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Mancing Belut Besar Berhadapan Dengan Belut-Belut GANAS – Eel Fishing

Mancing Belut Besar Berhadapan Dengan Belut-Belut GANAS – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel We Are On A Yesterday’s Location The time of rain Here is a new member, the master Mang Ade, friend of Om Endut If Friends Don’t Know And Usually Here Same Odonk and Zaky And There Is One More, Ordinary Is The Same Rich Oyo Sukanya Fishing Sidat Mang Penul ,, Now this is the location yesterday Thank you for the likes, who have commented, who are already supporting And the Apologies Sorry, I Have Not Reply at All Later I Will Reply One by One Okay Here We Will Try Again Yesterday What makes What is that? ,, Urek is broken Not Broken, But Do You (b.sunda) And Now We Can Use Mainstay Bait Frog child Okay Guys, I’ll Will What’s Up, Will Shoot Again And Please Help To Subscribe and Turn on the Bell Okay, Those friends have started Just wait Guys, the First Guys Experiment, It’s Eaten Tuh, Odonk is Next Door And Zaky, look no? This Has Me Here We try Eel Out Just now Guys Okay, Guys We Will Try Starting Again, Was It Visible Right? Eel Out Guys We Try Only Widih ,, Direct Guys ,, Steady Look at Guys, Bring Guys, We Don’t Need to Be Scratched First Guys Great Guys Good, good, good … Widih, Bring Guys see Width ,, In Guys, We Pull Guys Steady Steady Guys, Look Guys Widih ,, Widih ,, Widih … ha ha Okay, Guys, bro This is good It Seems Too Deep Guys We’re Ke Odonk haha Okay Guys Meet Again, Nah Odonk, Same Odonk Is Again Not bad Guys have got one Inside Water Guys Not Visible Here Odonk I am there for a while, eh in Yes, Ah from here Free? Take off the Guys Is that Zaky? And that master is still trying We Try Again … Later We Will Shoot Again Yes Guys! Just wait This Guys Eaten Again, Guys, One Odonk Release Again? Even though I already waited Come on, I’ll Wait Here Only Guys, the Mater has got one Mang Ade Not bad For today And it Zaky Haha, Face Disgust Still picked up Guys, Not bad Okay We Just Wait I have got one more guys, try to pull it Wiss, great Great Guys Crazy Guys ,, Great … Great, good, Us To Friends Not bad Guys … Get more Guys … Come on Have Me Bring Again Guys Still in the same place Hopefully Big Guys … Sorry, Invisible? Rainy Guys I’m raining Well Guys, look … Looks … Tuh? Wis ,, Wis ,, Wis ,, What Is It Really? Steady Guys ,, Great Guys ,, Ky … Ky … Ky … Steady Guys ,, Oops, get the Guys What’s up ,, But Still Bringing Guys … Wis … Take it off … Wow, Take the Guys off This Guys I Have Unloaded Again Which was Donk ,, Please hold on I Am From … Don’t Know What This Is Well Look, Let ‘s Leave Tuh So Nothing? Please hold it … I want to hold it Inside, how come to the outside? Wis ,, Stab, Wah Bloody ,, What? Fish,, Fish, Haha, Haha Tilapia Already Search Again … Guys Eat This is Odonk yet Don’t Know Crab The Problem Is Not Visible We try Haha, Crab Guys Well Guys ,, Eaten Again Don’t Know What This Is Ahh, Little Eel ,, Spinning Spinning Guys … Let’s Get Guys … Spinning Guys, We Try Me Again The hole is steady Okay Guys Zaky Eaten … Eh just said from there Let’s Look Here The hole Why did it happen? Not finished? Wis, Pulled Guys Width, steady watch hands, haha Let Me Take The Bait Tuh Kan Can, big, great Look, go to the camera first, then get it! ha ha Great Guys As Big As I Did Yes And this is pretty bad Odonk haha Not bad ,, Adult ,, Adult ,, ABG Can You Hold It No, How’s It Hold it haha Okay Guys ,, Now that the new master gets one I am 2, Zaky 1, And Odonk Zero ,, What is the Odon? Sad, sad, haha Now how come today does Odonk not get it? Ouch ,, the rain is good Let’s Go Again Okay Guys, Thank You for Today Yes What Has Been Watched Until It’s Over, It’s Rainy We are cold And these are friends too It’s Almost Maghreb Yes We Have Been Alone For Today, Thank You Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

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