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Not bad not bad. Let’s taste it you have to taste it You have to taste large chunks of it with so many fish out here in the aquarium gallery and clearly We’re not even done yet one of the main concerns I’ve always had is how am I going to feed all of these mouths a very diet that is all nutritionally value and Specific to their diet requirements for example the Malawi cichlids are going to get you know it’s a very generic african cichlid pellet And they go pretty nuts for that stuff Right now it’s like a small pelletized size I’m clearly need to upgrade the size, but they’re still eating it, and I don’t like to waste the food So I’ll wait till this is gone, and then I’ll get them a bigger size And they’ll be just doing just fine the trophies on the other hand also get an african cichlid pellet But it’s more algae based, so it’s very high in Greens basically if I didn’t feed them this they could get Malawi or I’m sorry they could get a bloat Which would kill them if you give them too high of a protein diet? you know they just develop bloat and die so you want to feed them very high a Rich diet in green so I give them an algae based diet When I’m feeding them prepared foods like this the wharoo get a little bit of flakes and some Actually their discus specialized pellets waru have a ton in common with discus diet requirements So I give them a little bit of everything type of deal because there are some Some tetras in here as well that need a much smaller fit much smaller food This was a ton of food that I had it to this tank but you get the idea also sometimes drop in a leaf of romaine lettuce And they’ll go nuts over that Frank and the buy sure tank which is not even really done They get a combination of a few things Frank likes his flower horn pellets But I’ll also feed these guys the foods that the Arowana, and stingray get the buy sure never comes out during the day to eat any more He likes to hide in the wood. I never know where he is in there, but you get the idea again This is just a temporary system setup. Anyways, but Frank eats everything anytime Anywhere you doesn’t care just feed me The Angels are gonna. Get some fish food. That’s like a crumble. It’s got a little bit of everything in there It’s more of a general purpose food It’s a general purpose food. It’s okay, but you’re much better off feeding diet specifics But I mean there’s so many angels in here, and they love to eat anything so I could pretty much give them anything The discus and Cardinals while the discus just darted off now that I came over to the tank But the discus in Cardinal tank. They get some discus food as well as grow-out pellets none of this is important as to you know What it looks like, but you get the idea so? Some smaller sizes and as soon as it comes over to the equal check wave maker that blows it throughout the tank so everybody has a chance to get some food, but the The Cardinals take on the little tiny pellets and the discus they’ll go after the the bigger ones once I get away from the tank The rainbows of course already ready to eat these guys will get almost anything That’s made for smaller fish so flake smaller pellets and so forth today. I’m just gonna give them a tiny little pellet and They go nuts for that stuff There is a freshwater stingray in here as well And she gets the same food as the big rays just chopped up a little smaller will Will take a look at what we feed the Rays now the Rays get a homemade food. I’ve always fed. My raised homemade foods This is just larger chunks of it. It’s already defrosted as well, so I could toss that in and Everybody enjoys it the arowana. Just took a swipe at it just now but Once it sinks down for the Rays. They go nuts for it. They love it and It’s a much larger size for these rays the the small array. I actually showed you guys a few days ago How it eats and you’ve seen that you know it eats much smaller foods but it’s all the same stuff in it so this has some shrimp and some tilapia and some Scallops in there it’s also pre soaked in some vitamins So these guys are getting everything they need plus all that in some earthworms sometimes these guys love it So earthworms, and you know other little critters that you know are seasonal around here And you know I’ll add it for them the Arowana seems to be able to eat any size food you though It’s a little too big for her. She’ll go ahead and Bite it chew it out and eat it anyway So what you’ve seen so far is most of the fish in the gallery thus far are getting commercially available Foods meaning you can go out and buy these foods as well However you guys also know that I like to feed a varied diet and does that mean that I have to feed Different types of pellets and whatnot not really I like to feed Treats and treats come in the form for me in frozen foods. You guys know it. I’m talking about frozen krill brine shrimp bloodworms perhaps and so forth