselves. [XIMENA’S DAD] Mix it gentle. Like just put a little bit of water Just put half for the beginning, and you’re gonna like you’re gonna mix the water with the corn flour [SHIN] Like this much?
[XIMENA’S DAD] A little bit more, maybe. [SHIN] Then mix it? [XIMENA’S DAD] Yup. Just start mixing. Slowly, Just so you don’t miss the flour from the bowl. [AIKO] So Ximena’s dad brought a finished one so we can see how soft it has to be. [SHIN] Oh my god!
[XIMENA’S DAD] Is it close to this one? So it’s hard to make it to a ball, because it has water, so it goes in little pieces. [XIMENA’S DAD] Yeah, this looks pretty good. The way we normally do it in Mexico, like in every house, they will have one of these. No, that’s very big. You have to make like a little more than a ball. [SHIN] I’m the fastest!
[XIMENA’S DAD] You can use… This is wax paper, but you can use any plastic or… Very tiny Tortilla. Don’t–no, you have to put… You have to put both, otherwise it sticks. Yeah That’s okay We can redo it. You want to cook yours? Okay, let’s cook one of yours. We have to be really careful with this grill, because this is really really hot. Tortillas just take 60 seconds to cook, okay? So we’re just gonna put it on top, like this, and let the grill do the work. So you can press a little bit, just so it’s all cooked even. You want the tortilla to pop because… when it mixes with the water it creates steam in the middle. So that’s gonna cook the inside of the tortilla. That’s pretty quick. It’s popping a little bit. [GREG] Go fast, fast. There you go, you had it. [XIMENA’S DAD] So you see, this one is steaming. when they start to steam it’s the moment to flip it. You can flip this one.
[GREG] Shin, flip it! quick! It’s steaming. Oh, nice flip.
[XIMENA’S DAD] Niiiice. [GREG] Watch out, Shin. Oh, oh. Wo-ho-ho! [SHIN] It almost went in the (?) [GREG] That was close, Shin. [SHIN] I make it hot, I make it hot, I make it hot, hot, hot. [AIKO] After we cooked the tacos we got to put toppings in it [XIMENA’S DAD] Carnitas… [SHIN] No meat.
[GREG] No meat, Shin? [SHIN] Yeah, vegetarian. [GREG] “Three cheese Shin’s special taco”. Okay, what else you getting, Shin? [SHIN] Fish. [GREG] Oh, fish.
[XIMENA’S DAD] We’re gonna have to warm that up. [GREG] Oh, you have to warm it up, Shin. What are we gonna do? Oh! Look, Shin. Oooh! Be careful, Shin. [SHIN] 3, 2, 1…0! [XIMENA’S DAD] You want to melt the cheese?
[AIKO] Yeah. [XIMENA] Dad, only today I’ll put… [EVERYONE] Cheers! [XIMENA’S DAD] Good? [GREG] Let’s see Shin. What do you think, Shin? [XIMENA’S DAD] That’s your creation.
[SHIN] Good. [GREG] Yeah? [SHIN] This is my creation. [GREG] I know it’s your creation. What about you, Ximena? [XIMENA] It’s good. The first time I thought pico de gallo was good. [GREG] Aiko?
[AIKO] It’s good. [SHIN] This is very good. [XIMENA’S DAD] I think it’s actually pretty good. Yeah future in Mexican cooking [SHIN] So are you gonna put it on the menu? So how about we can just put a poster “at October we have the fish in this taco”. It was really, really hard. It was more than what I expect. It was my -well- my first time opening a restaurant, and in a different country than mine. So yeah, it was really hard, but it’s really worth it. I’m really happy now [SHIN] Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye! What are tacos like where you’re from?

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  1. There are so many mad Mexicans trying to say this isn't authentic. Isn't that a bit like saying a grilled cheese sandwhich isn't a sandwhich because there's no meat, and the original was all meat and bread? I feel like the spirit of the taco is what matters most, not getting everything exactly the way your mother makes them. Here's a Mexico native making what he knows, a glorious, beautiful, yet simple dish known as tacos. Can't get more authentic that that in Canada.

  2. Outstanding video. I'm Mexican American and live in California and
    love to see other people from other cultures eat Mexican food. I enjoy watching your videos good stuff. Have a good weekend.

  3. Wooooh so great I wish there would be such great Tacos here in Germany, but sadly they are very hard to get and when they might be not that good. So Yummy Yum Yum Oishiii.

  4. Just catching up on some of your videos.

    I have a niece named Ximena, just found it interesting that Aiko has a friend with the same name.

  5. In all of their videos when the kids are cooking I like that shin is independent and is well experienced .. I guess he will become a great cook when he is older

  6. The tortilla flattening tool that they used in this video is used in India to flatten poori dough before it is fried in oil. (see poori image here:

  7. My mom used to make fresh flour tortillas, but the flour she used, La Pina, can't be found anymore so no more fresh flour tortillas. ;.; I'm in Southern California, btw.

  8. The kids are hispanic asian mixed? Cool! My moms friend is japanese and mexican. She speaks spanish and japanese fluently and so do her kids. They're awesome people and celebrate a lot of both cultures along with being american. They part take in many traditions and enjoy home cooked meals with miso soup and enchiladas. Basically, they're really culturally diverse


  10. I started laughing really hard when the boy put all the masa in the thing that makes the tortea flat

  11. Its not at all how too make a Mexican taco I'm Mexican I should know its more tex mex tacos not trying too be rude/mean but it just bothered me

  12. Those are not real Mexican tacos am Mexican and that's not real food for where am from maybe from another culture but that's not real Mexican food

  13. wow so your kids are half canada and half japanese ?? SO GREAATTTT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Love From Indonesia 🇮🇩

  14. My country has the most good quality tacos but it does NOT fill our stomach because it is as light as..air..JK we don't have tacos.Stop!
    Read more

  15. La sìngal de la santa cruz de nuśtros enemigos líbranos sénor Díos nuśtro en el nombre del padre y al hijo de el espírito santo ámen

  16. Do you know Tacorice? It's tacos on rice which was produced in Okinawa Japan as meals for restaurant workers on US military base.
    It's delicious.

  17. Guys anytime yoir in los Angeles you NEED to go to Leo's Tacos best authentic tacos in the world and their really cheap $1.25 sksks I'm mexican and I love that place!

  18. It was really gracious of Rodrigo to offer his restaurant and share this experience with you & your kiddos! Also…Shin is simply awesome and so enthusiastic. Cheese Pinata Fish Taco LOL

  19. shin hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  20. While there is a fair share of mexican restaurants in Poland, we pretty much have no tacos. There are a few places who sell them but they are definitely not "authentic" tacos, more like the texmex version.

  21. Those tacos look awesome and trust me I come from a family that is Half Spanish the little boy Shin did such a good job We have a family restaurant called La fiesta

  22. Is this near St. Patrick’s Church since I live pretty near south. I’m guessing on E. 12th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C, Canada
    While I live 52 Avenues south.

  23. Shin really looks like he is greatly interested in cooking. I have felt, from every video I watch where he is cooking, he enjoys it. GOD BLESS THEM.

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