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MAKO Spearguns: Fish Taco Recipe

MAKO Spearguns: Fish Taco Recipe

Dave here with MAKO Spearguns and today we’re
going to share a simple and delicious fish taco recipe. Lets start with the ingredients – again, it’s
simple. We’ll use pancake mix, lemon-line flavored water and corn starch. Note we’re
not using a sugary soda to make the batter, this is just flavored water). We’ll need some
cooking oil and finally we’ll assemble or taco using soft tortillas and garnish our
taco with sides of guacamole, salsa and green cabbage. We’re going to start by slicing our fish into
strips. Then we’ll add the juice of a lemon and mix
it well. Then we’ll cover the fish and set aside. Next we’ll make the batter. We’re going to use equal amounts of cornstarch
and pancake mix and then we’re going to add lemon-lime flavored
water to make the batter mix this well as you would any batter mix and then we want to put the batter in the
fridge for a few minutes Now we’ll come back to our strips of fish
and pat them dry on a paper towel and then coat them in cornstarch. This step
will help the batter to stick to the fish Next, lets get our batter from the fridge
and start dipping our fish, coating them well. It’s time to heat our fry pan and add some
oil. We’re using olive oil here but you can use any high heat oil you like. Make sure your oil is hot – about 350 degrees,
Then begin adding your fish into the pan It’s only going to take a couple minutes for
the fish to brown Turn the pieces as needed to brown them on
all sides Remove the fish to a paper towel to absorb
any excess oil and now we’re ready to assemble our fish taco You can add any toppings you like at this
stage – we enjoy our tacos with fresh guacamole, some salsa to bring in a little heat, and
some fresh cabbage to add a bit of crunch to the taco, it’s really your personal preferences
at this stage. If you’re having a gathering, set all your topping in bowls and let your
friends customize their own taco to their liking And there you have it, a simple and delicious
fish taco recipe Whats your go to fish recipe? send it on over
to us and we may feature it in an upcoming newsletter Thanks for watching and enjoy your tacos

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