but some of those things can get really expensive especially since you’re Dropping in half a block into each tank so what I like to do is also make my own homemade foods to an extent for the aquarium gallery to act as a Substitute as well as to balance out. They’re dying to give them a treat. I find homemade foods are very much more wholesome There’s no fillers and a lot of the times it gets finicky eaters eating and even burns fish in to breeding conditions And you know just makes them for a more overall healthier fish But I can’t feed frozen foods exclusively because I want to be able to put these tanks on Automated feeders when I leave for extended periods of time and I’m talking you know over five days over seven days I want these guys to still be able to eat while I’m gone I can’t do that with frozen foods right now so in today’s video We’re gonna make a treat for the discus, and this is a food I’ve never seen discus turned down or refused they seem to love it so today’s video is just a video on how I’m making a treat for my discus and kind of why I’m doing it what I’m adding to it and so forth But what if I added or what if I made a fish food for all of the fish in the gallery? How would I do it in what would I add if I was going to make a food or a homemade food for these? Trophy Asst, I would focus on these main ingredients peas spinach maybe some kale some carrots and of course some proteins like some shrimp as well as a Fish like tilapia or haddock that will do these guys well, but that’s largely because these guys are mainly herbivores And you want to have a vegetable rich diet as for the Malawi cichlids up top I’d actually give them the same thing so that saves me needing to make a different type of food these guys will accept the same Thing as well, but again I probably add some color enhancers to all of these foods like there’s some yellows And Red’s in this tank and blues so I focus on adding some s taxa Then I’ve added in some probably some yellow bell peppers Just a little amount and and other color dancers of course like carrots that contain carotene These are all natural color enhancers and very popular and fish foods as is now Here’s an interesting tank the wall root tank What would I make these guys if I made them their own food well interestingly? Enough these guys can do well on a herbivore diet, or as you know more of a predator of protein rich diet? You kind of want to shoot for these guys being omnivores will delete a little bit of everything so I would add in Probably a little bit of beef heart or beef liver. I would add in some shrimp some tilapia Or other white-fleshed fish that isn’t too greasy. I’d add in some romaine lettuce I’d add in some spinach some kale probably some peas you know a well-rounded out diet I don’t need to add color enhancers to these guys because these guys technically don’t need color enhancing foods Clearly if you give them a vegetable rich diet They will turn a little lighter olive in color as opposed to being darker And that’s where you get that really high contrast in coloration when they’re older if I were to give Frank a homemade food He’d get the same thing as the Rays Look at a barrel roll underneath the log Okay, Frank you need a boot too when we know it, but yeah he would get the exact same food that I’m already feeding the Rays and the Arowana in fact he already loves it and eats it as well the discus food I wouldn’t really change it much from what I’m already giving them as a treat I would simply add in some color enhancers and in fact when I was breeding discus I bred them and raised all of the fry up of my own homemade foods You know and did that to a thousand discus, and they absolutely loved it and flourished off it so that was beef heart tilapia some shrimp and You know peas and natural color enhancers like a Stax then added into it And you know even with some of the Africans of course we can add in a bit of spirulina powder. That’s always a great To those and then of course the Angels up top I’d give them the same food that I’m giving the discus – the color enhancers these guys are all white I want them to stay that white you give them too much shrimp or too much you know Anything that has too many color enhancers in it. They might lose that coloration I want them to stay that lace nice pale White which is very odd and different for a fish as for the rainbow fish tank I would give these guys you know almost Anything they’ll eat basically anything. I offer I would hold off on the beef heart Just simply because they’re a smaller fish much more difficult for them to digest So I would stick to seafood ingredients I would go with shrimp tilapia probably some scallops I’d add in some peas I’d add in some spinach and that would most likely be it maybe a little bit of carrots just to bring up the red coloration in them and You know that would be it as for the 2000 gallon tank with the stingrays and Asian Arowana Now these