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Malvani Fish Curry | Bangda Fish Curry |  indian mackerel fish recipes | Indian Fish Curry Recipe

Malvani Fish Curry | Bangda Fish Curry | indian mackerel fish recipes | Indian Fish Curry Recipe

Hi Friends you are welcome to Aparna’s Recipes Today I will show you Authentic Malavani fish curry recipe Here I will use Bangada/Mackerel Same recipe can be cooked with Seer / pamphlet fish So let us start making it Here we have taken pieces of Bangada fish We will add salt here and mix it well Now add 8-10 pieces of Kokum/Gracinia indica and rough with fish pieces You can see here that fish pieces are marinated Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes Now we have to prepare for gravy Here we have taken 14-15 red chilies and soaked in water for 10 minutes Now remove stem of each chili We can see here all chilies are with removed stem Here we have taken grated coconut. It is weighted around 100 gram. Transfer it to mixer jar. Add red chilies. 1 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp onion cut in pieces 4 medium size garlic cloves and 2 tirphala / teppal Now grind it and add water as per requirement You can see here smooth paste Now we have to make curry For that we have taken 3 medium size garlic cloves and crushed them Now put pan on gas/stove Add 2-3 tbsp oil add crushed garlic cloves fry for some time Now add smooth paste we have prepared already Now fry it on oil for 2-3 minutes let us add some water in it It is bit thick so we need to add more water and salt as per taste and mix it well Let it boil for some time Now add fish pieces Let it cook on low flame for 10-12 minutes It is cooked and now transfer it to serving plate You can serve it with rice flat bread or rice (this is preferred in Malavan) So do try this recipe and let us know your comments in comment section If you like my recipe then like this video Share with friends and do not forget to subscribe my channel

100 comments on “Malvani Fish Curry | Bangda Fish Curry | indian mackerel fish recipes | Indian Fish Curry Recipe

  1. mi hi malvani aahe…mi pan asch banvte fish curry … curryla ukali aala ver kokam takaycha khup chan test yete .pan tumi kokam ny takalat…

  2. Hi…Aparna….ya recipe madhe TU fresh malwani masala banavun bangdyacha rassa banavlela aahes…ani mala jashi recipe havi tashich TU same recipe(fresh masala) banavleli aahes….pn plz TU varshbharachya malwani masala powder chi recipe Cha pn video banvun upload karshil ka???and if yes TR plz lavkarat lavkar kar… Mi kadhi pasun mala jashi havi tashi typical malwani masala powder chi recipe search kartey…pn mi aahe tya videos ne satisfy nhiy….I hope ki mi ji recipe apexit krtey ti tuzyakadun mala milel…..jamlyas ardha te ek kilo chi recipe dakhav….will waiting for ur recipe…
    Thanx and best wishes

  3. ताई बगणारे सगळे मराठी आहेत तर हिंदी मध्ये कशाला बोलता ..त्या ऐवजी इंग्लिश मध्ये बोला..पूर्ण जग पाहू शकतो तुमचा व्हिडिओ

  4. recipe try केली पण उकळी आल्यावर तेल आणि पाणी वेगळे झाले असे का? mixer मधे वाटताना पाणी जास्त घातल्या मुले का?

  5. Isse accha Kerala style fish curry, I wanted to taste something different so I tried your method with different fish, not good. It tasted strange.

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  7. Made it today. I was apprehensive at first because there was no turmeric or any other powdered masala in it, but it turned out awesome. Very simple recipe which brings out the best in the dish. Will make again in future. Didn't know what triphala is and didn't show on Google either. Looks like sichuan peppercorn though. Help… Anyone?

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