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20 comments on “Making of the Fittest: Evolution of the Stickleback Fish — HHMI BioInteractive Video

  1. This video sets the new standard for communicating the power of evolution. HHMI are to be congratulated on this stunning piece of science communication. Students should be reading 'Endless forms most beautiful' and 'The making of fitness' to complement this video. Fantastic work Sean.

  2. This was an amazing video. Subscribed. I am going to go through the catalog. I am impressed by the high production quality of the videos, but expected it to not go into any depth or detail about what was done. I was pleasantly surprised that the video's creators managed to make it attractive, accessible, but still keep more details than would be in most Discovery productions.

  3. I am surprised that the mutation occurred in the same way each time and was a complete deletion of the switch. Is this typical for other developmental changes like limb loss or paedomorphosis? How can we explain the same random mutation occurring in different areas and times?

  4. Superb suite of Educational resources presented by HHMI, probably the best until now in the web. I hope translations to many other languages soon!!!

  5. The fossil record thousands of years ago show the two types of the same fish. In those records where it crossed over … why? Perhaps fresh water switching to salt? Hmmm … poor example of so-called evolution … this is more of an example of devolution (backward). Plus I don't like how they use the word "adaptation", which is observed, to support evolution, which is an entirely different process. It is an example of bait and switch.
    They get away with it because people do not realize they're using the same word to mean two entirely different things. There referring to adaptation but want you to believe they proved evolution. Adaptation and Evolution are not the same things! This is talking with a forked tongue!

    LOL … At any rate … it is not by chance that brings about this metamorphosis, but by genetic data which is a built in code. So I say this proves to be more like design!

  6. So, I have a question. Is the loss of this switch an example of micro-evolution or macro-evolution?
    I got into a discussion with my sister a few months ago where she said she believes in one but not the other, and I tried to explain it to her but couldn't come up with an example at the time. So… I pretty quickly got baffled into silence by her views on evolution.

  7. Interesting document! I have a wildly caught stickleback in my aquarium, it is a really fascinating small fish witch takes much interest in following me as i stand beside the aquarium and even eats out of my hand.

  8. What f they get their spines back if the population is exposed to predatory fish? We need to test this. Might take a thousand years though 😁
    Awseme video. Thank you

  9. Bear Paw Lake is about a mile from where I grew up (Beaver Lake). 🙂 I just had a hankering for some stickleback knowledge, and got taken home… 🙂

  10. I have no doubts in natural selection and the evolutionary process, but it still paradoxes my mind to think about a fish evolving spines to not be swallowed, wouldnt the need to evolve these spines mean they'd already dead before they can go on to make that adjustment? Or is it just by sheer chance these things happen to grow for no reason, just by pure chance, then those who had them continued the species with spines. But what was the incentive for those spines to get bigger? Wouldnt that also have to be pure chance too? So maybe theres some 4th dimensional being updating the genes, like they know in advance what to do and then put it in the code and let it play out, then check the results and update the genes again. Otherwise just doing a quick mental exercise of it, it seems that you'd die out before you'd have any chance of evolving a counter to anything, other than of course pure chance. But maybe that pure chance is whats going on someplace else? sentient beings in charge of all this code? Or maybe a "spirit" of a species that's updating these improvements as a whole, and each organism is there to contribute? Very strange.

  11. Devolution is artistic and fuzzy ,any change is change ,usefull or not , if it effects reproduction , it takes over , if not it fades and another experiment is run.

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