guys are already getting a homemade food and clearly they’re doing quite Well as you can see the black diamonds nice dark deep black? Coloration of white dots you don’t want to feed these guys too many color enhancers Or those white darts can potentially start to turn yellow or orange? And this is just evident in the color enhancers found in a lot of foods so These guys will probably eat pellets as well, but again. I don’t like to feed it too much Simply because of the color enhancers, I don’t want them to lose that white coloration now the Asian, Arowana up top This is an ultimate blood-red clearly. It’s not even red is not even barely pink You know you got to give these guys a couple of years And you know grow them to like 18 inches or so before they start showing coloration But this guy would definitely be fed foods that are heavy in Color enhancers especially in the red spectrum so anything with lots of ass taxes then innit if I’m even pronouncing that correctly Would be given to this one here, so like I’ve said this isn’t a video on how to make fish food for every fish You’ve ever had I mean I’ve already made three videos on making fish food from making puree to Making more chunky stuff you guys definitely got to watch those highly educational But I’ve also written about them extensively in my book the ultimate do-it-yourself handbook for the do-it-yourself wares any of you guys know about that so if you need more information on making food for your fish, just go ahead and Watch those videos get the book whatever you want There’s gonna be tons of information in this video for you guys to use as well, but right now I just want to make it get this over with because it’s actually a little bit of work Specifically because of the types of ingredients, I’m using need a little bit of preparation the ingredients I’m going to be using is beef heart now I know many of you guys can’t even locate beef art and every time you go to your supermarket It’s not there So you can use beef liver as well as slightly cheaper, and there’s technically a lot more protein in the liver however the vitamins of what’s in beef art deliver are kind of different and You’ll you’ll pick up those vitamins and some of the other foods We’re going to be adding, but this is just a treat and you don’t need it to be a full rounded food We’ve already talked about that and what you can add to to round it out a little bit more but if you need to add some liquid vitamins go ahead if you want to do that the only difference between beef heart and beef liver is Beef heart is a much more dense or meat. It’s not going to cut up or blend easier, but it will hold together When it’s in your aquarium, you don’t need to add a gelatin or anything like that. I’ve got videos on using gelatin Zhh, I use those in the past waste of time. Don’t bother doing it. Let it Fall into your tank your fish will pick it apart. This is gonna hold together Just fine, and if they don’t eat it you take it out But yeah, so I don’t use a gelatin if you’re using a beef liver though that stuff can be very liquidy so you want to rinse it off first and Remove a lot of the blood and blend it up. It’s going to be very easy to blend because it’s a much less dense meat But it also means you’re not going to be able to add as many of the other ingredients as I’m going to show This stuff is so cheap that you can test it out try it out. I suggest making Small amounts at first and going from there beef hurt the amount of beef hired. I’m using isn’t even a pound I’m only making two pounds of food total I don’t need a whole lot and this is gonna cost me less than ten dollars the first thing I do with beef heart is When you get it you might even buy a whole chunk of beef heart, or you might just get You know slivers of slaps of it or whatever you’re calling it in your country But one of the things I’m doing the first thing I do is. I remove all the fat. That’s on the outside and all the arteries and You know anything that’s not meat you want to get rid of it be generous with your cuts cut deep get rid of it Don’t spend all day. You know making perfect its beef heart. This is cheap You don’t actually have to do this with the liver, so that’s actually a pro to the livers You could just a lot of times You could just use it toss it in to your ingredients and go from there But another thing you’re going to need is a blender of some sort now I bought a blender for 20 bucks like five years ago six years ago And I’ve used it all that time until it eventually burned out, but you know for 20 bucks I couldn’t go wrong so it’s an added expense Totally worth it you want to make sure it’s used exclusively for your fish foods. You don’t want to be using blenders for that’s you Being used on raw ingredients Like this to be used on human foods Just because sometimes they don’t clean that well And you know you could get sick or something like that plus what we’re gonna make is kind of gross So it’s kind of up to you with all of these scraps though I fry them up and feed them to my dog. She loves them and it’s really healthy for her as For the shrimp, we’re looking for Shrimp that’s never been cooked before so so far. We’ve got beef heart, and we’ve got shrimp these are divine door devine door however you want to pronounce it and Head removed you can buy full shrimp if you like bottom line is Remove their tail at the very least if you want to include their shell for a little added calcium in the mix you can go Ahead it doesn’t blend up that well, and the fish don’t get very much from it So I like to of course just remove the tails for sure because technically they’re very sharp And you can cut yourself now. I’ve done this many many times before and So I can blast through them quite quickly When I feed my rays sometimes, I just give them shrimp if I don’t have anything mixed up. I chopped up some shrimp Maybe some fish or something like that But I’m also in Nova Scotia so if you guys ever see me using a lot of these fresh ingredients That’s because I live in an area where this stuff is like really commonly available you can of course you Substitute like squid or maybe octopus whatever you want. Just you know stick to some some fresh ingredients seafood for the most part you know try to stay away from fresh water as fresh water tends to If you’re feeding it raw like this Can have some parasites or worms or whatever the case might be these are all saltwater besides the fish the fish is Aquacultured so it’s a lot safer, but if you’re not cooking it. There’s the chances of There something being transmitted even if you’re you’re you freeze it first I’m not cooking it or boiling it or anything like that because it changes the texture of the food and fish tend not to Accept that type of a texture most the time So after I’ve got everything kind of prepared I can move on to cutting it up into smaller pieces I just cut it up into smaller plate pieces because it makes it easier to blend up So I’ll do little cubes, chop it up I mean if you got a really expensive and really big blender you might not have to do this I Don’t I spend you know Maybe twenty to thirty dollars on a blender or a food processor, and that’s it I bought a new food processor It was on sale for twenty bucks. It kind of inspired me to make all these treats for the fish I don’t even know if it’s going to work We’re gonna find out So we’ve got our beef heart. We’ve got our shrimp We’ve got some haddock the reason why I’m feeding haddock as opposed to a tilapia is one It was on sale – it’s a white-fleshed fish And it’s not very greasy you want to stay away from like oily fish is like salmon for example Which you probably won’t buy for fish food anyways because it’s quite expensive But the benefits of going with a whiter fish, and that’s not solely is it still nutritionally valuable but again It’s just not going to follow your water that much like for example if you can you go with beef liver That stuff tends to be pretty messy you want to feed that pretty sparingly Then of course this we got the shrimps will happy a beef heart We didn’t talk about the peas peas are gonna round this diet out You can go ahead and feed whole peas, but I like to buy baby food Peas Which is just organic and that means that it’s already mushed up There’s tons of peas in here, and it comes in small containers So I can use as little or as much as I want without wasting anything And they’re only like 50 cents you can sometimes buy one get one free type of thing And they’re kind of delicious, so if you don’t try if you don’t use it all you could probably eat it yourself I use peas because peas are the superfood even for humans peas anything green really Peas broccoli spinach kale all really good foods all great substitutes for fish food as well Start out by blending up the Beef heart here now the thing about beef heart is It’s kind of pasty once you blend it up so what I like to do to water it down a bit Go ahead and add a little bit of these peas And this is going to make it easier to blend up little process a little bit more We’re gonna be adding most of this to it anyway So it’s okay to go ahead and chop it. Chok it Chuck in here I’ll go ahead and mix up the shrimp I’m not really gonna cut these in half, but I will break them in half just to make them dice up a little bit easier Shrimp is always the grossest to kind of puree up it almost becomes like that a jelly But it also has some green peas in it, so it’s off color usually be just as white gelly We’re getting close though Doesn’t that look delicious So at this point we’ll go ahead and add in any remaining Peas that I didn’t already get in it’s always a good idea to Kind of blend them in as you’re making this just to make sure that the mixing process is a lot easier But as you can see there’s not going to be a whole lot to do here I probably added the right amount of peas to this I could go for a little bit more of Beef heart in there the beef heart is just a natural attraction For the the discus for sure they absolutely love this stuff But you want to mix this together as good as you can It’s gonna turn into this pink paste Sometimes a little darker now if I were to add in some spirulina powder That would definitely darken it up spirulina is a superfood as well. You can add that into almost any fish food You’ll see it in a lot of fish foods Basically if you need some ideas for ingredients look at whatever you’re feeding the ingredients list on the back you know a lot of its going to be extremely vague though like fish meal and You know beat bits and pieces of this and that and all different other types of confusing things, but if you ask me What’s in my food? I can tell you exactly what’s in there even where I got it from the date. It was made Etc you don’t get any more fresh than this so you got it. Not bad not bad Let’s taste it you have to taste it You have to taste large chunks of it no, you don’t don’t do that you can do that if you want to do that probably gonna get sick from the raw fish and raw seafood maybe sort of like sushi Now we got to put it in bags so again I can make whatever types of food I want for every one of these aquariums, but there’s one thing in common with all of these fish, and they all stay Relatively small meaning I can feed them that pureed mix if I go ahead and try to feed that pureed mix to Frank He’s just gonna tear it apart It’s gonna make an absolute mess in the tank So you don’t want to feed this pureed type To big fish you want to stick to these little or smaller types that will actually eat it And consume it in the benefit to feeding this type of food as you don’t need to feed nearly as money Much of this food as you do pellets need to be extremely careful when introducing your fish to it. They’re going to love it I already know that but you might think you’re feeding a Little amount and really it’s a massive amount of food And you could potentially just pollute your water cause ammonia spikes and so forth because this is highly organic foods Even for some of the Africans when they do get bigger as well as Frank and the Rays and whatnot you can still feed this Type of food just chop it up. Don’t puree it you can chop it up into small pieces and feed it like that They’re still going to eat it. You just don’t want to puree It simply because they’re going to create a massive mess to package this stuff up. I use these little sandwich bags you guys have seen me do all this stuff before I Try to be as tidy with it as possible so I don’t get Food all over the outside of the bag, which ends up being quite a mess But once I have them all individually bagged up like this the next step is actually quite simple Want to use a ziplock bag or a resealable bag, so we can keep getting in and out of it when we need to Want to flatten this stuff out I’m not sealing it yet. I want all the air out first so I start from the back I kind of just squish it around really simple I like to have it about quarter-inch not even maybe an eighth of an inch thick So that doesn’t mean I’m filling the whole bag unless I put more in here than clearly I would have to but once I’m done All the air has been removed get a little satchel of food. I freeze this Repeat the process put this in the freezer as is. I just stack them up on top of each other like this and Once it’s frozen solid I can snap off a piece drop it in the tank and the fish. Thank me forever So that my friends is how to make a really easy treat for your fish Or even some ideas on how to make your own food for your own fish again We’ve gone over this extensively in the past in previous videos Showing you how to make foods for all different types of fish and all different sizes of fish So if you’re still interested in making your own food for your aquariums and fish I highly suggest you check those out and give it a shot. I mean this I’ve only spent ten bucks today And I’ve got I don’t know three months worth of food here at least for that tank Probably six months and these are gonna be good good in the freezer for a couple of years at least you know eighteen months As long as I keep them frozen you know basically lasts forever almost The only thing you don’t want to do is let them get freezer burnt By opening the bag and food that gets freezer burnt Yeah, the reason it gets freezer burn is it’s exposed to oxygen that doesn’t mean the food is bad It’s still good to eat. You can still eat frozen burnt food. It just takes away from the taste a bit doesn’t taste that great Contrary to popular belief. It’s not gonna hurt you anyways guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you’re not subscribed to this channel, and these are the types of videos that you guys did enjoy Make sure you do subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of

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